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003 Shaunther Artwork

By stARTboi-8
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INALLY! Dandeline has evolved into "Shaunther" the "Reaper" pokémon and the final stage of "Meowseed", it's also the 003 pokémon of the Aster pokedex.
Type: Grass/ Dark
Height: 6'11" 2.1 m
Weight: 436.5 lbs. 198.0 kg
Ability: Overgrow/Insectivorous (Your HP will increase for each Bug type attack that hits you) .


Shaunther is based off a black panther, it's sigilous, wicked and very slicker, uses the giant venus flytrap that has as a tail to catch it's food. It lives on the jungles and forest, sometimes they fall asleep on the bigger branch they find, it's very hard to domesticate this pokemons, that's why it's easier to had it since it's a little "meowseed" so, once it evolves it's going to be more domestic than wildy.

It also learns a brand new attack called "Venus Fang". wich is a double type attack

It evolves at level 36.
Hope you like it. .

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ATLAS0008New Deviant

How much for a commission

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RodrykeStudent General Artist

good deisgn, but too uncreative

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Looks awesome and legit!!! Looks like a fusion of the lemur Pokemon (forgot the name), Yveltal, Incineroar, and Carnavine. (If I misspelled, forgive me.)
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PokeXMasterHobbyist General Artist
the lemur is called Passimian
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PokeXMasterHobbyist General Artist
your welcome
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As awesome as this is, the sad fact of the matter is this is all it'll ever be--an awesome design. We're liking it and talking about it now, but, sooner or later, people aren't going to talk about it anymore, and it'll be nothing more than just another image on the site as more Fakemon and more art in general gets uploaded.
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I thought if enough people favorited it Nintendo was forced to put it in the next game. :(
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Yeah, not going to happen.
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Then what are people posting these for? There's no way they're just making them because they enjoy doing it and hope that other people will be able to enjoy their art, too... :(
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Stabbler447Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's...exactly why people are doing it
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Yeah, that doncetus guy (who I guess has deleted his account now) didn't seem to get that. :P
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Stabbler447Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, i mean he was right lol
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I think you might have gotten confused by the conversation. ;P Unless you do think that drawing Fakemon is totally pointless and no one should do it, which was his point.
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SkyMegaLucarioStudent Artist
This is one badass fakemon. :0 I love it.
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Wow it's a beautiful fakemon :D
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ColorPixieHobbyist General Artist
i trust him...
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FrozenFeatherHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow interesting one!
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