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Escape Velocity Nova:  United Galactic Federation
Preambles, Part I

-57 Galactic Standard Date (1179 New Calendar) –– A team of scientists under astrophysicist Dr. Jerry O'Donnell launches an exploratory probe from Kont.  Due to budget constraints, the probe is built from a military surplus Federation recon probe.

-46 GSD (1190 NC) –– Dr. Paul Pentecost is elected to office of President of the Federation.  Commander Roberta Krane, Director of the Bureau of Internal Investigation, is convicted of treason and crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by lethal injection.  The Bureau is dissolved.

All Vell-os are believed to have merged with the universe.  Rumors remain of Vell-os communities in central Federation space.

Heraan deposes Moash and becomes the First House.

-11 GSD –– Having mistaken the O'Donnell team's probe for a military scout, the Anz'kalarad Principalities attack the Auroran Empire from the direction of the Kontik System.  The Tekel House repels the first incursion with heavy casualties.

-10 GSD –– Second Anz'kalarad invasion.  The Tekel House is destroyed and all its planets and stations occupied.  The Polaris fortify their southern border and give carte blanc to the Nil'kemorya in event of invasion by Anz'kalarad forces.

-9 GSD –– The Anz'kalarads smash the outer Dani defenses and attack the Dani homeworld, destroying its hypergate and crippling the Dani House, which surrenders.  Meanwhile, another Anz'kalarad battle group attacks Port Kane and severely damages the station, then begins raiding nearby systems, indiscriminately attacking military and civilian vessels alike.  The Federation Congress issues a declaration of war against the alien invaders and authorizes President van Buren to begin a draft.

-8 GSD –– Federal spies intercept critical Anz'kalarad intelligence indicating an imminent offensive against Heraan.  They send a battle group under Admiral Raczak which assists in the first decisive victory against the invaders, though Raczak himself perishes.

Later that year, a Heraani fleet led by their new Thurokiir, Varen Harsimili "KarHallarn" Yalandas (an Orion, one of the Anz'kalarad slave races), returns the favor by repelling a strike at the Sol System.  President van Buren awards her the Medal of Honor.

-7 GSD –– The Treaty of Viking is signed, officially allying Aurora with Earth.  The Anz'kalarad Principalities bring up reinforcements to invade Polaris.  The Nil'kemorya suffer heavy casualties but succeed in repelling the invasion thanks to a lucky torpedo shot by Iuso, which destroys the command tower of the Anz'kalarad flagship.

The Aurora System falls, but the Anz'kalarad fleet is too badly weakened to pursue the fleeing Aurorans.

The year ends with the war in a bloody stalemate on every front.

-6 GSD –– Federation brings up fresh troops and new versions of its vessels.  With generous bribes, they succeed in getting the various pirate factions to prey on the Anz'kalarads' supply lines.  Federation forces lay siege to the Kania System for two months.  Instead of surrendering, the Anz'kalarad garrison destroys the station.

A small Auroran fleet under KarHallarn makes a surprise attack into the Dani System and destroy an unfinished Anz'kalarad station and several capital ships, leaving the system easy pickings for the Dechtakar fleet which follows.  They then make several hit-and-fade strikes on nearby Anz'kalarad positions.  The Anz'kalarad commander overcompensates and leaves his stronghold on Valoria nearly undefended.  A Federation fleet quickly takes advantage of this; the new E-50 destroyers and E-70 carriers demonstrate their worth, reducing the Anz'kalarad base to little more than a radioactive crater.

The Anz'kalarads withdraw to Tekel space as the year ends.

-5 GSD –– A combined Auroran-Federation fleet attacks Tekel space to drive out the invaders, following up on intelligence that appeared to indicate a weakness in the Anz'kalarad positions in the Tekel Over System.  They fall into a trap masterminded by Yanzo, the young Prince of Anz'moria; 79% of the human fleet is destroyed.  Yanzo's forces strike back and once again take over Dani space and the Aurora System.

Yanzo invades Heraani space.  KarHallarn, however, takes an unusual tactic.  She meets him in person on Aurora and rightly accuses him of orchestrating massacres of Auroran and Federation civilians.  He challenges her to an honor duel; she kills him.  Bereft of its leadership, the Anz'kalarad thrust quickly collapses, but the human forces are too badly weakened to take advantage of this.

-4 GSD –– Iuso leads a Nil'kemorya strike force to a decisive victory in the Cworn System, then is forced to fall back when the Anz'kalarads strike behind the lines at Nil'pesetra.  KarHallarn and Heraan Mundokiir Kuron divide the remaining Auroran forces into four fleets, each led by one of the surviving mundokiirs with one of the precious Thunderforges as his or her flagship.  KarHallarn herself takes the Thunderforge prototype Thor's Hammer on a secret expedition into Anz'kalarad space in an attempt to foment rebellion among her fellow Orions.

