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BT's This Binary Universe

Hello! deviantART is presenting a very cool devMeet/Party with the ultra-talented BT featuring his brand new DVD, This Binary Universe. It'll be on October 12th, 2006 at the Cinespace in Hollywood, CA. For more details, check out the news article.

If you'd like to help us get the word out, feel free to use this Journal CSS. Instructions and code are inside the zip file. Thanks!
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The pain... it hurts... why.. can't .. I .. be there?!

Love BT.. any way to convince them that Canada is an exciting place to visit? :lol:
Crap I would have wanted to go to this but it's too late now.
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thanks i changed someting and used good css :clap::thanks: [link]
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I was wondering who did the CSS for this! When I first saw it in the journals, it looked amazing!
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When I saw this, I had a feeling you were involved in this. :D It's pretty awesome, loving the colour combinations, especially that red block breaking the blue. Great work man!
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nice work..

tho this is a preview made in photoshop rigth ?
because those fonts look way to smooth to be html..

or did you find a way to AA them ? :)
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It's a screenshot of the actual HTML page. :)

I was using XP with ClearType font-smoothing enabled. While the header/logo text is an image, the body text is regular HTML text in Verdana and "October/Cinespace" stuff is HTML text in Georgia.
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what's ClearType font-smoothing ?
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It's the built-in font smoothing feature in Windows XP. I believe it's disabled by default. Microsoft has a comparison on their website [link] and apparently, it's being enabled in IE7 [link]

To turn on ClearType, just follow the instructions under "How to Enable ClearType" here: [link]

If you'd like, you can further customize the level of AA using the online tuner or the PowerToy found here: [link]

I hope that helps =)
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It just seems to go solid blue when I enter it...
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Nevermind... You have to move the mood to the bottom.
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Stanley can do no wrong!

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Nice coding job.
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Nice idea to put it out like this, one can learn a lot by looking at something someone already made

And yeah well, great work on the journal/newsarticle/flyer as well :)
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