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009 Keytaurus Artwork by stARTboi-8 009 Keytaurus Artwork :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 214 3 006 Sparkbbit Artwork by stARTboi-8 006 Sparkbbit Artwork :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 113 8 003 Shaunther Artwork by stARTboi-8 003 Shaunther Artwork :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 315 15 119 Valamow Artwork by stARTboi-8 119 Valamow Artwork :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 139 6 026. Heyshroom Artwork by stARTboi-8 026. Heyshroom Artwork :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 113 2 026. Heyshroom Artwork1 by stARTboi-8 026. Heyshroom Artwork1 :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 107 1 025. Mupettite Artwork by stARTboi-8 025. Mupettite Artwork :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 126 5 024. Bopettite Artwork by stARTboi-8 024. Bopettite Artwork :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 89 1 068. Bralance Artwork by stARTboi-8 068. Bralance Artwork :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 113 6 065 Swedusa Artwork by stARTboi-8 065 Swedusa Artwork :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 191 7 064 Gorgeyes Artwork by stARTboi-8 064 Gorgeyes Artwork :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 155 6 Gym Leader Cardi B by stARTboi-8 Gym Leader Cardi B :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 142 5 Gym Leader SZA by stARTboi-8 Gym Leader SZA :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 109 8 Gym Leader Bruno Mars by stARTboi-8 Gym Leader Bruno Mars :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 104 8 Gym Leader Ed Sheeran by stARTboi-8 Gym Leader Ed Sheeran :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 111 8 Gym Leader Lady Gaga by stARTboi-8 Gym Leader Lady Gaga :iconstartboi-8:stARTboi-8 150 12


Captain America fan art by Ardinaryas Captain America fan art :iconardinaryas:Ardinaryas 480 22 [COM B10.01] Brandon by zephleit [COM B10.01] Brandon :iconzephleit:zephleit 317 70 ALPACOTT by Wabatte-Meru ALPACOTT :iconwabatte-meru:Wabatte-Meru 177 15 SASQOOT by GregAndrade SASQOOT :icongregandrade:GregAndrade 203 16 SCROZION and EISECORPS by GregAndrade SCROZION and EISECORPS :icongregandrade:GregAndrade 284 24 COVERITE by GregAndrade COVERITE :icongregandrade:GregAndrade 377 62 Happy Halloween! by hydaria Happy Halloween! :iconhydaria:hydaria 360 15 WEVEAN LEGS by GregAndrade WEVEAN LEGS :icongregandrade:GregAndrade 173 22 008 - POLLAVOAR by GregAndrade 008 - POLLAVOAR :icongregandrade:GregAndrade 303 12 035 - FURAFLARE by GregAndrade 035 - FURAFLARE :icongregandrade:GregAndrade 204 15 .: Garden Head by Picolo-kun .: Garden Head :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 5,219 162 90's kids by Picolo-kun 90's kids :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 19,086 344 Itro: Chaos and Order by Roxoah Itro: Chaos and Order :iconroxoah:Roxoah 86 0 223 Zedakazm Imprisoned by zerudez 223 Zedakazm Imprisoned :iconzerudez:zerudez 1,066 78 CALLEEPONE by GregAndrade CALLEEPONE :icongregandrade:GregAndrade 393 39



009 Keytaurus Artwork
INALLY! Your Waterfaun has evolved into "Keytaurus" the "Soul Catcher" pokémon and the final stage of "Pifawn", it's also the 009 pokémon of the Aster pokedex.
Type: Water/ Ghost 💀💦💙
Height: 6'07" 2.0 m
Weight: 440.9 lbs. 200.0 kg
Ability: Torrent/Soul Catcher(Soul-Catcher raises the user's Special Attack and Special defense by one stage every time a Pokémon in the area faints) .


Keytaurus is a centaur based-off pokémon.They live inside the forest and appears everytime a trainer or pokemon is lost in it, the sound that emites through it's flute is used to recolect spirits of people or pokemon that died inside the forest, and help them to find their way to the eternal rest.
It has a new special move called "Lake Chords" which can increase the power of water-type attacks only if it is used before.

It evolves at level 37.
Hope you like it. .

For more art follow me on ig:
006 Sparkbbit Artwork
FINALLY! Flashare has evolved into "Sparkbbit" the "Burstbunny" pokémon and the final stage of "Flamaru" , it's also the 006 pokémon of the Aster pokedex.
Type: Fire/ Electric
Height: 5'11" 1.8 m
Weight: 436.5 lbs. 198.0 kg
Ability: Blaze/Rabbit's foot (Can avoid Rock and Earth type attacks, also increase your accuracy)
PS: obvi is based on The Flash 😂


Sparkbbit is a bipedal, rabbit Pokémon with a muscular build. It has a red suit of fur that covers almost all of it's body, a black mask that contrast with it's dark eyes , and large, pointed ears that are shaped like thunfers. 
This pokémon it's extremadely fast and has an heroic heart, in fact it likes to go out at night to patrol the streets of the cities looking for criminals and pokemon with bad actions. The sparks that generate it's feets can make incredible fire propulsions that feed the rocket that has in it's tail.

It evolves at level 35.
Hope you like it. 🔥⭐🙏
003 Shaunther Artwork
INALLY! Dandeline has evolved into "Shaunther" the "Reaper" pokémon and the final stage of "Meowseed", it's also the 003 pokémon of the Aster pokedex.
Type: Grass/ Dark
Height: 6'11" 2.1 m
Weight: 436.5 lbs. 198.0 kg
Ability: Overgrow/Insectivorous (Your HP will increase for each Bug type attack that hits you) .


Shaunther is based off a black panther, it's sigilous, wicked and very slicker, uses the giant venus flytrap that has as a tail to catch it's food. It lives on the jungles and forest, sometimes they fall asleep on the bigger branch they find, it's very hard to domesticate this pokemons, that's why it's easier to had it since it's a little "meowseed" so, once it evolves it's going to be more domestic than wildy.

It also learns a brand new attack called "Venus Fang". wich is a double type attack

It evolves at level 36.
Hope you like it. .

For more art follow me on IG:
119 Valamow Artwork
meet a new Legendary Pokemon of the aster region
This is "Valamow" the "Desire" pokemon
It appears every time it feels the "love" in the air.
A shot from his arrow can make you brave enough to express every hidden feeling you have.
It's new ability "Love Shot" has two different effects.
In a normal battle it can make the enemy fall in love with you instantly.
In a double battle it can make that one of the 2 enemies fall in love with its comrade, and everytime it sends you an attack, it deviates to it's mate team. .

for more art follow me on ig:
026. Heyshroom Artwork
Congrats! Your "Mupettite" has evolved into "Heyshroom"
the "Gourmet " pokémon and the 025 of the Aster region Pokedex 
Type: Fighting/Poison
Height: 5'03" 1.6 m
Weight: 124.3 lbs. 56.4 kg
Ability: Justified / Corrosion
Unlike its counterpart, she likes to fight for what is good. Her sword releases poison from the tip and her shield can regenerate with moisture.
This one along with it's counterpart are always female.
It evolves at level 32.

for more art follow me on ig:


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