Federation General Riley Smart masterminds a wildly successful special forces operation to sabotage the Anz'kalarad defenses at Dani Evera; the subsequent Federal attack retakes the system with minimal casualties.  The fleet then joins with Vella Mundokiir Tazkarm to shatter the already beleaguered Anz'kalarad battle group holding the Dani System.

A pirate fleet under the command of Edward "Redhand Ed" Marlowe attacks and destroys a series of major Anz'kalarad supply convoys, leading to the collapse of the Anz'kalarad defense in the Vega System.

-3 GSD –– Orion slaves in the Orion System rebel under the leadership of KarHallarn and her warriors, slaughtering their overlords and commandeering several ships.  The rebellion spreads quickly throughout the Orion Nebula as the hitherto broken slave race rallies to the banner of freedom.

Redhand Ed's gang attacks an Anz'kalarad munitions convoy, but is wiped out by the Anz'kalarad battleships escorting it.  The now-damaged convoy, however, runs afoul of a Dechtakar patrol and is destroyed.

Iuso is mortally wounded in a battle in the Fallen System, but his subordinates nevertheless defeat the Anz'kalarads.  The surviving Polaris vessels withdraw to their own borders.

Kuron and Admiral Tomas Rodriguez attack and retake the Tekel Reeva System with heavy losses on both sides.  Anz'kalarad reinforcements besiege them.

An Anz'kalarad force attacks the Dani System but is repulsed by Tazkarm's fleet.

-2 GSD –– On New Year's, Tazkarm and Dechtakar leader Hune break the siege at Tekel Reeva, then retake the Tekel System.

The Orion rebels, armed with captured Anz'kalarad vessels, invade the Principalities under the leadership of KarHallarn and their formerly exiled monarch, Archduke Janus Valtemnar Warcrad.  The Anz'kalarads are forced to redirect forces from the warfront to battle the rebels.  This leads to a rapid series of human victories, culminating in Admiral Rodriguez' occupation of the Kontik System.  He then consolidates the human forces and invades the Anz'viridia System.

The Orions issue an official Declaration of Independence and dub themselves the Orion League.  KarHallarn routs the Anz'kalarads at Anz'matarin, then joins with the main human fleet to attack enemy positions in the Anz'vatrin System.  The human fleet is at the doorstep of the Anz'kalar System as the year ends.

-1 GSD –– The humans attack the Anz'kalar System, but the elite Homeworld Defenders rout them with only light Anz'kalarad casualties.  The war stalemates as each side makes probing attacks against the other to little change in the situation.

The Orion League coordinates with the human fleet for a gradual advance through the Anz'kalar System.  Over a period of four months, the Allied fleet island-hops from one planetoid or moon to the next, occupying and securing each one in turn.  The Homeworld Defenders only make token attacks against the Allied positions, choosing to focus their considerable energies on fortifying the planet Kalar itself.

The Alliance makes an abortive attack on Kalar to cover the insertion of Federal commandos.  They proceed to knock out the main Anz'kalarad orbital fortress, crippling the Homeworld Defenders and opening the way for the real attack which follows.  The Anz'kalarad fleet is destroyed, and the Principalities surrender.

The source and reason for the probe which instigated the war becomes the source of considerable consternation at the peace conference on New Ireland.  Dr. O'Donnell is widely rumored to have died of alcohol poisoning after the news, though he had in fact died in his sleep several years before.

0 GSD –– The Federation, Auroran Empire, Orion League, and Anz'kalarad Principalities sign the Treaty of New Ireland, uniting the four governments into the United Powers League.  The Polaris are mysteriously absent from the conference.  A subsequent investigation, expecting that the diplomatic courier had been attacked by pirates, instead reveals that a hyperspace rift had developed between Polaran space and the rest of the Milky Way.  This rift remains to the present day.

History books call the conflict the United Powers War.

3 GSD –– Viking-born Xavier Rosenberg marries the eldest daughter of the minor Sicilian mafia clan, the Salvatore Famiglia.  He begins making changes in the organization that vastly improve their standing in the mafia.

5 GSD –– Having become padron of the Salvatore Famiglia following the sudden death of his father-in-law, Xavier Rosenberg opens the clan's first off-world operations on New England in the Wolf 359 System.

32 GSD –– The UPL's National Police Agency investigates a string of political assassinations in Sol Sector and declares Xavier Rosenberg to be Public Enemy Number One.  Rosenberg flees Earth with most of his clan, now calling itself the Rosenberg Famiglia, and reestablishes his operations in the Northwestern Colonies region.

