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Rail Gun

Here's the Rail Gun dubbed "Balun". It orbits around Durik IV. When it's given a firing solutions it adjusts automatically to fire and then does so upon confirmation. The Balun uses either a solid aluminum slug or a fragment shot. To fire, the Balun charges up it's electromagnets and then bursts power to the magnets for a fraction of a second. At the point when the ammunition leaves the tube, it is travelling close to the speed of light.

The Balun also uses the same magnetic field for propulsion (although no where near the speed of light). The field doubles again as a scan distortion field and allows it to virtually cloak itself from sensors.

I'm kind of disappointed with the quality of this picture. The paper image looks a lot better. I may have to look into getting a better scanner.
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...............Oh my god, I am literally speechless right now.