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Shirt thing

By StarTyrian
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I have this amazing ability to spend twenty hours on something and make it look like a one-hour doodle. How do I do that? I do not know. It is a mystery power.

Inspired by *melukilan's shirt meme thang. Only there's no way I'd ever be able to do that many, so I just did these three guys. And then I couldn't stop thinking of things to put on the shirts. I considered doing a Warhol and repeating the image with different shirts, but frankly I've spent enough time on this thing already. So I'll just hurt you with my ideas in text form.

Kastor: TANK
Mikah: DPS
Stiaan: BOSS

Kastor: I'm not immortal but my boyfriend is
Mikah: I'm with stupids
Stiaan: Ice Queen

Kastor: Pitcher
Mikah: Catcher
Stiaan: No game :(

Mikah: that's UKE-SAMA to you
Stiaan: Evil White Haired Bishonen

Gawd make it stop. Also, behold my lack of foresight in having part of Kas's shirt hidden behind Mikah's shoulder. And yeah.

...X-posted to Y!g. PS for DA version: what the hell category do I use for fantasy characters AU'd into real-world clothes? Blargle. Oh well, no one cares. :D
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I love the gaming one! LULZ.
Ha! Wonderfull. And this makes a lot more sense now that I've actually read the Kastor stories . . . What in the world does Ninirvate mean? I went to your link and was very confused . . . *scratches head* What in the world?
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Despite being very late to the commenting, this is awesome. ^^ I love these guys, and their fantastic t-shirts lol.
Awesome :D
I'm gonna get totally distracted by this picture, I can tell...
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ah, this is great! (I keep meaning to do one...) Good to see more of Kastor & friends. ^^
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(also, have I mentioned before that the only reason Mikah is my favorite out of the three of them is because we have the same name? *lame reason is lame*)
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I NAMED MY CAT MIKAH. You have a good name. I'd never heard the name before reading Kastor. My kitty is girl Mikah, though.
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But it's a good name!
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...Kastor should wear modern leather more often :o
*continues oogling*
Side note: Mikah's smile is just the cutest, and he looks a leetle bit like Jedrah... I half expect him to produce a giant wrench any second... XD
Side side note: now I need to go and google 'ninirvate'

Beautiful work! Keep it up! :)
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Can you believe I never noticed how Mikah's braid makes him look like Jed until now? ;p

Ninirvate is from 'Alamo teechs u 2 play DURID', which is mighty silly. Also me and Seebs have kind of an inside joke where we use it to say we're busy; "When Seebs is on phone, do not ask for ninirvate!"
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I can, in fact, no worries. :D It was the expression on his face that did it, really. XD

Oh god, I got halfway down that page and my brain asploded O_O

And bless you with your inside jocks- what? JOKES. Damn typos. Everyone needs a good (or bad, depending) inside joke every now and then :D
StarTyrian's avatar
*is saying nothing about our inside jocks...* :D
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XD *headesk*
I wish to say something witty in response but I fear, as I have been distracted by Torchwood vids for quite some time and it is nearly 3AM, that this will not be the case... and so, adieu. :P
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Ooh, new season of Torchwood? And right when I'm going to be doing a bunch of knitting, which is best while watching videos? Ah, God is kind! *lights incense in gratitude*
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Err. Yeah. Series three (five episodes, all done as one day after another, was really well done, I must say) just got released in the UK. Err. Oh dear. You won't be thinking God is kind for long... *sniffle*
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Oh fuck, I know. Why? WHY!? Can't say much more on the topic without spoilering, but dammit!
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Oh dear. I shan't ask -- I know I'm going to watch it even if you say not to, so I'll just be sure and have stiff drinks on hand, shall I? :D

Now to figure out how to get it on this side of the pond... US video distribution is so lax about UK shows...
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Lizzy!!!!!!!!! Stop torturing people! Lol.
It's fine, CoE didn't happen. You could have my DVDs of it if I'd bought them. Didn't, so going to buy another copy of GE to donate to my school library.
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"Stiaan: BOSS"

I laughed.
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I've been reading "Kastor" for about a month now, and I'm only on the third chapter. Grr.
(Was not suggesting your writing is hard to get through, your lordship, was merely complaining that my life is too damn busy for me to read super-amazing awesome Internet story things.)

And people should definitely use the word "blargle" more.
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May life send you more reading time soon! *crosses fingers for you*
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After having to ask my boyfriend and roommate what ninirvate meant, I laughed really hard. I'm happy that I get to see Stiaan. Even more, that he's in jeans and a t-shirt.

The other shirt ideas are great. Though, it'd be funny to see some others with the other characters from the Kastor books (Charis and Serifar-the cuteness, oh, the cuteness!).
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Heh, now I kinda want to do those guys too.
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