47 GSD –– A group of Auroran, Terran, and Orion entrepreneurs founds the starship construction firm Merlin Starcraft Corporation on Codec in the Codehaven System.  For its first design, it purchases the plans of Matt Burch's unique Kestrel cruiser, and begins producing them.

70 GSD –– Seeking a new source of income, Xavier Rosenberg's son Gabriel hires a former student of pirate shipwrights Olaf Greyshoulders and Owen Greylock, and begins constructing modified variants of common ship designs in the UPL.

120 GSD –– Three UPL colony ships overshoot their destination and crash-land in the remote Betelgeuse Sector.  The survivors begin colonizing nearby worlds, and sign the Treaty of Betelgeuse II, forming the Betelgeuse Confederacy.

135 GSD –– An advance in ansible technology allows the Betelgeuse Confederacy to restore contact with the UPL.  The Confederacy refuses to rejoin the alliance, however, preferring their independence.

160 GSD –– A Confederate freighter convoy encounters hostile aliens on the outskirts of Betelgeuse Sector.  A distress call brings aid from yet another nonhuman government, the Corunian Planetary Alliance.  The Corunians rescue the freighters, then identify the enemy as the Kyrzakagalans, a nomadic race with a distinct warrior culture.

162 GSD –– Diplomatic efforts with the Kyrzakagalans are judged a failure, and the Confederacy and the CPA sign a mutual defense pact.

172 GSD –– A Kyrzakagalan surprise attack against the Confederate capital city on Betelgeuse II kills half a million civilians.  The Confederate Parliament votes no confidence in the prime minister and orders martial law throughout their territory.  They call on the Corunians to back them in fighting the Kyrzakagalans.

178 GSD –– After six years of war, the Kyrzakagalans are driven out of Confederate space.

Confederate Prime Minister Lance Bergstrom declares himself president for life, securing his position using his command over the Confederate Navy, and orders the Parliament dissolved permanently.

The Confederacy mutates into an oppressive police state.

185 GSD –– Confederate Admiral Tavar Marza, an Anz'kalarad, executes a coup d'etat against Bergstrom and kills him.  He orders the creation of the Department of Public Investigation, a tool of repression with its own military.  The Marza regime becomes more oppressive than Bergstrom's ever was.

186 GSD –– After duranium miners on Kalvar go on strike, Admiral Marza orders the DPI to "crush them."  A devastating orbital bombardment ignites Kalvar's atmosphere, leaving the planet lifeless.

This act spawns a full-scale revolt against the Confederacy on the outlying world Luminous, and causes the CPA to break off all relations with the Confederacy.  The rebels seize a fleet of warships from Luminous' orbital shipyards and fortify the system against any attack.  They declare themselves the Twin Stars Alliance, after the binary system in which their home planet lies.

195 GSD –– A Kyrzakagalan chieftain inadvertently helps the Alliance when he raids a Confederate munitions convoy.

The UPL Congress declares itself neutral.  The Orion League, however, threatens to secede unless the federal government intervenes.  The Aurorans join them in opposing the neutrality decision.

Lady Tavina Eraken "Hya'kar" Vorian, Thurokiir of Heraan and granddaughter of United Powers War-era Thurokiir KarHallarn, orders her warriors to prepare for war.  She issues a statement to Congress, saying she will act on her own, with or without their consent.

196 GSD –– The CPA begins covertly supplying munitions to the Twin Stars Alliance.  A major battle in the Theta Rigel System gives the Alliance its first major decisive victory.

After several months of debate, the UPL Congress declares war on the Betelgeuse Confederacy, and orders Sigma Shipyards to configure the Koria System hypergate for one-way transit to the Twin Stars System.

197 GSD –– The UPL deploys several battle groups to Luminous through the Koria hypergate.

With UPL aid, the Twin Stars Navy quickly becomes a force to be reckoned with.

201 GSD –– After ten weeks of preparation, the CPA launches a full-scale invasion of the Confederacy.  The Alliance and UPL launch their own offensive the next day.

204 GSD –– The Alliance demolishes the headquarters of the DPI and captures Omicron Orionis II, a major factory world.  They are unable to hold the system for long, however, and retreat with almost a million metric tons of stolen supplies.

An odd side note to the war occurs when a Kyrzakagalan tribe tries to raid the Twin Stars System and runs straight into the main UPL fleet.

205 GSD –– Sans DPI, the Confederacy's defense quickly collapses.  Its inner systems fall like dominoes, leaving Betelgeuse open to attack.  As the allies close in, Admiral Marza commits suicide.

