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deviantART Minimal by starvingartist deviantART Minimal by starvingartist
This is basically my take on the new deviantART design with a focus on minimalism.

This layout was created with standards-compliant browsers in mind (IE6 and Moz). Since it's a skin, people with these browser can choose this layout. In return, they'll get HTML code that is extremely optimized, resulting in smaller file sizes, faster downloads and faster rendering.

The layout itself does *not* contain any graphic files at all, with the exception of the dA logo necessary for the contest requirements. Everything is done via HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The layout for the main page uses CSS Positioning instead of tables. There are no spacer tags. This was to make it gracefully accessible to other browsers. (Try using a CSS-Disable bookmarklet or view the source to see.) Toolbars are block-level anchor tags, with CSS' pseudo a:hover triggering image-less mouseovers.

To increase readability, the site tries to reduce the number of borders for various page elements. It reduces eye fatigue and makes the site less distracting. Letter spacing and line spacing have also been increased to make things easier to read.

Some accessibility features are included. Hidden skip-links make it easier to navigate the pages. Common access keys have been defined (ie: Press ALT-4 for Search). Mouseover the cryptic letters to the right of the deviantMessages status and tooltips will popup explaining- the abbreviations.

Sidebar headings on both sides are also collapsible and expandable.

Mozilla and IE extensions were used to enhance the page for each particular browser. This includes curved edges and scrollbar colors effects.

The userpages were created with a professional, "porfolio" look in mind. The intitial header makes it clear you're on a user page. Userpages are also divided into sections: User Information (everything a person needs to know at a glance), Personal (for, er, personal stuff), Spotlight (for current work), Recommended (the user's favorite deviations in deviantART), Community (all the interactive stuff) and Generosity (for buying the user stuff). The deviant profile uses a tab interface to show all that nice tabular text data.

The screenshot only shows a portion of the site. Prototypes of the actual pages are available online:

The source code itself is still a work-in-progress (especially the userpage), but feel free to take a look at it (the zip file includes everything except the content-filler images). I'm sure I forgot to mention a couple things, as I've made a whole ton of changes over the last few days.

Disclaimer: I will be out of the country when the contest ends.
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UnckleB Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
man these were the good ol' days... minimalist was freakin' awesome!
catalin-v Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2008   Interface Designer
i wish i joined deviantart from beginning :excited:
E06 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2005
A bit too messy perhaps...
ZONATA Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2004
Very nice!!!
idreamz Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2003
very very nice! :D (Big Grin)
centaura Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2002
Im sure too this is the faster DA could to exist :) (Smile)
I like a lot this, and I think It could to be very useful for surf DA in a fast and clean way, but I think too the future DA presentation will take another way... maybe a bit more graphically charged.. maybe you can to do some skins for this

Moreover at userpage you have good ideas. Its in general, a very well made work Thumbs Up Congrats
phatnadz Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2002
Yeah, this is by far the best design so far. This design is efficient, I'm sure the template isn't any more than 30KB. The current design has so many stupid images in the layout, and it causes DA to lag badly. This new design would be much easier on the servers, while restoring emphasis on the thing most important to DA and its viewers: the artwork. I love the javascript elements as well. Makes the site a whole lot more interactive. Only thing I would suggest is some more color themes. It would be awesome if you had different sylesheets for each color theme, and users could dynamically switch between them. Or heck, go one step further and allow users to customize their own color themes through hexadecimal or RGB values. This would be impossible with DA's current design, but since your layout includes no images, it is entirely feasable.

Also, I think you could increase contrast even more by including a white background, or slightly lighter background (as you have done in the sidebars), in the content tables. The one thing I hate about DA is all these dark, puke-colored backgrounds. Or at least provide a 'contrast maximization' skin.

bikerboy Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2002
tis a great miniamial look and feel to it and I would just like to say that you've done a great job and good luck my friend.
aeon-x Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2002
love it
404error Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2002
Love it. The code is o-so-clean and lightweight too. Couple beefs..the most striking to me was the mouseover of inputs and textareas. Found that kinda distracting and a little bit too much contrast, maybe a slightly lighter colour? I also don't like the use of the ? mouse cursor, again it's distracting. Other than that, absolutely fabulous, good luck on the contest, I'd love to see this every time I visit.
daylighter Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2002   Digital Artist
ok, very very nice and :+fav+
Kevin Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
i really like this and all, but it reminds me so much of the original classic DA design. I think we are in dire need some soemthing new and fresh here.

