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Style meme: Kastor

By StarTyrian
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This thing's going around like the flu: [link] And I need more practice with the pencil tools in Painter, so... win!

I don't draw Kas nearly enough, do I? Well, he's been on my mind lately, so he got to be in the meme. (For them what don't know, Kastor is from the eponymous Chronicles, which you can read on my fictionpress if you like. He has been described as a failzerker; this is the best word ever invented and suits him well.)

Your key to understanding and wisdom:
1 - As normal as he ever is, anyway.
2 - Kill it with fire.
3 - ... or we could share!
4 - He doesn't like shrimp, so I don't know why I gave him one.
5 - What.
6 - It's kind of blasphemous to do Beardsley in pencil, but then, it's hard to be more blasphemous than Beardsley was, so that's okay.
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AdanskaBelow's avatar
I love Kas. ^^ My fave panel is the third one, though the radish one makes me laugh. A lot.
aeran's avatar
Kas! I love his drawings. Especially the cheeky one, er, I mean cute....

Though, I was reading your and Gabe's comments, and I wanna second the Stiaan idea. He's been my favorite since he gave what for to Rema. The decking he got was amazing.
StarTyrian's avatar
Aw, thanks, Stiaan should get more love. :heart:
Hypo-jellybean's avatar
Ah, love for the Kas. DOn't worry: we all think Kas is teh hawtness, although somehow, I think Mikah'd beat us with a stick if he found out... or throw him to the wolves and sit back with a bucket of popcorn.
StarTyrian's avatar
I think he'd very much enjoy watching Kas get mobbed by fancritters. :D

... Unless Kas seemed to be liking it. Then he'd probably start turning people into squirrels or salt shakers or something.
Hypo-jellybean's avatar
...bunnies. Or is that too suggestive...?
StarTyrian's avatar
Perhaps just suggestive enough to be realistic. :D
AngelGunBoy's avatar
nice take on "ave atque vale" - i think i like yours better, as big a beardsley fan as i am...

and...i'd say goodlooking and normal are about the same, for kastor *grins*
StarTyrian's avatar
Aww, thankee! Though, considering the pome itself, it maybe shoulda been Stiaan instead of Kas...

Well, personally I think Kas is teh hawtzor (at least when he's been washed recently and isn't talking stupidness), but I figured the point of the 'good-looking' box was for bishification.

The bishified Kas actually reminds me of some manga I read once. Guys with normally-proportioned faces, but too much detail on the eyes and lips and no detail elsewhere, so they looked like aquiline women in whiteface. Can't remember what it was now... oh well.
AngelGunBoy's avatar
aren't most manga like that? it's those non-noses that look like upsidedown sevens...

this makes me want to do this for - or to - immer. i don't think i have the skillz, though, and trying to even picture bished-out immer is breaking my brain. *laughing*
StarTyrian's avatar
Well, there's also the ones with the huge sparkly eyes and no lips at all... ;p
AngelGunBoy's avatar
pshhh - that's so you know they bottom.
although having no lips kind of limits that, so it's a good thing they have the patented SelfLubricatingAsshole™
StarTyrian's avatar
And a pelvis made of some stretchy material instead of bone, at least before puberty...


ohgod earthquake drill ohgod *dives under table*

... I accidentally thought about shouta, and now my world is pain.
AngelGunBoy's avatar
EW! EW! *runs around like lucy with dog-germs*
AmbrMerlinus's avatar
Fuck yeah Beardsley style! Soup one is cute too.
Phyrbyrd's avatar
I have to say, the second Kastor looks like a line-art of the first one. I love the Beadsley one.
StarTyrian's avatar
Yah, I did the second one by tracing a blue-line copy of the first one and changing a few things. Bit of an experiment to see what causes the bish. I ditched all the shading, made his face and neck thinner, smoothed out all the lines, shortened his jaw, turned angles into curves (especially in the hair), and darkened his eyes and lips.

Oh yah, and gave him a round little cookie ear instead of a normal one. I don't think that contributed to the bish. It'd be a good first step if I wanted to hamsterfy him, though.
KatieKatt's avatar
Haha, radishpotatoman. This is great.
StarTyrian's avatar
Let's all root for him!


omg sry horrible pun sry :( *scuttles away*
FrostedSwitchblade's avatar
. . . I'd root for him.
KatieKatt's avatar
You should be punished for that. I'm keeping my eyes on you.

StarTyrian's avatar
Oh jeez, you're worse than me. :D
KatieKatt's avatar
I can't help it, it's genetic!
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