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'Oron' -Dreadnought-

By startitan
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This is the "Oron". It is classified as a dreadnought hull size war ship. It's total displacement is 3,540,000 metric tons. Total length is 1.2Km. Cruising impulse speed is 500m/s. The quantum distortion displacement maximum (hyperspace range) is 3.02 lightyears. The maximum local power output is 207.82 Gigawatts. The maximum power burst output is 11.342 Terawatts. The total armament yield based on potential target energy output is 350 Mtons (TNT yield).

The Oron is a starsystem defence platform. It's weaponry is AI controlled as are most of the other nominal onboard systems. The main gun array is a plasma beam cannon affixed to the foward section and is coupled with a small rail gun assembly below it. The aft portion is equipped with 4 heavy cruise missile racks, each housing twelve cruise missiles (48 total). The main hull is also armed with twelve autogun turrets and two large 300cm guns.

The hull is made from titanium and vanadium plates that provide significant projectile resistance. The plates are interlocked into a shock-absorbing shell around the hull's underlayers. The plates are also supported by a superconductive cooling system that attempts to maintain the plates at a temperature of 25C. This allows the plates to avoid thermal breakdown when impacted continually or when hit by energy weapons. The missile racks are plated with ceramic material that is also slanted at random angles to disrupt electromagnetic sensors.

The most advanced piece of engineering on the dreadnought is the "Lacuna" fusion reactor array, named after the gap formed in the middle of the cube array of eight reactor cores. The gap acts as a heat reserve for the reactor and keeps them running while the superconductors in the ship move much of the heat away from the outside of the Lacuna array.
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Like it lots!  This puppy looks like it's been in some serious action judging by its battle scars.
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Not too much of a fan of the design-- overall I find it to be rather simplistic.

I do, however, LOVE the battle damage. It looks extraordinarily authentic, all the exposed components.
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But can it run Crysis?
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banwagonxpressHobbyist General Artist
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dude the only thing i can say is holy shit its overpwn
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This is what overkill would look like if it was a spaceship. Awesome job.
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It's the convincing battle-damage I find most impressive. You haven't gone overboard it's just there and it adds to the piece
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I'm kind of suprised so many people like that. I just did it because it was getting a little out of alignment and that was a quick fix ;P. Thanks for the comment though.
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I have to say this is one of my favorites from your rather impressive gallery, the detail in the artwork and the written description is just stunning. I find it a long drawn out process when coming up with something as original and detailed as this and I really tip my hat to you in this respect. I have no doubt you will go far with artistic skills like this!

- Suniverse
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Thanks, I appreciate it
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Internet-CancerHobbyist Traditional Artist
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mavartworxProfessional General Artist
VERY unique design!

I too love to write details but you seem to have "knowledge" behind it, much like Chris Foss or Ron Cobb.
Great Art, I'll be sure to look at more of your designs! And I hope you get to do this as a Job
one day (if not already).

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General-NickinburgHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, thats awesome, not just the picture, but the little bio about it too, great job!
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Skyray3Ds General Artist
wow .. it's really great work .. .
can I use this drawing as a reference to model object like it by using 3D Studio max .. = convert the drawing to 3D object . ?

Best Wishes =)
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That would be awesome, have at it.
Skyray3Ds's avatar
Skyray3Ds General Artist
Thanx a lot dear :hug: ...

just make a look here [link]

Best Wishes
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Damn that's a sweet design. That's one hell of a Galactic Warship. Looks like it suffered some nasty damage from that last fight.

In short; absolutely sweet - I wish I could design ships and stuff.
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Thank you very much!
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SindreAHNProfessional General Artist
That was a big machine :-)
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SindreAHNProfessional General Artist
That was a big machine :-)
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Whoa... I would NOT want to be in the line of fire on that thing. It looks ... terrifying. Nice job on it though. It does totally rock. :)
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Thank you!
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oh wow thats pretty cool! - surprised i missed it before :P
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