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I'm entering the dAKnitters 'Knitting on a Budget' contest, and the rules ask that I mention it in my journal, so here's the contest, and here's my entry. If you like fiber arts, go make votings! Only vote for me if you think I rock the mostest, dolls. There are some seriously awesome craftsmen/women in that community, and I am probably not the awesomest. :D


In other news, I'm nearly done with the commission knitting. I'll be posting pics of the hats later today, I reckon. Only the gloves left to finish, and just the sewing-up there. One thing about getting a bastard of a head cold, once I was past the 'too sick to knit' stage, I had plenty of time to do nothing BUT knit. Well, and watch movies. Hellboy 2 was shockingly awesome, The Hulk was actually pretty dang good thanks to good old Ed Norton and a nicely understated script... um... and I watched a million episodes of Naruto too, shaddap, I was on NyQuil. ;p

And yes, my dears, I washed off the germies before packing up your hats. I'll be sending them as soon as I feel walking to the mailing store wouldn't result in me plus hats head down in the gutter, gurgling softly. The comedy value of that event would not, I think, justify having to remake the hats. :D
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I got my gloves on Friday, and they're marvelous! I'm gleeing as I type with warm, comfy hands.

Just a note, should you ever attempt a similar project, you might pick up a few more stitches around the thumbs. I can darn them a little closer without a problem, though, so it's not a major deal.

Do you know when you'll open commisions again? My manager loves them and is interested in getting some yarn from you.
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Woot! I'm so glad they fit! Yeah, I kinda tried a thing with the thumbs, and next time I'll try a different... thing. Yeah. I'm full of specifics. :D

Any minute now! I was going to reopen today, but filling orders for the SWB store took longer than I expected, so prolly tomorrow afternoon.
Awesome, I'll keep checking in. I can't guarantee anything, but I've had several admirers for my gloves, so you might end up with a library fanbase. When I have cashflow again, I suspect I'll ask for a second pair in different colors, myself. :D
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Just opened up four slots!
I'll check around tomorrow when I get in to work. If your slots last that long, I'll see if I can get you any takers this round. :)
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I put my vote in.

You'll never guess who I voted for. X3
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I wish I knew how to knit...

I'll learn one day.
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Good resource for learning: [link] Videos of basic techniques; very handy!
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I can't wait! *bounces*
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