206 GSD –– The UPL, CPA, Alliance, and the remainder of the Confederacy sign the Treaty of New China and form the Milky Way Union.  The capital moves from Earth to Luminous.

504 GSD –– The first contact with the Balcrusian Empire.  The Balcrusians and MWU sign a mutual noninterference pact.

700 GSD –– Kyrzakagalan warlord Qua-Lak-Mura unites most of the tribes and invades Union space, capturing several systems before the Union can respond.

701 GSD –– By clever use of a black hole, Union Admiral Janice O'Brien succeeds in trapping Qua-Lak-Mura and killing him and most of his best warriors.  The tribal coalition, essentially Qua-Lak-Mura's personality cult, quickly collapses, and the Union drives the Kyrzakagalans back to their own borders.

857 GSD –– The first contact with the Varellavite Imperium results in a brief border war, which ends in a negotiated peace.

900 GSD –– A hypergate powerful enough to connect galaxies is developed.  Explorers sent through to the Andromeda Galaxy make contact with the Meridian Star Republic, which asks them for aid against a massive droid rebellion led by an AI called QRC-A51.  The Union deploys a fleet to aid the MSR.  Upon the robots' defeat, the Treaty of Earth is signed, which unites the Union with the Republic to form the United Galactic Federation.

The Balcrusian Empire is overthrown by socialist rebels, who declare the Balcrusian People's Republic.  Nearly a million Balcrusians flee to the UGF.

925 GSD –– The UGF makes contact with the planet Malek Prime, originally settled in -5 GSD by human refugees from the United Powers War.  The Senate makes an offer of membership to the technologically backward Malekites, but the theocratic Malekite government, reacting from fear of the nonhumans within the Galactic ranks, refuses them and tells the Galactics to vacate the Malek System.  The Galactics leave them an ansible relay in case they change their minds.

929 GSD –– The United Galactic Stock Exchange loses 68 trillion credits' worth of shares in a single day, all but shattering the Galactic economy.  Manufacturing companies are hit especially hard, and Sigma Shipyards goes bankrupt and is bought up by Republic Heavy Engineering and the Terran Engineering Corporation.  The ancient hypergate system, bereft of Sigma Shipyards' maintenance personnel, begins to deteriorate.

930 GSD –– The United Galactic High Council issues Directive #103905, chartering the United Galactic Hypergate Authority to get the hypergate system back in repair.

Republic Party nominee Ul'kan'sheenee wins the presidential election in a landslide and begins taking measures to restore the crippled economy.

935 GSD –– The first contact with the Ganbar Empire.  Trade agreements are signed, and the Galactic economy starts to recover from the Depression.

938 GSD –– Following a series of pirate raids in Delphi Sector costing thousands of lives and millions of credits in damage, the United Galactic Navy dispatches the Ninth Battle Group to mount a full-scale attack against the Rosenberg Famiglia's headquarters in the NGC-1003 System.  The Rosenbergs and their pirate and mercenary allies hand the UGN its most lopsided and unexpected defeat ever, destroying 103 capital ships and thousands of fighters.  The death toll is catastrophic and includes Ninth Fleet's CO, Admiral Taldee Pa'rem.  Following this disaster, the UGF decides to combat the mafia with judicial means.

945 GSD –– A horrific civil war breaks out in the Malek System between loyalists to the theocratic government and revolutionaries seeking closer ties with the UGF.  Thousands of civilians lose their lives to death squads from both sides.  In March, a teenager named Ian Flaherty gains access to the Galactic ansible relay and calls for help.

The United Galactic Senate assesses the situation and decides that both sides are to blame for the bloodshed.  The Department of Defense dispatches the United Galactic Navy's Fifth Battle Group to the Malek System.  A series of precision airstrikes, followed by over a hundred divisions of Galactic Marines, brings the civil war to a screeching halt.  High Lord Isaac Kervorkian and Archbishop Norman Kramer flee the system with five divisions of loyalist troops.

The Malek Prime provisional governor signs a bill accepting the UGF's twenty-year-old offer of membership.

960 GSD –– Deli-Kav-Patil, third son of a Kyrzakagalan chieftain, orchestrates the murder of his father and brothers, and unites a coalition of tribes under his leadership.  Using guerilla tactics to avoid the far-better-equipped Galactic Navy, his warriors rampage through several sectors.

961 GSD –– The Kyrzakagalans launch a bold raid deep into Galactic space and destroy 80 billion credits' worth of shipping before the Galactic Navy manages to drive them back.  This inadvertently spurs development of much faster hyperdrives for Galactic warships.

The Kyrzakagalans destroy three border colonies.  The Senate orders a full-scale attack to put an end to the raids.

