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Why did I not have this up here? I coulda sworn I uploaded it ages ago. Oh well! Kieran and Ash from 'The God Eaters'. I think it was a commission? Can't remember. Anyway, I'm quite fond of it, despite its shortcomings. The poses are kinda boogered up, and this was when I was experimenting with a very skinny kind of stylization, but the mood and colors came out quite well.
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Not only is your writing amazing, but so is your drawing skills, I am so beyond jealous. This is so cool.
I LOVE THE GOD EATERS!!! i only discovered it last week, even though i've been reading metanoia for ages, and finished it in three days <3 <3 <3 my first and favourite online novel. so it's no surprise that i say I LOVE THIS PICTURE/ AM SOOOO GLAD U POSTED IT UP!!!!!!!!

... just saying.
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Wahhh I just finished your book! I'm in love with these two... :heart::heart:
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So glad you liked it!
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Ohh, love this picture so much! The God Eaters is my favorite book. I've made all my friends read it.
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I'm really glad you like it. ^_^
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I am happy you posted it.
I love God Eaters - actually, it is my number one of top ten books I have read (and I have read hundreds... ;) ). And the picture is lovely. The atmosphere is wonderful and Ash´s expression is so beautyful.
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This is absolutely gorgeous!

I do believe I feel like a re-read. XD

Also, a little random, but I wanted to thank you for making this available to read on the internets. I've gotten a few people to start it online and then buy it because it's so awesome. :w00t:
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Cool, thanks for spreading the word! ^_^
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God, this is so odd, I was only just thinking about The God Eaters 'cause of this scene in The History Boys that really really reminded me of Ash and Kai... hmm...

Oddness aside (ha. ha. ha. nevar) this is beautiful, and I thnk the poses look juuuuuuuust right- *peers closer* Oh! He's wearing gloves! Thank bob for that, I was getting worried XD
The prettiness of our favourite couple notwithstanding, I really like the way you've done the clouds in the background...

Fantastic job, as ever, and an instant fav! Woo!
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I love this so much. 8D and yeah, it was a commission. I know because my mom commissioned this and "Pure Sex Appeal' a billion years ago for me, and I still love them both along with The God Eaters to this day. They look pretty cool up on my wall... xD
StarTyrian's avatar
Sweet, thanks for reminding me. :)
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TGE is one of my favourites of your works. It's beyond beautiful, and I think this picture does it justice.
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Pardon me whilst I fangirl violently.


*turns several shades of red and begins foaming at the mouth*

I frequently tell all my friends that I have two favorite authors, and both of them have most of their works posted on the internet. I'll give you three guesses as to the identity of one of them, but you're only gonna need the one.
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This is one of my favorite books, it's all worn from re-readings. Awesome art and writing skills!
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ah, I loved that story! Those two were lovely ^^
Are you printing any more copies?
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Yep, I do intend to put this print and a few others up in the SWB store soon. I'll make a journal entry when I do.
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awww so cute<3 hahahaha love the way keiran looks over his shoulder while ashes is just ... happy-puppy-relaaaaaxed :XD: it's so them!

lol somehow i'm still crazy about this couple.... they're so dynamic and real :XD:
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This is awesome. ^^ I love the coloring and their hands.
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god, i loved The God Eaters. loved it. kept it in my bookmarks & have read it several times.
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Woot, glad you liked it!
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Their expressions are so filled with love! Gorgeous.
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Aaand there goes my brain. Oh god. The sexy. <3
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