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Drawing Glove

By StarTyrian
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Behold, it is my latest invention! As modeled by the astounding *AtomicFireball -- a hand-knitted drawing glove! Now, the truth is, I didn't invent the concept; there are a couple companies selling lycra ones for about $15 a pop not counting shipping. That seemed kinda cheezy to me, so I set out to do something better for cheaper.

These are hand-knitted from Brown Sheep 'Cotton Fine', an incredibly soft, machine washable blend of 80% cotton, 20% merino. I have 8 colors on hand, and if there's a lot of demand I can even expand that color repertoire. I've figured out and tested patterns for three sizes. They work for either righties or lefties. And even though they're hand-made I'm only asking $10 each, because as an artist myself I know artists aren't usually swimming in cash. :D

Available colors are sage, pink, black, red, white, yellow, olive, blue. Please fullview to see how to choose your size!


Via Paypal: send me a DA note with your size, color choice, and shipping address; send $10 plus shipping ($2 in North America, $4 everywhere else) to, being sure to mention in the 'note to seller' which order is yours.

Via snailmail: send your check, money order, or well-concealed cash -- again, $10 plus shipping ($2 in North America, $4 everywhere else) -- along with a note giving your size, color choice, and shipping address (even if it's on the envelope, because those can get mixed up!) to:

Studio Whipping Boy
204 7th St. W #103
Northfield, MN 55057

Support my knitting habit, keep your drawing hand happy and your tablet clean!
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A-Gaming-Fox22's avatar
i've seen things like this, but they looked stupid.
naynayjax's avatar
Hello! I was wondering if you're still making these?
Zerosity's avatar
I usually just buy the $1 unisex fingerless gloves at walmart and cut out the area around the thumb. They fray a lot over time though, so i have to replace them occasionally... =/
Other art gloves like this are much more expensive, so this is a pretty good deal. =D
blackdragon31's avatar
I LOVE and NEED one of these :DD Do you still make these?
pink-winter's avatar
NeniioN's avatar
do you sell international? (I live in Holland/the Netherlands, whatever you'd like to call it... xD)
ladysilver2267's avatar
I so want one of these! But your internet presence has become scarce over the past several years, so you'll probably never read this message :)
weja's avatar
woah, are you still making these? cause i would totally be all up ons. i smudge everything up the wazoo P:
Matareno's avatar
You should look into a patent on this, its a cool invention.
Chinchikurin's avatar
Could be using one of these for sure! My hands sweat alot and smudging is a nightmare! But i fear these would make my hands sweat more XD

Great stuff, loce the colours :D
RedMageN1's avatar
-____-It makes me wonder if a guy could wear these and not look... you know. I like the idea of it, and I HATE FREAKIN' GRAPHITE STAINS ON MAH PAPUH(!!!), But I AM a guy.... -__-" Why do the best ideas always have to be the least good looking... Maybe a less...knitted one, but, of course, that would prob'ly mean more sticking and more expense..... *SIGH* Otherwise this is pretty cool and a good deal......
RedMageN1's avatar
-_______-" I should've prob'ly checked to see that you were a guy first... If only there were a glove to prevent that kinda stuff from happening to me all the time...... I'd get it even if it was pink, I'd just have to color it. O____O Idea alert... A black drawing glove may be better suited than switching matterials... Wow, this is prob'ly the longest comment I've ever posted.
RedMageN1's avatar
Oh, and maybe like a fire design or something... These would be more popular with designs for genders...... I was gunna say something about putting studs on them, but decided that was a bad idea... Oh, sorry for fillin' up the page, btw... I'll stop now.
marichigo's avatar
Love 'em!!! but... would it be possible to order one that wasn't made with a merino blend? maybe pure cotton/polyester/whatever? 'm vegan, so merino wool isn't really working for me, but I could really do with one of these, and I'd be perfectly willing to pay extra for the yarn...?
xiooh9314's avatar
wow...this looks pretty awesome!..i wish i could buy you one :iconiloveitmoreplz:
StarTyrian's avatar
You mean... buy one for me? I have like four of them, because I had to test my patterns. ^_^
xiooh9314's avatar
hahahahha....a little mistake :)....changing the topic,
do you like yaoi stories/comics? :iconilavplz:
StarTyrian's avatar
Haha, have you seen the rest of my gallery. :D
xiooh9314's avatar's just that i have a boy love comic called 'sabren and paul',
wanna check it out? you may like it :iconohohoplz: [link]
xoxcassandraaxox's avatar
I love that!
also... what kind of tablet is that? it has a screen on it o3o
StarTyrian's avatar
It's a Cintiq! Luka's Cintiq, which is awesome beyond description; I covet it so bad, but they cost about a grand. One of these days I'm gonna knock over a liquor store or something so I can buy one. :D
xoxcassandraaxox's avatar
ugggh i just looked them up and HOLY FUGGIN CRAP THOSE ARE FREAKIN EXPENSIVE

ugghhh no way i can get one >_< :iconffffplz:

i think i'm probably just going to get a bamboo fun medium probably lol
StarTyrian's avatar
They are pretty spendy, aren't they? When I win the lottery... :D
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