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Tiny Color Picker XP

A skin for Switch, the feature-packed color picker by Rory Primrose. Quickly grab the HTML color value of any pixel on your screen. (Download Switch 1.7.0)

I've been using it personally while working on deviantART v5, so I thought it might be cool to share it. Works great side-by-side with Photoshop. It's also tiny so it doesn't get in your way.

The titlebar icons from left to right: On Top, Switch Options & Close.
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The link is dead and the programmer's page doesn't go back to 2002 when the program seems to have been released.
DRSDavidSoft's avatar
Such a shame, I really would have like to try this!
Spyme's avatar
Switch Dl Link broken :/
akaneokita's avatar
cool.. a nice simple program ;)
MasterKoschei's avatar
Ooooh, nice, I had no idea there was a quick way to do this without saving the file then using Photoshop to open it, I'm gonna like this.
masHugac's avatar
Thank you for the skin.
Viraba's avatar
zis is a quite nice app :)

there is a really nice app for firefox, with which you can get the color of a pic, Div area nearly everything (but just in Firefox itself and the window of Firefox :) )

ColorZilla called, you can find it here:[link]
Jamora's avatar
Wait, by picking colors, you mean pick colors off the screen or what?
edumicro's avatar
That's great and very useful. I'll use it for sure! :peace: :clap:
beeurd's avatar
omg I used to use this years ago and I lost it.

*downloads* yay! :D
Eva-si0n's avatar
thanks a bunch!
sahwar's avatar
Great application, great skin! :D
wordsrioting's avatar
Oh how fantastic is this! I will have a much easier time designing journal skins that blend with the DA colors :w00t:
broken's avatar
This is much easier than copy and pasting a screen shot of an image on photoshop to find out what the color is.
bikerboy's avatar
Great skin design Stanley! :)
Kwinti's avatar
Just thought I'd be a prick and mention that macs have this built in. :D
starvingartist's avatar
Heh, I have a Mac... but I still like the Switch program more =D
Kwinti's avatar
Fair enough.
moeuf's avatar
Wow, thanks! I've wanted a program liek this for some time and didn't know it existed :D The skin is great - very intuitive layout.
primedark's avatar
i will put into good use. :) thank you
escanive's avatar
Nice skin. And best of all, I didn't know about this great litlle tool before I saw this skin you made for it. :+fav:'ed
BoffinBrain's avatar
This should be the default skin. When I first loaded up Switch I got lost. I spent some time trying to click on the HEX|RGB text expecting them to do something. :lol: And after all, it's Windows, so even better. And lastly, the buttons are intuitively in the right place. Good stuff. :)
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