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Don't Notice Me Sempai
The warm sun was always a treasure to Valor as he relaxed against a pile of rocks. A hand behind his head acted as a cushion while his other played in the soft sand. Even in the heat there was a calm, soft breeze that kept him from getting too hot. One of the benefits of having chosen a small cave near the ocean to live in.
It was a gift to have found a place that was rarely visited. The lack of company, good or bad, allowed Val all the time he wanted to simply lay back and watch the clouds. While other Betsumon would be off training or exploring the vast world he was simply laying here. Time wasn’t even a recognized concept to the Sawk as he happily filled his days with relaxation and the little jokes he’d tell himself. If it was anyone else, they might have felt lonely or even restless. Val however was content to just lay against his warm rocks, to breathe in the slightly salty air, and to slowly drift off into his own world.
The large clouds above him passed slowly. Havi
:iconstarving-aristocrat:Starving-Aristocrat 1 2
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The color choices for this character are rather appealing. There's no huge over flow of color and the fact you stayed with mostly light...

First off, I feel like I need to say that this is an impressive piece. The amount of shadow, highlights, and detail that went into the ...

This a really good picture of Aquamarine. Her anatomy is spot on as to how the joints would bend in real life, the shading on her water...

This is really good, more so if your tablet was giving you trouble. The way it looks like an old movie reel with it being in black and ...



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Hi, I'm Starving-Aristocrat (SA). I'm an nineteen year old high school student currently enrolled in an early college program. Most of my art is going to be digital media with some more complicated pieces being traditional. Currently I use my phone to do my art since I lack the means to get a good computer and drawing tablet. I'm pretty chill and rational, so please feel free to talk to me. Some of my other works are going to be writings (Probably original works with some fanfiction). As for pronouns to call me by, I don't really care. Call me a girl, boy, they, an Apache Assault Helicopter, I don't really care. So, just feel free to talk to me if you want.



Sweetie Pie - Reference Sheet
Hey so this guy is for a MYO contest for the Circus Beast group! If any of you guys are interested here's the link to the rules and how to join!…

STAGE NAME: Sweetie Pie

NAME MEANING: Venom of God

AGE: 20
ROLE: Ringmaster
TYPE: Mix Breed
STATUS: Single
FAMILY: Unknown/Decease

MUTATION: Extra Set of Eyes, Extra Mouth, Gigantism, Permanent Object (Candle on His Head)
VOICE: Elvis the Alien
PERSONALITY: Sweetie Pie loves dark humor. He enjoys any kind of comedy, however the darker it is the more likely he is to laugh. The most notable thing about Sweetie Pie is the fact he tends to enjoy being alone rather than being with a group. He also has issues with people who get too close to him or even touch him. Breaking out into a sweat before either swatting them away or running off. He's known to enjoy sweets and cakes.

BACKSTORY: Sweetie Pie was born between two different breeds of Circus Beasts. His mother was a contortionist while his father was a ringleader. The result of them breeding lead to of course his birth. Sometime around his developmental years of one and two, his parents and him were captured by a group of scientist. The fact they had captured a baby Circus Beast lead to many experiments on him. The first were directed towards how his parents would react when they placed him in different situations and recording the levels of distress and force they would use. However, they soon decided to start testing the reaction of introducing radiation into Sweetie Pie. The purpose behind this was to study the effects it would have on a far younger Clown Beast and if the child would mutate like the adults or if the child would die or become sickly. He was lucky enough to escape one day around the age of three. His mother finally being able to free herself after witnessing the death of his father during an experiment when the revival process failed. She was horribly injured during the escape and had just barely managed to grab him and get out. Sweetie Pie doesn't know what happened to her after she escaped, though he believes she found his current group and gave him to them before passing away. 
Fuck, me and one of my close friends are RPing Inuyasha off site (It was one of are first animes) and so I have this bastard for the messy timeline of the plot CX Partial Oni mixed with a humanoid demon he got his temper and strength from his father and tends to be very hot headed.

Sorry bout the quality of the description, just wanted to show him off.

-I will feature the first ten users who comment on this journal below. 
-Next to their avatars, I'll link three of their gallery pieces that I like with full thumbnails. 
-If you comment here you must make a journal like this and do the same thing as I have, 
putting me in the first slot.

:iconlaylabelle97:  Gokotai by Laylabelle97  Only Bee In Your Bonette by Laylabelle97  Sylvie Falcon Dress by Laylabelle97

2. :iconfirebeholden:  Taako Taaco by Firebeholden  Emerald (request) by Firebeholden  James rolls for intimidation by Firebeholden


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