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General and Rules

:groups: What is StArt Faire? StArt Faire is an online monthly comic magazine with an emphasis on fantasy themed comics appropriate for people 13 and older. It was created by an artist for other artists and fans of comics as a non-profit project that aspires to unite artists in a collaborative effort to bring the concept of the Japanese comic magazine to an international and online format.

:groups: What is the purpose of the group: Our group on deviantArt is a platform for which artists on deviantArt are able to interact not only with the StArt Faire team, but also interact with each other. While a lot of our promotion is garnered to our Exclusive Artists, we have also provided several areas in this group for everyone to participate in. We want to see everyone’s comics grow, and hope our platform spreads awareness of the promotion opportunity the magazine itself represents~!

:deviantart: Global Rules:

:bulletorange: PG-13 submissions only
:bulletorange: Be nice to one another. Anyone caught being unreasonably mean-spirited will be banned. :(
:bulletorange: We reserve the right to reject any submission/application intended for publication in the magazine.

:deviantart: Folder Information & Rules:

:bulletblue: For Exclusive Magazine artists only.
:bulletblue: Submissions for the folder may be anything related to your magazine comic; no limitations outside global rules.

Mirrored Comic Artists:
:bulletblue: For Mirrored Comic artists only.
:bulletblue: Submissions for the folder may be anything related to your magazine comic; no limitations outside global rules.

Magazine Submissions
:bulletblue: A folder those wishing to have their comics, articles, or other acceptable content appear in StArt Faire.
:bulletblue: You must be able to adhere to our guidelines for whichever category is appropriate (please see our About Us page).
:bulletblue: You may submit up to three pieces for evaluation (Mirrored and Featured submissions are advised to have links to other pages in the deviation descriptions).
:bulletblue: If you submit to this folder, it’d be appreciated if you sent the club a note specifying which category you want to submit your work to.

Exclusive Comic Fanart
:bulletblue: A folder for those to submit fanart based on any of our Exclusive Comics in StArt Faire
:bulletblue: There are no limitations outside global rules, but claiming the characters/story/etc. as your own will not be tolerated.

Comic Promotion
:bulletblue: A folder for those to promote their comics (or related) without desiring to be in the magazine.
:bulletblue: Pieces must be standalone works related to your comic; no comic pages (covers will be acceptable).

Collaboration Requests
:bulletblue: A folder for those who want to advertise their search for collaborators
:bulletblue: Can be submitted as journals

Favourites Folder
:bulletblue: For Exclusive Artists only.
:bulletblue: Submissions may be related to any comic the artist has created outside of the magazine

Gallery Folders

Iris portrait by CalimonGraal
Beach Fun by CalimonGraal
A Mercenary and his Boss by CalimonGraal
A peaceful night by CalimonGraal
Mirrored Comic Artists
Halloween! by EmmaItoh
Japan 2017 by EmmaItoh
Hey, I kinda like you by EmmaItoh
Valentine's Day by EmmaItoh
Magazine Submissions
Exclusive Comic Fanart
StArt Faire Discord Secret Santa - Taliya by EmmaItoh
Tori Headshot - My Dad is a Magical Girl Fanart by RebelVampire
My Dad Is A Magical Girl - Terry [fanart] by CalimonGraal
CoF - Jamie's Mom Fanart by RebelVampire
Comic Promotion
[Macrocosm Enigma] TRAILER - 1 by celestialsuniverse
Collaboration Requests


Hello everyone~!  Issue 20 is officially out now!   We have 288 pages of content to offer this issue~!  Please be sure to check it all out~! ;)

Thank you everyone who contributed and thank you to everyone who supports the awesome creators who submit~!  Please remember to share it with as many people as possible~!

>>Issue 20<<<

Please also remember that you can further help out StArt Faire by taking our survey.  

>>>StArt Faire Survey<<<

As per usual, we're accepting submissions already for Issue 21.  However, please note that submissions for Mirrored Comics are currently closed.

The deadline for Issue 21 is going to be November 29th, 2017, so please mark that date on your calendars~!  You can check out our submissions page below for more information and please feel free to message us with any questions~!


If you would like to help support StArt Faire, please consider donating to our Patreon~!  Funds from the Patreon help us offset the webhosting costs so that we can keep the magazine going.  Any donations are appreciated and thank you all for being such an awesome part of StArt Faire~!

>>>StArt Faire Patreon<<<

Lastly, please make sure to come join our Discord Server to chat with other comic enthusiasts and the StArt Faire team~!

>>>StArt Faire on Discord<<<

That is all we have for today and we hope everyone has a fantastic day~!
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