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Unlucky 13 Meme: Star

By StarTyrian
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Haha this took me waaaay too long. I've had this cold that made my eyes water if I looked at a screen too long, so I could only do like one panel a day. I still had fun, though. I spent far too much time laughing at my own jokes. :D

Meme template lives here: [link]

Hug reference from here: [link]
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PrincessIrregular's avatar
ahaha this is hilarious XD
Ghods, I'd forgotten this. LOVE EVERY SINGLE PANEL!
pocky-princess12's avatar
these plastic chairs are so ergonomic
dash-of-balder's avatar

Would you be terribly offended if I turned that last panel into a LiveJournal icon? Proper credit would, of course, go directly to you.

And also this is possibly my favorite meme ever. Which is saying a lot, since I kind of collect them. *sheepish*
Leah-the-Red's avatar
haha, that's cute. :3
BUGbeesama's avatar
I like no. 13. :D
somercet's avatar
The dialog in the last panel? *squee!*

Thanks for this!
Snigepippi's avatar
You know you're good! But still, everybody needs praise every now and then!

That is so funny!
Wonderful art!
And I must admit i made my last two weeks a lot brighter!

You're my ''(whatever you'd say when someone are your hero; even though you can't believe in heroes?)''
StarTyrian's avatar
Glad I could brighten your day. :)
aeran's avatar
As much as I enjoyed all the other panels, the last one made me smile and squee all sorts of fangirliness. The hug was perfect.

Though, Star calling Jane about a helo was damn near priceless as well.
sarielpg's avatar
Okay so laugh worthy...and the end...awwwwww.
Osanagokoro's avatar
Post-morning-coffee hair is FTW.

And Zan-hug is ADORABLE.

I need to go check the comic for updates... or just read the whole bloody thing over again. Miss dem boys.
StarTyrian's avatar
Updates are real slow lately because Rah's getting ready to go off to art schoolz, but RHQ usually has a drabble thread or something.
Osanagokoro's avatar
Aww, nut bunnies. Well, I can't begrudge Rah that--if anyone deserves to go to art school, it'd be Rah.
tsm-xxx's avatar
omg, just algae is FTW!
this is an awesome thing to see after 3 weeks of lacking internets XD
StarTyrian's avatar
Welcome back to the Great Time Waster! :D
tsm-xxx's avatar
thank you, thank you.
aah, yes. 4 hours of sleep then 8 hours of work. what a beautiful and sorely missed happenstance! :D
Hypo-jellybean's avatar
But Criminally Insane IS hot... hot on both counts. Damn you, Star. Making us want what we definitely can't have... On the other hand, ZanXStar makes up for it.
kythsharra's avatar
Oh this is hilarious and the hug is so cute! I adore Star and Zan... and all the others.
vcnielson's avatar
Thank you for sharing the meme! I adore the hug muchly!

That said, here is how to make shiitake mushrooms taste like bacon: [link]

I have done this, and also had my non-vegetarian friends and family members try it. It really does taste like bacon.
StarTyrian's avatar
Ooh, I should try that when I can afford shiitakes again.
vcnielson's avatar
Always glad the joy.
vcnielson's avatar
To share the joy, that is. Stupid other persons computer.
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