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Outcast Class Shuttle by StarToursTraveler Outcast Class Shuttle by StarToursTraveler
This is one of the ships from my Star Wars Fanfiction Series: Star Wars: The Shadow Wars. The series is currently between "Seasons."

Note: The information below is from my own universe which is a blend of old and new canon and it not to be considered canon in any other universe but mine. I should also mention that this ship is canon but its history is significantly different as far as my universe is concerned.

The image was acquired through Garry's Mod


Class: Outcast Class Interstellar Shuttle
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Armaments: None by default
Defenses: Deflector Shielding, heavy armor plating
Hyperdrive: Class 4
Crew: 1 Pilot
Max Passengers: 60 humanoids
Affiliations: The New Jedi Order, The New Republic, The Rebel Alliance, Various private owners
Operational History: 13 BBY-Present

The Outcast Class Shuttle was first conceived by Kuat Drive Yards as a long range passenger shuttle for the Empire as part of the development for what would become the Delta DX-9 Stormtrooper Transports but the design was passed over in favor of the DX-9. However, some of Kuat's head designers liked the design and had it filed away for later. They eventually handed the Outcast over to their civilian development groups who specialized in manufacturing vessels for the civilian market. Several interstellar transport and tourism companies needed a fast and reliable shuttle to transport passengers between locations within Imperial Space.

The Outcast Shuttle was introduced to several transport and tourism companies and proved itself a reliable shuttle, with some Outcasts replacing many of the older interplanetary shuttles. It was more spacious than the Secul Aerospace Starspeeder series and could carry more passengers and cargo. However due to Imperial Law regarding civilian transports, the Outcasts were unarmed as weapons on a civilian transport were illegal. As a result, Outcasts became prime targets for pirates and scavengers like other civilian transports despite the Empire's efforts to maintain the security of the space lanes.

Several Outcast Shuttles were captured or stolen by the Rebellion and modified with weaponry and stronger shielding. The Rebel Outcast shuttles would often be used in conjunction with GR-75 Medium Transports and U-Wing Gunships to transport Rebel Soldiers to battlefields across the galaxy and aid in civilian evacuations. After the war, the New Republic, impressed by the Outcasts' efficiency and performance commissioned several military grade Outcasts for the New Republic Military, using them to shuttle contingents of troops to and from military posts within Republic Space. The J Type Outcast was the military variant and comes standard with forward facing laser cannons and twin dorsal laser cannon turrets.

The Jedi Order has acquired several Outcast Shuttles, using them for their various missions alongside Starspeeder 3000s and old Lambda Shuttles. It was one of these Outcast Shuttles that transported young Jedi Initiate, Jaden Korr, to Yavin IV in 11 ABY to begin his training with the Jedi Order. His transport, Yavin Runner II, was shot down by the Dark Jedi Tavion Axmis using the Scepter of Ragnos but the passengers walked away with only minor injuries. Jaden would later use a second shuttle during an ill fated rescue mission to Blenjeel. In both 28 and 29 ABY, the Jedi Order used all of their Outcast Shuttles during the evacuations of Yavin and Ossus. Jedi Master Kyle Katarn has taken to calling the Jedi's fleet of Outcast Shuttles as "Jedi Outcasts" a name that's strangely stuck.

While the Outcast is an aging model of shuttlecraft, it's still very reliable and dependable. Since the New Republic has eased the restrictions on armed civilian transports, most Outcast Shuttles have been retrofitted with defensive weaponry ranging from laser cannons to ion cannons and mag charges.
StarToursTraveler Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Yes the name of the shuttle is indeed a reference to the third game in the Dark Forces series, Jedi Outcast. It didn't appear until Jedi Academy though but I didn't want to call it the Academy Class. :P
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