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The Death Star by StarToursTraveler The Death Star by StarToursTraveler
This is one of the vehicles from my Star Wars Fanfiction Series: Star Wars: The Shadow Wars. The series is currently between "Seasons."

Note: The information below is from my own universe which is a blend of old and new canon and it not to be considered canon in any other universe but mine.  I should also mention that this ship is canon (at least legacy canon) but its history is significantly different as far as my universe is concerned.

The image was acquired via Garry's Mod


The Death Star
The very mention of this horrible superweapon is a stark enough reminder to the citizens of the New Republic of what the old Galactic Empire was capable of. The Death Star first began as a design concept by the Separatist aligned Geonosians shortly before the Clone Wars. The first stages of construction also began under the Separatists in secret and well hidden from the Republic. Construction was also covertly assisted by Republic forces on Sideous's order, such as the collection and acquisition of materials needed to construct the station and its superlaser. Republic Intelligence Officers, all loyal to Palpatine, were under direct orders to funnel any intelligence found about an "ultimate weapon" straight to him. The Separatists themselves referred to this project as Project Aurodium-10, a reference to the exorbitant cost that would be required to construct the Battle Station. Ultimately the Separatists wouldn't have to worry about the cost as they were defeated and all of their finances seized by the emerging Empire as punishment for their treason.

From there, the Empire assumed control over the battlestation's construction. Orson Krennic, a loyal Imperial and a former member of the Republic's Special Weapons, who had covertly overseen the weapon's construction during the Clone Wars was assigned to oversee its construction, assigned to the position of Director of Special Projects. The Death Star's incomplete form was moved to Despayre where it would remain for the duration of its construction. The Battlestation's construction was long and took almost two decades to complete. However every step of its construction was analyzed by a second team of Imperial Engineers who were looking for ways to streamline its construction, with the intention of constructing more than one Death Star in accordance with the Tarkin Doctrine.

The Station's existence became known to dissident groups around 2 BBY when Sith Assassin turned Jedi Knight, Galen Marek, led a rescue mission to the station to rescue Senators Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and Garm Bel Ibilis as well as Jedi Master Rahm Kota from the Emperor who held them captive on the incomplete station. Galen suspected that the station was something very sinister and tried to find what information they could about the station's purpose. Ultimately they discovered its purpose thanks to intercepted communiques. The Rebellion immediately began searching for a way of sabotaging or destroying the weapon. In 0 BBY, a Rebel Spy within the Empire managed to slip information to the Rebellion as to the location of a complete copy of the Death Star Plans: Scarif. While Rahm prepared to send the Rebellion on a dangerous mission to the well defended Scarif, Galen Marek had a vision that warned him away from Scarif and pointed him towards a different planet: Danuta. Danuta itself was near Scarif and so a diversion would be needed. To that end, Galen suggested they contract Rebel Mercenary Kyle Katarn to infiltrate the base on Danuta while the Rebellion drew the Empire's attention at Scarif. Scarif was indeed a trap for the Rebellion set by the Empire but the plan on the Rebel's end paid off and Katarn was able to get the Death Star Plans to Admiral Raddius, one of the Rebellion's early Mon Calamari leaders. Raddius would transmit the plans to the Tantive IV but the Empire would become aware of the plans transmission and pursued the Tantive IV, sparking the events that led to the Battle of Yavin and the destruction of the Death Star.

Just prior to the destruction of the first Death Star, the Emperor ordered for construction to begin on the second superweapon. However, with the destruction of the First Death Star, the Emperor ordered the old plans reexamined and revised to avoid allowing for a similar exploit to be used against the next Death Star. Director Krennic had reported early on that the plans had a flaw in the form of the thermal exhaust port but Tarkin had dismissed the threat. Within weeks of the Battle of Yavin, the new plans for the second Death Star were accomplished at the Maw Installation under Admiral Natasi Daala's supervision. The new plans eliminated the fatal flaw and were quickly adapted for the new Death Star. Advancements made in construction technology and various new supply lines helped to bring the Second Death Star to near completion within four years, a feat that the convinced the Emperor of the Empire's might.

Fortunately the Rebellion learned of the weapon's construction over the Forest Moon of Endor and formulated a plan to destroy it. The Second Death Star was fully operational by the time the Battle of Yavin began but the Emperor had failed to foresee the arrival of Vader's former Apprentice, Galen Marek, onto the station, using the Force to sabotage the station's giant superlasers and prevent it from firing, thus saving the lives of countless Rebels in the process. The Rebellion managed to destroy the Death Star, claiming ultimate victory over the Empire in destroying both the Second Death Star as well as killing the Emperor (although the latter would later be proven half-true).