962 GSD –– Using a munitions convoy as bait, the UGN's Fourth Fleet catches an entire Kyrzakagalan tribe in the Kalvar System and wipes it out.  Retaliatory raids leave five thousand people dead in nearby systems.

A Galactic commando team assassinates warlord Deli-Kav-Patil and cut the heart out of the Kyrzakagalan coalition.  The Fourth Fleet follows and scores a decisive victory, scattering the Kyrzakagalan tribes.

968 GSD –– The Gryphon's Children rebel faction forms in the Varellavite Imperium.  Their goal is to curb the rising power of the Varellan Masterminds (a cabal of military tacticians and scientists), and return power to the Emperor and Parliament.

Kilgore Pharmaceuticals patents the antidepressant Covora for prescription use by humans and a few other species.  A rampant and unfortunate black market in "stardust" develops when its narcotic effects on several other species, like Anz'kalarads, Orions, and Telahorians, become common knowledge.

A coalition of interests in Balcrusian space rebels against the repressive BPR.

969 GSD –– The Balcrusian rebellion is brutally suppressed by the Scimitars, a paramilitary organization under the control of the War and Security Councils.  Over 30 million refugees -- one percent of the BPR's total population -- are granted asylum in the UGF.

972 GSD –– The Varellavite Imperium fights a two-month war with the UGF, which ends in a Galactic victory and a generous peace treaty readily endorsed by both governments.

977 GSD –– The Baticlearan Federal Republic joins the UGF.

990 GSD –– The Kobor, a religious sect in the Ganbar Empire led by the prophet Miloz Kavat, petition the Imperial Parliament to grant independence to their sector.  The Imperial Parliament initially agrees to allow the Kobors a measure of independence from Gan, until a group of radical Kobors, seeking a complete severing of ties, assassinate several prominent Members of Parliament in a speeder-bomb attack.  Several million Kobor refugees flee to the UGF ahead of a wave of retaliatory terrorism.  The Ganbar Imperial Fleet is called in and suppresses the so-called Kobor Insurrection with a series of surgical strikes against the radicals' strongholds.  Miloz Kavat flees to the UGF with his wife and children.

991 GSD –– Ganbar Emperor Tazzo demands that the UGF extradite Kavat in order to prosecute him for high treason.  The Galactic Senate overwhelmingly votes against extradition; President Solara Tanam says that Kavat was not responsible for the Kobor Insurrection.  An enraged Emperor Tazzo recalls most of the embassy staff from Luminous, leaving only a token diplomatic presence to keep communications open.  A Ganba commando force attempts to spirit Kavat away, but is thwarted by a SWAT team from the United Galactic Bureau of Investigation.  Border skirmishes between the UGN and GIF become increasingly common.

995 GSD –– The first contact with the Axe-tail Star Empire ends in bloodshed; the UGF is forced to heavily fortify its northern border in the Andromeda Galaxy.  Searching for allies, the UGF encounters the Klavar Republic, and signs a mutual defense pact against the Axe-tails.

999 GSD –– The Galactic-Ganba Cold War briefly turns hot when a full-scale space battle erupts in the disputed Umber System between the UGN's Seventh Battle Group and the GIF's Second Warfleet.  After a lengthy firefight, a bold point-blank attack by a group of Ganba escort carriers forces the command ship UGNS Panther into full retreat, at the cost of ten of twelve carriers in the flotilla.  The Ganba are deemed victorious in the encounter, but attempts to follow up this success are stymied by the Galactic battlestation in the nearby Shrand System.

1000 GSD –– The UGF celebrates its centennial year.  Dr. Sayla'k Vosiu'qde, a professor of history at the University of Luminous, commemorates the event with the publishing of his tenth book, titled Diversity:  The Secret of the UGF.  It sets an unbroken record for length of time atop the bestseller list in the nonfiction category and becomes the second-highest selling book in Galactic history.

The UGF finishes long-jump hypergates on the eastern fringe of the Andromeda Galaxy and begins colonizing habitable worlds in the Small Magellanic Cloud.

1002 GSD –– The present day.
A timeline of the interval between the end of the Rebel storyline in EV Nova and the beginning of EVN:UGF in 1002 GSD. Note that it is written from the perspective of someone in the Milky Way; events in the Andromeda Galaxy are not covered until 900 GSD.

The preview image is the insignia of the United Galactic Fighter Corps.

EDIT 07/10/11: I added some events regarding the Rosenberg Famiglia, which builds pirate versions of mass-market starships.

EDIT 07/11/11: I added an event in 999 GSD involving a major border confrontation between the UGF and the Ganba.
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