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Hey gang!  I just wanted to say that I've got some fresh motivation, at at least a LITTLE bit of time on my hands, so I've decided to go ahead and try to forge ahead with my personal Star Trek series, Venture.  I know it's been like, forever since I updated this, but that's because there wasn't really a whole lot to update.  Not that the characters were ever far from my mind!  I love these guys, which is why I want to try to do right by them.
So here's what I'm planning!

We're starting here, at the beginning, which is where you SHOULD start.  Season 1, Episode 1.  I planned Venture with four (4) seasons, which doesn't seem like a lot in the real world but is a TON to me, lol. xD  Luckily it's not like I have a deadline.  Anyway, from now until I change the blog, we'll assume that I am working on 'Infinite Diversity'.  I'm going to see if I can make a folder for it specifically, but if not 'S1E1' will be in the title.

What I submit will come in one of three formats, depending on what I want to convey-- Writing, Drawings, and Comics.  Writing will make up the substantial part, and the in-between stuff.  Occasionally, if I have time/inclination, I'll draw comics.  And I HOPE to do at least several full-color pictures per episode, of things that are important or just seem aesthetically pleasing to me.

((If you are moved by anything and want to do fanart of it, let me know!  That's totally cool, and I'll make sure it gets favorited by the group. =D ))


To get each one started, I'll give you the synopsis that I wrote out for my own purposes.  (Don't be surprised if what happens differs anywhere from slightly to largely from what is written-- things tend to grow without warning!)

S1E1 Infinite Diversity: The time has come for the launch of the U.S.S. Venture, a science vessel that represents the first truly integrated human/Vulcan crew.  Spock proved it was possible—but apparently it’s a little more difficult than it looks!  Despite the themes of IDIC, the two species find it difficult to related to one another—and with the first Vulcan Captain, well, it seems even diplomacy might fail.  When the Venture is dispatched to a scientific mission, it seems their journey will fail before it begins, emotional humans vs. logical vulcans.  But when a situation arises, only putting aside the differences and embracing and trusting one another will get them through safely.


If you would like some help understanding the things going on in this Star Trek Universe, please take a look at my ST:V wiki,!  It's undergoing changes and additions all the time, especially as I hammer out more of the details, so check often!

Hope you guys like it, and enjoy the show!
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Venture Forth.

Star Trek: Venture is a collection of missions from the U.S.S. Venture, launched in 2270, with the first Vulcan captain and an integrated crew of Humans and Vulcans.
They explore the uncharted parts of the galaxy, performing scientific research...
And dealing with the occasional crisis, of course.
Follow Captain T'Preea and Commander Kent as they perform the most fascinating study--
Logic or emotion?




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