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By StarTyrian
Hey y'all. Just a quick update to let you know I can't take fiber art commissions for a while. I gotta focus on things a little closer to home. I need to be able to walk away from the internet for weeks at a time without pissing people off, and that means not making new commitments.

Don't worry, nobody's dead, the zombie apocalypse hasn't started, I'm just shifting my priorities. I'll be around off and on, I just can't say when.

Take care!
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Take good care, yes? See you on the flipside. <3
Janik0's avatar
I think you're wrong about the zombies...

Hurry back! D:

They're closing in. ;_;
AngelGunBoy's avatar
happy to know that things are ok. are you sure about the zombia apocalypse, though? *peers out window*
meaikoh's avatar
Yep - definitely here when you get back ^^ - or whenever you decide to drop by.
Yonaka-Yamako's avatar
We'll be here when you get back.