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Commission: hat and armsocks

By StarTyrian
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Knitting commission: merino hat and armsocks. It took me several tries to dye the gradient the way I wanted it. Perfectionism makes me slow, yes it does. :D
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So question. When you're knitting, do you Throw, or do you go Continental? There's a series of questions I've got for you, and it all starts here. haha!

Love the gradient by the way. Didn't notice it at first, because of the background, but I do like it a lot :)
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I'm a continental picker. Here's a great tutorial vid that shows you the method I use. (I tension my yarn a little differently than she does, but it's a very minor difference.) It's super fast and efficient, and I can knit for like six hours at a stretch without my hands getting tired. Give it a try!

And I'm always happy to answer knitting questions. I think fiber arts have a terrible stupid image in the media, and I want to spread the word on how fresh and creative they can be. ^_^
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Haha. When you mentioned the video, I wondered if it was that one. If you look down to the second comment (most recent first), that's me (koabal85) lol. I hold my tension different as well.
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Oh sweetnesses! I love the gradient! Dude... your dye jobs are enough to make me crazy. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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*drool* I'm going to have to pool my money someday and commission a pair of socks.

The hat looks so plush and cozy.
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It'll be the bestest pair of socks evar, I promise! ^_^
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Oh my. These look fantastic 8D. The gradient's flawless - he's going to love them.

Thank you so much!
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Yay! Thanks for appreciating the gradient, I worked hard! ^____^
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BTW, this was a case of Extreme Knitting: when I was finished, I had less than a yard of yarn left over. It was a bit of a nailbiter toward the end there. :D
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Oh boy xD. I'm imagining this slow-mo 'NOOOOO', dramatic light on the knitting needles and the slowly advancing end of the yarn... IT'S HARDCORE!
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Imagine me with scrunchy Luffy face going "I'LL NEVER LOSE A FIGHT!" and you've about got it. :D
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