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My current infatuation.

Read the title however you want.

Based on a quick pencil sketch I did.
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THis is awesome the fragmentaion looks neat. I love the eyes there's something about them...
-baby-pixie-'s avatar

Umm... Double meanings? Triple meanings? :p
Very expressive. You did very good job on her facial expression.

Why does your infatuation has sad face...?
I could be very wrong. :)

It's a bit scattered image, yet awesomely done.
Good work. :hug:

Pixie :hobbes:
xandershanks's avatar
the pencil sketch looks just like her, but this is a bit manish...and maybe that's on purpose...either way i love the piece without labeling it as how you divided the piece up and the title is quite niice and conversational...

:thumbsup: :D
noseeme's avatar
lol it really is cool. she however now looks man-ish
delira's avatar
i like these artwork...amazing
djillusion's avatar
are those little folders or something on the very top?
djillusion's avatar
i really thought it was an upload problem, wow...really cool.
Droz37's avatar
very nice, almost mosaic like properties.

its a great touch to an otherwise great picture by itself

annaban's avatar
looks constipated
bustachall's avatar
wiked....the fragmentation of the pic works well
shebadapuddytat's avatar
Heeey...not bad, very recogniseable as her...which is a good start ;)

I LOVE the pencil strokes and the chopped up, distorted effect that I have been wanting to try for a long time but never get enough access to the pooter to draw on it!

This is unusual and awesome... I'd like to see you pursue this style more!
audiophile's avatar
hmm.. original. kudos.
rainette's avatar
Beautiful! It really looks like a painting.
getcarter's avatar
looks like an upload failure, but actually is art - her expression fits to the cluttered manipping you added!

good work, my friend.
bradzip's avatar
wow... amazing!! Very creative!! I liked that
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