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i find myself in  need of a daz 3d pose building artist , please pm me if interested
Hello all, thanks for letting me in.
Question: Does anyone know of any kind of texture set/outfit that has the "Star Trek: Lower Decks" look?

Primarily I'm looking for something that can be applied to the Victoria 4 bodysuit, but if anything else is available I could probably use it as well.

Hello Star Trek fans me and my friend are holding a Star Trek art contest please check it out! 
Group Contest
Good afternoon,

My apologies for a noob question... I have downloaded PDSmith's textures for TOS uniforms (Defiant) and I'm sorry to say, I am at my witts end.  Do i need a Shirt and pants to attach to my figure first? Then apply the texure?  I'm going guano crazy trying to get TOS uniforms.
Your help will be greatly appreciated

Thank you
Yes.  I'm not certain which textures you're talking about, but go back and read the description carefully. There should be something to indicate which clothing model they are intended to go with.  You should dress the figure first, then select the shirt and apply the texture for it, etc. Good luck!