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Star Trek: Kodiak - Citadel IVO'Hare opened her eyes, wincing at the bright light above her. Slowly, the room came into focus: the pulsing of the machinery above her head, the whirr of a tricorder from somewhere around her head, and the warm hand holding hers. She turned her head slowly. Grant was beside her, staring through the sickbay viewport. There were bags under his eyes, his face was ashen. He seemed half-asleep. Shen'Zahr walked past, and glanced down at O'Hare with a smile. She nudged Grant, who blinked, and sighed with relief as O'Hare squeezed his hand.“Good to have you back,” Shen'Zahr said warmly. “Don't try to talk too much, there's some damage to your vocal chords.” “Thanks for taking care of me,” O'Hare croaked.“It's what I'm here for. Your chest will feel pretty heavy for a few days, you'll be in sickbay for the next two at least.”“My face is sore.”“I'm not surprised. It was exposed to vacuum, and you decompressed, not to mention the lacerations you received from shards of your suit's visor. It'll pass.”Grant's fingers linked with O'Hare's. “Shen, can we have a moment?”O'Hare saw Shen'Zahr's face change for a moment, a little sadness and darkness passed across her expression. She nodded, and stepped away without a word. O'Hare looked at Grant, searching his face. He seemed to be in the same mood of sadness, relieved as he was. “Do I look like crap? Be honest with me.” “You're as beautiful as ever, albeit a little rosier in the cheeks.” “I'll take your word for it,” she croaked. He lifted her hand and kissed it. “You'll see when you get look in the mirror. You have nothing to worry about.”“How's the Cub?”“In a state, but repairs are underway. We have plenty of replacement parts, it should be ready in just over an hour. Don't worry, it'll be ready for the next time you want to take it out for a spin.” He leaned over. “What happened over there? It was so quick we barely got to you in time.”“I don't know. I heard something outside in the corridor … then bang. Some kind of blast tore the Cub away from the station.” Grant nodded. “The breach has sealed itself. What did you hear?” “I don't know … footsteps maybe. I have no idea. Orson, what's going on?” Grant squeezed her hand. “We've lost contact with the away team, and we can't compensate for the scattering field that's in the way of our transporter beam. The moment we get the Cub up and running we're pulling them out, but … we've lost someone.” O'Hare lay back and closed her eyes. “Who?” “We don't know. All communicators are still active, but we've lost a set of life signs.”“Oh God … If I'd been paying more attention …”“Shelby, it's not your fault. I don't believe for one second you had your eye off the ball.” She shook her head. “I don't know … I just don't know.” He leaned down and kissed her tenderly. “Listen, focus on getting better. We're working on getting them out.” “I can't just lay here …”“That's exactly what you have to do,” Shen'Zahr said from behind Grant. She approached the bed quickly. “Stay here, and heal. Doctor's orders.”O'Hare closed her eyes. “Carry on the regenerative treatments on her lungs,” Shen'Zahr said to the nurses. “Staff meeting's in five minutes, Commander. We'd better get going.” Grant sighed, then nodded. He kissed O'Hare's hand. “I'll be back soon.”***As they left sickbay and made their way to the deck access ladder, Shen'Zahr grabbed Grant's arm, holding him up.“Can I have a word?”He nodded.“You shouldn't have told her about the away team. She has to focus on getting better, not on what she may have done wrong.”“She didn't do anything wrong, Doctor.” “With all due respect, you don't know that.”“So I should have lied, told her everything was fine?” Grant snapped. “She doesn't deserve to have the wool pulled over her eyes. She'd find out sooner or later.” Shen'Zahr folded her arms. “Put your personal feelings aside.” “My personal feelings? Doctor, a member of my crew is dead. We don't know what did it, we don't know what kind of danger the rest of the away team are in, and we're sitting out here with our thumbs in our asses.” “And that doesn't need to be put on a woman with extensive injuries, who needs to heal,” Shen'Zahr countered. “And I'm sure you're doing everything in your power to help that process along. You do your job, let me do mine.”Shen'Zahr stiffened. “Understood.”***“We can't make heads or tails of what's blocking our sensors,” Oaken said, her voice taking on a razor-like edge. “We don't know if it's something in the hull, or some kind of energy field. If we don't even know what we have to cut through, we're stumbling around in the dark.” “Same story with comms,” Holden muttered. “Whoever built this station was way beyond us.”“But you're able to track the away team through their communicators,” Grant said. “There's no way to get a message to them?”Holden shook his head. “The communicators have been configured to broadcast a homing signal, they're basically beacons. I've tried piggybacking a message on that signal, but it doesn't get through either.”“They have ninety minutes of air left,” Shen'Zahr grunted. “We'll get one trip in the Cub to pull them out, that's it.” “You'll be on for that, doctor,” Grant said. “Take medical staff and security.”She nodded.