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Fusion Core -Updated-

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Here's the fusion core in most of it's glory. I decided just to finish the inner part and forget about the surrounding area. Anyway, this powerplant is called a Ceilus Reactor and is used to power forges used to make single piece ship hulls. The reactor is very powerful and is really in a class by itself. It has 4 fusion chambers and 8 incoming fuel injection units. This much power is needed in order to keep the forges fully powered without powersurges or drops in power so that temperatures are kept stable and the forged metal doesn't crack or warp under thermal stress.

This has been in progress for quite a while now, mainly because I lost interest in it. So for the last 5 weeks I've worked on it on and off. I hope you guys like it though :)
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horaciosiStudent Digital Artist
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nasghar-the-greatHobbyist Digital Artist
love every peice of it, cant resist the temptation, ive gotta start modelling this one right away! lol very nice!
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I love that it looks like each part has its purpose and would work. Nice job!
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You've got a talent ;] x
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Pure awesome, this is going in my favorites
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Well done mate. Great design.
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Absolutely stunning!
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your perspective and lighting are really really good
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Thank you.
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khengHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome details and shading. nice work =D
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Thank you
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great retouch
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I thought so :D thanks!
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Great curves on those edges!
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Thank you much.
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Wow... I'm soo jealous! I want to beable to draw space ships and robots soooo badly and I absoloutly suck at them. :( Very nice work on this sir. Makes me want to go draw a space ship. *Gets out pensil*
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I know that everyone loves the detail, but to portrey the size of these objects you could put even more in. If you want of course.

at the moment it could just be a close-up of a micro battery. - provided the number wasnt there. and something else like another one man craft would help too.

I like it though, good work.
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I thought about doing a few ships running around, but I was getting bored with the picture so I decided just to call it complete. Thanks though
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TDBK Digital Artist
Wow!! Excellent detail!! This looks great! :)
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Wow, thanks for the +fav, means a lot coming from the Mechwarrior lol.
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TDBK Digital Artist
lol! Really it's good though man! ;)
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By the matrix... its beautiful

You nailed the lighting down perfectly. I agree with Ixat about the straight lines... but why should I complain, I rarely use it myself :p But damn, the detail on this just blows me away. What I'd like to know is the dimensions of this behemoth.
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Off the top of my head...the core cylindar is about 30-40ft long. The height from the bottom beam to the top is about 100-150ft.
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