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Carrack-class Light Freighter

New Netherlands Spaceworks Carrack-class Light Freighter
Civilian Cargo Vessel

New Netherlands Spaceworks' classic Carrack-class Light Freighter is one of the most popular models around. Modification is made easy by its modular construction, and its range enables it to carry large cargoes quickly and safely to all corners of the galaxy. Well armed compared to competing craft like the Kangaroo, and with a much bigger hold than the AG-4400, the Carrack has been flown for generations, and is used as a fleet tender (in modified form) by the UGN.

The Carrack actually comes in four main variants:
  • The standard Carrack (shown) is a solid example of a light freighter: carries up to 150 metric tons of cargo for up to five hyperspace jumps, has average speed, maneuverability and acceleration, has respectable defensive strength, and is armed with two heavy laser turrets.

  • The UGN fleet tender (Carrack-B) carries slightly less cargo, but has better defenses, comes with ECM, and has missiles and point-defense weaponry (Tempest-class assault cannons).

  • The Balcrusian Transport is a knockoff of the basic Carrack, but only has light weapons (a pair of Dagger-class plasma turrets) and has only basic sensors (radar display, but no mass scanner or identify-friend-foe capability or interference/murk reduction).

  • The Pirate Carrack, an illegal version of the standard Carrack (built on Black Rose Station by the Rosenberg mafia clan :blackrose:), is designed as a blockade runner and smuggling ship. I have yet to design it beyond that concept.
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DarthKev, one of my fellow EVN developers, recently compared the Carrack to a cross between the Argosy light freighter (from the original Escape Velocity) and a cruise liner. A very apt description, I think.
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The Kangaroo , unarmed? Must be a british design.
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In contrast with the Carrack, the New Aussie Design C-39 Kangaroo-class Transport is poorly armed (not totally weaponless, though), but this is mainly because of manufacturing budget constraints. (NAD has only been around for a few years, compared to almost two centuries for New Netherlands Spaceworks, and has yet to bring any more ship designs to fruition.) However, it is faster than the Carrack.

I've got nothing against Australians; I used to live in Sydney. And New Britain doesn't even have a shipyard in EVN:UGF, whereas New Australia does.
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You got a picture of it?
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Okay, the Kangaroo's up.
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I've finished the basic structure for the Kangaroo and will be texturing and posting it tonight.
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If you want a look sooner, though, the Orion Frigate is based on the Kangaroo.
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Only my concept art; I haven't modeled it yet.
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