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YTcyberpunk posts far more that her fair share of blog entries for this club. It's true, I love to hear myself talk. But peeps, we could use more discussion, ya dig? Balance the scale by adding your own thoughts. Or don't. (I just feel like I'm rambling too much, and misery loves company...)



Some might argue that we are committing "Star Trek Blasphemy" right now, just by having a group that praises one of the "lesser" Star Treks.  By harboring fan art that shows Neelix in a positive light. By having Trek yaoi that doesn't involve Kirk on Spock. But who's to say what is the best or worst series, the best character, best seasons, etc?

I will now try to encourage discussion, and provide entertainment, by posting some of moi's own humble opinions regarding "Voyager," opinions that could be categorized as "blasphemy." He-hem.

1.) :iconbetchplz: "Neelix was the worst Voyager character."

I disagree. The Hedgehog became less obnoxious after season 3, and his annoying personality could be endearing. And the worst one isn't Kes either, for all the complaining I do about her. Nor is it Harry Kim (I find the dweeb lovable), nor the Indian totem pole (over in the "Lexx" fan club, we have a very positive view of tall, dark, monotone men ;) ). It's not the boy genius Icheb, or the Borglets, or Naomi (who is adorable), or Q junior. It's not even Jason Alexander.

No. The worst characters, the ones capable of killing otherwise good episodes was the RUBBER FOREHEAD DOUCHES. These one-time aliens were hit-or-miss. They were either great one-timers, played by great guest stars (like Annorax from "Year of Hell," Kashyk and Tash from "Counterpoint," or the space munchkins from "Virtuoso"), or they were talentless boobs who made middle school plays look like pros, who made Tuvok look emotional. These fiends almost ruined "Living Witness" and "Workforce" for me anyways. When an episode is left to our 9 regulars, they can keep me entertained, even at their worst. But when Rubber Forehead Douches are allowed more than 5 minutes of screentime at a time, things go bad.

2.) :iconjanewayfacepalmplz: "Threshold" was the worst episode.

"Threshold" was solid gold--in the same way that "Plan 9 From Outer Space," "Bride of the Monster," "Godzilla vs. the Thing," and "The Valley of Gwangey" are gold. (And it's hilariously ironic, that an episode that's good as a B-movie centers on Tom Paris, the guy who lives for B-movies.) "Threshold" had a level of "WFT?" that can keep you entertained.  C'mon, it had everything: mangled science (poor, poor evolution), Tom Paris reenacting Jeff Goldblum's part in "The Fly," Paris/Torres hints, and best of all, speed lizards! The looks on Chakotay's and Tuvok's faces at the end make it all worth while.
No, no, no. A truly criminal episode is one like "Nemisis," or "11:59," where it's not bad in a goofy way; just bland and dull.

3.) :iconchakotayplz: "Chakotay was better treated in earlier seasons than later ones."

:iconchakotaygroanplz: NEIN. Early seasons treated Chakotay like a walking Indian stereotype. I've rambled about this before. In Seasons 1 and 2, he told Indian legends because "Indians tell stories, right?" In Season 4-onward he told legends from all kinds of cultures, as well as just general facts, because he was an anthropology geek. In early seasons, his vision quests were just "Indian magic." In later ones, he talked about them like a dream study. In early seasons, he tended to switch between sounding normal and sounding stoned off his ass. In later seasons, he switched between sounding normal and sounding like Keanu Reeves. Maybe I'm biased here; I go monotone myself often, so I can believe Chakotay doing it too. I can't, however, believe he'd be smoking his peace pipe while on duty, and not even share it with his shipmates.


...Who? Boothby, the Academy groundskeeper, who showed up in "In the Flesh" and "The Fight." The old dude with the suspenders. The "Star Trek" writers, the reviews, my dad, they're all so gay for Ray Walston. Maybe he IS a great actor. He's before my time, Child of the '90s here. All I know is, he was one of the most cliche and boring characters in all of "Star Trek." Why does the wise old grounds keeper have to be a human anyway? Why can't it be a Bolian, or a Vulcan, or a half-human-half-Ferengi, or something?  Whatever.

5.) :iconpicardfingerplz: "The Borg Were Scarier on Next Generation." don't even.....HUH?

Dude, I LIKE "Next Generation." They ROCK for introducing the Borg. But........"scarier?" I'm not just talking about special effects here, dude. The "Next Gen" Collective sounded like ten dudes in a room talking, instead of millions of voices. The "Next Gen" Borg could be taken down with a Tommy Gun. (Seriously. That happened. Well okay fine, it WAS pretty awesome and badass.)

Whatever, to each his own. I guess I'd feel the same way, if someone asked me whether Darth Vader or Darth Maul was scarier.

6.) Chakotay and Tom Paris are heterosexual. :icontompariswtfplz: :iconchakotayyepplz:

:iconradcliffeplz: LIES, ALL OF IT!

And that was just a few trivial opinions by Yours Truly. If you have some "blasphemous" opinions of your own, let's hear 'em!
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