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Rules & Guidelines

This is a group for Star Trek species and aliens that have small fandoms and/or lack of main cast characters; and 'aliens of the week'. Examples for such species would be Bolians, Yridians, Kazon, Gorn and so on.

Where do I submit what?

There are folders for each show. If your derivation is a Xindi, for example, you submit it to the 'ENT' album. If it is a species shown in more than one series, it's your choice (like Bolians can be in TNG or VOY, or Nausicaans can be in TNG, DS9 or ENT).
In doubt, put them in Featured or the show you like better.

Main cast rare species (such as Neelix, Odo, Phlox, Jadzia/Ezri Dax, Kes) have a shared folder, it's not seperated after shows.
You can count the characters on 10 fingers anyways, otherwise they wouldn't be rare. XD
Other minor canon members or OCs of their species go in the show folder (i.e. Talaxian other than Neelix goes in VOY).

Submit ships, homeworlds or technology of rare species as Faves, I doubt there's much request for an own folder.

Species that were mentioned, but never shown on screen, and soft canon species (books, comics, audio books) have their own folder, 'Unseen Species'.
TAS species go in this folder, too, since the animated series is on/off canon since years and most of the species haven't been in live action.

Semi Rare Species without own groups - like Bajorans or Betazoids - have their own album now.

Hybrids & Sub Species the group accepts are hybrids with both parts of the heritage clearly visible, and sub species featured in the group of their main species (like Remans and Aenar; non-green Orions).

Fan Art of all species, major or minor, can be submitted to the Show Off album. Members can submit 2 derivations per week.

What can I submit?

You can submit any art you created. Please do not submit photo manips, screenshots and the like. Honestly, everyone can google a picture and slap some text on it, and this group should be about art you made yourself.
You may set your phasers to sexy, but no nudity, please.

What qualifies as 'rare' species?

* Species that have no regular or returning character - for example, Bolians only had minor characaters, never a crew member in the main cast.
* Species that were only shown in very few episodes, 'aliens of the week', for example the Dosi or the Vidiians.
* Species that only have one prominent member, for example Talaxians or Denobulans.


SkooBy Star Trek -SkooB 9/8/16 by SkoobyForever SkooBy Star Trek -SkooB 9/8/16 :iconskoobyforever:SkoobyForever 3 0 Terry Farrell Jadzia Dax XIV by Dave-Daring Terry Farrell Jadzia Dax XIV :icondave-daring:Dave-Daring 10 0 Orion Slave by rainbowmermaid Orion Slave :iconrainbowmermaid:rainbowmermaid 7 7 M'Ress  reinvisioned by yankee30 M'Ress reinvisioned :iconyankee30:yankee30 10 1 Milky Way At War map by GeneralHelghast Milky Way At War map :icongeneralhelghast:GeneralHelghast 732 359 Orion Slave Girls by Bleezer Orion Slave Girls :iconbleezer:Bleezer 85 16 Kira Nerys III by GrayscaleArt Kira Nerys III :icongrayscaleart:GrayscaleArt 38 24 Star Trek: TITAN: Lavena by Winterjack Star Trek: TITAN: Lavena :iconwinterjack:Winterjack 9 0 Star Trek: Titan: Modan by Winterjack Star Trek: Titan: Modan :iconwinterjack:Winterjack 9 0 Star Trek: Titan: Ree by Winterjack Star Trek: Titan: Ree :iconwinterjack:Winterjack 3 0 DS9 Tribute 1 - Kira Nerys by rockpopple DS9 Tribute 1 - Kira Nerys :iconrockpopple:rockpopple 14 12 Lon Suder by istarwyn Lon Suder :iconistarwyn:istarwyn 9 12 Ancient Betazoid Glyph Tablet by AJHalliwell Ancient Betazoid Glyph Tablet :iconajhalliwell:AJHalliwell 1 0 Trek by DonElliottoCorleone Trek :icondonelliottocorleone:DonElliottoCorleone 49 10 Trill Embassy on Vulcan Emblem by AJHalliwell Trill Embassy on Vulcan Emblem :iconajhalliwell:AJHalliwell 10 0 Trill Sea Urchin Signs by AJHalliwell Trill Sea Urchin Signs :iconajhalliwell:AJHalliwell 0 0
After :icondjap-chan: took on some challenges to draw rarely seen species from Babylon 5, I finally added an album for Non Trek Rare Species. So if you have fanart of a non-joined Goa'Uld or an Iratus bug; a pak'ma'rah or any other rarely seen alien from another universe, feel free to submit to this album (usual settings).
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