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I have this amazing ability to spend twenty hours on something and make it look like a one-hour doodle. How do I do that? I do not know. It is a mystery power.

Inspired by *melukilan's shirt meme thang. Only there's no way I'd ever be able to do that many, so I just did these three guys. And then I couldn't stop thinking of things to put on the shirts. I considered doing a Warhol and repeating the image with different shirts, but frankly I've spent enough time on this thing already. So I'll just hurt you with my ideas in text form.

Kastor: TANK
Mikah: DPS
Stiaan: BOSS

Kastor: I'm not immortal but my boyfriend is
Mikah: I'm with stupids
Stiaan: Ice Queen

Kastor: Pitcher
Mikah: Catcher
Stiaan: No game :(

Mikah: that's UKE-SAMA to you
Stiaan: Evil White Haired Bishonen

Gawd make it stop. Also, behold my lack of foresight in having part of Kas's shirt hidden behind Mikah's shoulder. And yeah.

...X-posted to Y!g. PS for DA version: what the hell category do I use for fantasy characters AU'd into real-world clothes? Blargle. Oh well, no one cares. :D
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I love the gaming one! LULZ.