Good work though, I really enjoy this!!
amdayton Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2002
i love the minimalism and simplicity. I think it would still be nice to see a more different lookd for v3 though (this one just looks like a filtered version of v3). overall this is still my fav so far.... well thought out and designed
yoyo Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2002
this is absolutely stunning. i would be honored to see this every time i used deviantART Logo . plus favs +fav
digi-fix Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2002
very nicely done.
dj-designs Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
I like this design alot, very minimalistic and nice. Would be a very good choice for the modem surfers. My main concern has to do with the userpages, I like the way you have made different "sections" for it but have in mind that far from every user is active enough or takes advantage of all the features that are available on this site. Lets say someone that doesn't have a deviantID, webcam image, favorites, devious desktop and wishlist items. That leaves up Alot of empty space on the pages and wouldn't look any good. The way it is now the comments on a userpage gets bumped up if nothing is above them but this way forces them down below the (possible) empty space on the page and takes up much unnecessary vertical space. Even without just a deviantID and webcam it would feel very empty on the userpages. Don't get me wrong I like this idea but it has flaws depending on how many features the users chose to use.
njp Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2002
WOW. great work man. i love the layour of everything... and dread, the index page is the only part that is very similar. the user page is very different except for the colors :D (Big Grin)
i love it all. especially the user info part!
dreadventurous Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2002
Nice and clean layout, BUT it is just too much of the actual design. I think that da3 should be more evolutionary or somehow like a re-invention of itself, but not just a skin or a slight remix.
Indeed, I would have preferred your design for the actual version da2. Nevertheless it is not enough Heir to the throne to become King.
felipin-sioux Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2002
Wonderful work! This really is the best one i've seen yet.

Most of the designs submitted until now are exactly the same one, just with some color changes and tables. You've made it great, because you changed the concept. I was waiting for this.

And you changed very well. I liked the minimal concept, it would work as good in fast-speed connections as in dial-up ones.

Unfortunately, i disagree in a point with +splat. I liked a lot the idea of the "tabs" in the Deviant Profile. I went to take a look in both the preview and the html version, and the preview, with the tags, looks much better than all the information displayed at once. It is using too much space, specially for a "minimalistic design". (just opinion).

I would personally prefer Table Positioning than CSS positioning. It is, again, my opinion.. But I think that CSS positioning will never work perfect in all browsers, at all resolutions, with all configurations... Ex.: I'm running IE5 in 800x600 resolution. And some things looks incorrectly placed. The "Browse" link, in the top, is partially out of the table. Also, in the news, you icon(avatar) is "cutted" in the right side.
I think CSS doesn't have a perfect integration with all browsers: Remember that there are people using IE, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, and many others. There are people running 800x600, 1024x768, 1200x1024, ...

About the "monotony" that $attila said, i think this is a bit "monotone" in the deviations list(userpage). You should just add a bit more contrast between the background colors of the deviations.

I liked very much the idea of hidden so many table borders. Your design looks much clearer without so many of them. But I miss one separating the Recent Fav from the Wishlist, in the "recommendations".

Hmm... I don't remember of writting a so long constructive comment like this one! My fingers hurts...

oh yeah... +fav
r-sandbox Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2002
stan stan the sunshine man... lol.

awesome work yet again... the minimalistic hallmark of starvingartist.

i like how the userpage is divided up neatly (i.e. User Info., Personal, Spotlight, Recommended, Community, Generosity). it's definitely a pur-dy thing to look at :) (Smile)

although the colour scheme is easy on the eyes, would there be another one that would work just as well? i dunno, just to change things around a bit :) (Smile)

but what do i know? awesome work, as usual! +fav


p.s. what do you mean you're gonna be out of the country? boo! gonna be here for the 22nd?
osiris679 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2002
i really like this design! clean, slick, and most important: simple. Good job, and I wish you luck! =) (Smile)
splat Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
Nice work again. Very minimalistic, which would be a plus for many users with a slower connection. I like some of the things you've done with the user page, though I'm not sure I like the Deviant Profile, because you have to click each tab to get all the information. I'd personally rather have it all displayed at once.

Anyway, great work. One of the best designs yet. =) (Smile)
playboy Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2002   Interface Designer
very cool, i know that your going to win stan.
alphakx Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
this is awesome! excellent work!
contra Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2002
i like it better than my design Nod good job.
getcarter Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2002   Photographer
fantastic! I love it! Thumbs Up :D (Big Grin)
rougeux Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Like others have said, the colors need to be redone. I have to agree. It's still hard on the eyes becuase you have to strain to read the light text. The part I like best is the tab system though. I honestly didn't know that was available in that format. The coding is easy to read as well.
evoleddy Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
That is really an excellent design. It is so simple. I really like the top design on the front page, the deviantmessage and the way the header/logo is. The side navigation is great as well, I like the blend of the three colors. The understated borders are really nice, it really gives the page a calmer feel. I think the layout of the user page is just great, it is friggin great. I especially liked the tab browse for the deviant profile.

