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Unlucky 13 Meme template

By StarTyrian
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I secretly love OC memes. A lot. But secretly. Don't tell anyone. The thing is, though, most of them go reeeeal easy on you. "Who is your darling wonderful OC? Wow, so nice to meet them, kawaiiiiii!" Look, okay, most of my characters' egos are out of control already, don't encourage them.

Also, it's good to whale the tar out of your OC's! Because you gotta be cruel to be kind. Or maybe because evil is fun.

I made this a little on the wide side, because I'm a sloppy drawerer and need lots of space. Do not let it tempt you into painting epic masterpieces for each answer. It's only a meme, mkay? Be cool. :heart:

Link me your doings of my wicked meme, that I may love them! Oh yeah, and which of my magnificent bastards should I run through it first? I can't decide!

Edit: did Star! [link]
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"They" as a singular noun is not grammar fail, you muke.
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Actually it is, 'they' represents multiple people. If you're refering to one person, 'they' is inappropriate. Same goes with 'them'. "Draw them" implies/means drawing more than one person.

I would have agreed with you if my English teacher didn't drilled it into me as being incorrect.
action-figure-opera's avatar
Well your english teacher can rot in hell, because saying "he or she" every time you indicate a single person is stupid and inefficient. "They" used as a singular, very efficiently indicates any single person without having to divulge gender.
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oh my god.
this meme.
i must find the time to do this thing. ;A;
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...I happen to have a character who already IS a doing this would be really, really funny.
X--YesterdaysPassing's avatar
Damn, I have to many people floating through my head....
I have Shu but I torture his so much it isn't even funny....
Then there's Xander (Oh the irony) and he could be fun... Boor little gay scitzo boy.... Umm....
I have so many more but it takes forever to list them all....
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Do you want me to link you to my finished one or do you not really care?
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This was fricking HILARIOUS to do... thanks so much for the awesome meme, man. Here's my version [link]
x-LittleOne-x's avatar
I did it, oooh, I did it. And I did kinda make a couple into masterpeices. Nooooot.

RacTheRaccoon's avatar
umm... what's an OC? >_<
Chajiko's avatar
An "OC" is an Original Character :)
RacTheRaccoon's avatar
OOOHHH thank you soo much! Now it all makes sense xD
Chajiko's avatar
:D Yay! You are so welcome ^^
RacTheRaccoon's avatar
:D i have another question... what program do you make memes on?
Chajiko's avatar
Well, I've made my original memes and filled out other peoples' in photoshop! Though, you could always print them (prolly on a couple of sheets since they tend to be long) and do them by hand and then scan them. :)
This latest one [link] I did in Photoshop CS4. :)
RacTheRaccoon's avatar
Thank you ^^ But, i meant how do you create one yourself? because i know you can't really do it on paint... like, what do youb use to make the Template?
Chajiko's avatar
Oh! Just to make one from scratch? Well! I just start with a long thin canvas. I usually start with a REALLY long one because I dunno how long I want it to be. Then I make a border around the outside and space the panels for however big I want them to be, and however many questions I come up with. Then I block out the spaces my putting blocks of black colour between them, and I put the questions in those in white text. :) Does that make any sense? It's late, and I'm afraid that I'm not saying things clearly XD
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Here ya go. [link]

Thanks ^_^.

T'was the best hour or so of my day lol.
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I did this... badly XD Here's the link: [link]
Lots of fun, thanks ^^
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