After Endor, there were a few more Death Star-esque vessels such as the Death Star Prototype that was destroyed 11 years after the original. A phony Death Star was spotted near Endor a year after Endor and not long before the Battle of Jakku. This phony Death Star was simply a large frame with a mock-super laser and automated transponders configured to transmit false sensor readings to make it appear like it was a fully functional Death Star. However, the fake station had the same weakness as the original (thermal exhaust port) and would be destroyed. The point of the fake Death Star was a ploy by Director Krennic to ploy the Rebellion while he launched a failed effort to try and steal several stolen Imperial craft back from the Alliance. Krennic was killed during this attempt as Jedi Knight Maris Brood and her own Rebel Forces had caught wind of the attempt, Maris killing Krennic in self-defense when he refused to surrender.

After the Prototype's destruction the Death Star became a symbol for the Empire's tyranny. Wreckage of the first Death Star became a much sought after item by numerous groups while the wreckage of the second along with the wreckage of the ships lost in the Battle of Endor was memorialized as a War Grave by the New Republic, honoring the site as a historic battle site, forbidding salvage within the system. A common peddlers trick is to sell pieces of burnt out vehicle parts and pass them off as pieces of the First or Second Death Star. Some Rebel and Imperial veterans have saved pieces of debris recovered from Yavin and Endor and only these pieces are typically from the real superweapon.

Galen Marek even found and melted down a piece of Death Star debris to forge the rings he and Juno Eclipse would wear after their marriage. Galen would forge a metal Marek Family Crest from wreckage of the Second Death Star to hang in their family homestead on Kashyyyk and would use leftover pieces to form the casing for his second lightsaber. His son, Kento Marek, would unknowingly use some of the same components to make a Bowcaster. During one of the few times he ever fired the weapon, he commented that he felt like he was firing a superlaser. His father would later inform the, then oblivious, Kento of the materials' origins. Kento has since turned the Bowcaster into a display piece in his quarters on Kashyyyk, retrieving the Bowcaster on a trip home during the Shadow Wars and putting it on display in his quarters on the Mynock.

The New Republic keeps copies of the Death Star plans for both battlestations securely squared away in several locations. One copy is also in the hands of Anakin Skywalker and the 501st Legion, the plans stored within Anakin's private Sanctum on Vjun as a reminder of his former life. He also takes pride in the fact that his son was the one who destroyed the terrible weapon.

Interestingly, the plans for the original Death Star have become something of a trophy for Jedi Master Kyle Katarn as well, who was permitted to keep the original data disk containing the plans after his mission had been accomplished. Katarn has been known to study the schematics out of boredom at times. R2-D2 still has the original plans stored in his databanks and used the plans to help program a flight simulation program for New Republic Fighter Recruits as recreating the Battle of Yavin in the flight-sims is a popular pass-time for cadets and scoring high marks in the simulation is a badge of honor. The fact R2 used the original plans as part of the simulation is something that only R2 and C-3PO knew about at first. While inspecting the pilot academy, Luke Skywalker ran the simulation with a squad of cadets who were unaware of his participation and were amazed by how "Red-5" managed to eclipse the highest score. Luke noticed the simulation seemed too real, prompting R2 to confidentially reveal his use of the Death Star Plans. Luke was amused but had to scold the droid anyway. Since the birth of Ben Skywalker, R2's been sneaking a small holographic Death Star in amongst the cartoonish holograms of loth cats, tookas, taun-tauns and other animals as a holo-mobile for young Ben. Mara's caught him at it but has decided that R2 can keep doing it until Luke finds out as a sort of playful game twixt the couple.

In 29 ABY, during the Shadow Wars, the New Republic had started hearing rumors of a project being undertaken by the Sith Empire known only as Project: J10-K11. Little could be retrieved of this project short of supply requisitions and crew transfers, with no information available to indicate where they were being sent. It wasn't until one of the Empress's Hands, Darth Talzin, defected to the Jedi Order and the New Republic, bringing with her news that the Sith were constructing a Third Death Star. This has as of yet to be confirmed by New Republic Intelligence but even the suggestion of a Third Death Star's construction is enough to motivate the Republic's Intelligence Agents into action.
AhsokaFanboy1138 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017
Nice merger of Legends and Canon.  Is the new Death Star like Starkiller Base?
StarToursTraveler Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Cannot confirm or deny that it is or is not like Starkiller Base. I can however say emphatically that it is not Starkiller Base. I actually plan on including the planet that would've been Starkiller base in its uncorrupted form in an episode this season.
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