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bokeh brush

By starsys
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actually this is photoshop brush but it's been use in a Gimp tut...check it out here..


and this is my result using the brush..

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Thanks a lot for your brush and great tutorial(s)!
Used here…
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Here is what I created quite fast enough.

I had some problem with the white becoming blue-green instead of white...
Also for the parameters of the brush, best is to create a new dynamic preference to be able to change them.

<img src="[link]" alt="Dark blue bokeh by BiJNoK" />
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Thanks ! I'm gonna try your bokeh effect and combine it with the end of the "cool shape" tutorial.
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These brushes are absolutely amazing. The tut was helpful too, I being able to actually get it right on the first try.
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o.o I've been trying to make your bokeh effect and I say it looks great.
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I saw your tutorial. And I'm downloading this brush.
THanks for both .:D
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looks interesting ....thanks
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Thank you for this brush and tutorial.
Love it, Thanks
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But, what do you do with it?? Came up with a weird link for me.
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Thanks you so much
I like it
it's great
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We just featured this brush on our site Digital Ink Magazine in our 50 free gimp brushes, here is the link to the article, great work by the way keep it up
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Thanks so much for this brush! Here's what I did following the tutorial: [link]
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Thank you so much! The tut was really cool and helpful!
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Thanks for the brushes.^^

Also, Your Bokeh Wallpaper tutorial helped a lot. :D
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I used your brushes here : [link] ^^
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Don't put it in the GIMP brush category if it's a PS brush >:(
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okay now I feel stupid i found it
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wait how do we get the brush? which link is it?????
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Beautiful *w*! Thanks!!
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Your tutorial about Bokeh wallpaper was very useful, thanks!
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