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Style meme: Kastor



This thing's going around like the flu: [link] And I need more practice with the pencil tools in Painter, so... win!

I don't draw Kas nearly enough, do I? Well, he's been on my mind lately, so he got to be in the meme. (For them what don't know, Kastor is from the eponymous Chronicles, which you can read on my fictionpress if you like. He has been described as a failzerker; this is the best word ever invented and suits him well.)

Your key to understanding and wisdom:
1 - As normal as he ever is, anyway.
2 - Kill it with fire.
3 - ... or we could share!
4 - He doesn't like shrimp, so I don't know why I gave him one.
5 - What.
6 - It's kind of blasphemous to do Beardsley in pencil, but then, it's hard to be more blasphemous than Beardsley was, so that's okay.
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I love Kas. ^^ My fave panel is the third one, though the radish one makes me laugh. A lot.