Overall the design has an excellent clean, simple design and works really great. It is super easy to browse. Great great work.
Pachunka Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002  Hobbyist Artist
I really like it :) (Smile)
A mere glance at the thumbnail shows how much the pale scheme makes the site's art itself stand out.. 'sgreat :) (Smile)
twogeddofouryou Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
excellent!!! i love it
psychox Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
Nice work - I c I have no chances to win the contest...
Really like it and I hope you win...
But maybe we could change the colors of DA?
Those greens are sux I think...
Your entry is my favourite right now, so keep it up Dude... :) (Smile)
jark Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
very nice work stanley. i really love the professional feel and the clean look. the live main page and user page is fabulous. i really dig the changes that you've made to the user pages too. that is quite secxy. might have to get you together with another individual that i am working with and see what we can come up with as far as a lightweight design that is skinnable using XHTML and CSS2.
pfoj Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002   Writer
Love Deviation (fave)

I would so use this... the expand and close of the menus totally what i want to use to customize the site... and splitting the userpage up into sections is brilliant, it doesn't give the too staggered look that we have right now that makes me feel like the two columns are competing.. now if only we can have spam control to keep the posts to a desired number or length of lines each.... good luck in the contest, thanks for letting me preview this...
seandiggity Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
Looks good but could use a solid, heavier color so it wouldn't look "bleached"...the dark green of the current DA site would work well...
ruv Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
looks good to me
warfish Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
agreed with attile.

but the userrs page looks great. i mean the new conception for it. very nice idea! Thumbs Up
attila Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
Wanted to clarify that my thoughts on it's presentation have nothing to do with it being displayed on a website, in HTML format.. I think that's awesome and gives everyone a better perspective at the design. That part was excellent. :D (Big Grin)
attila Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
The concept is nice but I think it could have been presented better. I think it's too monotone, if I look at it long enough (and I have), everything blends together, making navigation difficult and reading text, near impossible. I would center all the content on the far-right table like we currently do, center the bottom content (copyright, contact links, etc..), give more emphasis to navigational headlines (my account, Deviations, etc..), and I would do something that stands out with the top-bar navigation. It definitely has potential though.
five Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
Oh, and I love the self-appointed Top Daily Faves and DD. :D (Big Grin)
five Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
Something tells me that this has a remarkably good chance of winning. Excellently done, it really looks great...I doubt I'd get bored of that layout...ever. :D (Big Grin)
helldragon Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
Very nice Stan... very clean, and easy on the eyes too.

I like the tab idea for the user pages and everything is laid out well (maybe a little too spaced out, but still it seems to work) The whole thing just feels more professional all round.

I checked out your other fullpage versions as well (hosted on your site) and the code is efficient and quick loading, and great job on keeping to the standards, I bet most people haven't even thought about that at all.

I checked out the design at different resolutions too, and 800x600 does unfortunately cause some problems for the userpage.htm (where the store button is misplaced on the far left) - but I understand that it is still a work in progress so I would assume you'd add little tweaks here and there anyway. ;) (Wink)

Personally, I think there should be 'some' graphics involved in the design... I would recommend that a few icons could be used in the 'main top menu' similar to the ones used in the menu at the moment except as greyscaled versions that have been tinted with the dA colours to keep that neutral minimalistic flavour. That would give the menu more substance and just pad it out a little to give it that extra touch of class IMHO.

I also love the fact the site is so lightweight as well, I think that's an excellent idea, especially for modem users and just for general quicker browsing too, not to mention the bandwidth that would save. Don't worry about putting in small icons or little graphics into the design though - most can be optimized to a third of a Kilobyte each so they really wouldn't be a big problem.

Overall I really like it... it's the best of the lot I've checked out so far. It's fresh, clean and professional... and I wish you the best of luck in the Contest with it :) (Smile)
fantom Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
I like this. But maybe the font colors are to mutch like the background for the menu and how you have the main ones black that looks a bit wack. I like the layout !
the-joker Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
I like it....I like it alot...The clean and slim look works great......Think this has chances on winning...I hope so =) (Smile)
l-courni Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
very stylish, i love it...and the tab idea has to be implemented everywhere ! :) (Smile)
wildliquid Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
ok i love this layout this is my favourite so far especially the personal layout +fav
point-blanc Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Looks very nice this is one of the best so far I think so anyway! GJ!
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