“Lieutenant Shui, what's your input on the crew?” Shui clasped her hands together on the table. “Shock, confusion. Some anger. Given that this is the first casualty aboard since the war, it's not unexpected, but it will need to be addressed.”Grant nodded. “Understood. When you get a moment, speak with O'Hare, make sure she's alright.” “I will, sir.”“Thank you.”“The readings we can get in there have been erratic,” Oaken muttered. “There are some energy emissions, so the station seems to have some power, but there's an independent power source present, and it's moving.”Grant leaned forwards. “Moving where?” “We keep losing track of the readings, with all the interference, but it's not moving further than fifty metres from our people.” “An energy reading … equipment? An environment suit?”“Bigger.” Shen'Zahr narrowed her eyes. “Biomechanical?” “Unknown,” Oaken muttered. “Takumi would know better.”“T'Vet too,” Shen'Zahr said quietly.Grant stood up. “Keep tracking it, and get the Cub ready. We'll need an access point to get in there, find me a hatch.”***The away team were close to the outer hull of the station once more. They had been trapped by another bulkhead, and Miura was working on it closely, sweating. T'Vet scanned Kimmich's left arm, frowning at the readings. “How long since you started to lose feeling?”“About twenty minutes,” he grunted. “Fingers went first, now everything up to the elbow's numb.”“I am reading extensive nerve damage, as if your nervous system is degrading.” T'Vet looked up at Diaz and Miura. “In two hours, the damage will spread to his respiratory system, and he will not be able to breathe.”“In ninety minutes, none of us will,” Miura muttered. “If that,” Kimmich grunted. “Listen to me, Diaz … you have to leave me. I'm not screwing around.” “If one dead is too many, two is unacceptable,” Diaz said angrily. “Not a chance.” “Ro, I'm telling you …”“And I'm telling you, Ensign, we are not leaving you behind, understood?”Kimmich gritted his teeth and leaned back against the wall. “Understood.”Diaz looked over at Miura. “How's the bulkhead coming?”Miura shook his head. “It's deadlocked. The power's been rerouted from the barricade, and I can't find a manual release.” “It doesn't want us coming this way, huh? Where are we?” “Halfway along the pyramid … I can't scan beyond the bulkhead. It could be another hatch, like the one we docked at.” “Could be."Miura glanced at her. “You alright, Ro?” “Get an alternative route.”He nodded. “I'm on it.”“This thing coming after us … some kind of robot?”“Looks that way. Very sophisticated, and it's not showing any signs of degradation over time, considering it has been here for thousands of years.”“It's shooting at us without warning,” Diaz grunted. “After thousands of years its memory banks would have been corrupted, surely.”“That's assuming that shooting at people isn't its job. Integrated weaponry, armour resistant to energy weapons, highly mobile, tactical thinking …”“Some kind of security system, then?” Miura grunted. “Yeah, must be …” He looked down at his tricorder and gestured to the corridor leading to the left. “That way, I guess. I don't even know where we're supposed to be going.”“Just staying close to the edge. The hatches are here, the Kodiak knows where we are. Worst comes to worst, they can blast through the outer hull and we can spacewalk out.”“If they know where we are, so does our pursuer, I guarantee it.” Diaz's jaw clenched. “Then we'll be ready for it.” “That's not my point, Ro. Where is it? It seems dead set on killing us, but it also tends a garden? Predators and security systems don't tend gardens.”“Humans are predators, deep down, Takumi. We tend gardens.”“I know, and you can reason with a human.” Diaz turned to him. “We're not having this conversation. We don't have time for it. Focus on getting us out of here.” Miura sighed. “Let's move then.”T'Vet picked up Kimmich, and followed Diaz down the corridor. Miura brought up the rear, eyes on his tricorder and the shadows all around them.He frowned. “Ro, my scanner's being jammed. We're in trouble.” Diaz tensed. “Phasers up, all of you.” On their right, a bulkhead exploded outwards, right between T'Vet and Miura. Both were thrown to the ground, Kimmich sprawling from T'Vet's grasp and groaning in pain.The automaton ducked thought the hole it had made, its red eye focused on Miura. Miura looked up as the barrel of its energy weapon emerged from its forearm, and pointed at him.Shrill phaser fire hit it in the back, and its head jerked to the side. It spun around, taking aim at Diaz, and Miura took his chance. He hauled himself up and bolted through the breach, firing at the automaton point blank as he passed. The robot's arm smacked into his back, throwing him forward and into the adjoining chamber. He pushed himself up and scrambled away as a bolt of green energy burst against the metal behind him. He blindly fired back over his shoulder, listening as the automaton's booming footsteps increased in pace, and got louder. He tore the right as another energy bolt whistled past his head.
WIP -- chara design -- Dr T'Lek by AelexAender
2 drafts of sergeant Kirstash by AelexAender
Stamps Emblems Misc
A Dark Yet Beautiful Time by Conn1321
Tribute to the late Majel Barrett by JDayton
Lieutenant Nurse Peck by JDayton
Constellation class Prototype Project Logo by Euderion

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