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Just Beyond Eye-Shot
It hadn't even been a week since the earthquakes. There were six of us in the group. I met Colton first. He was bossy, but he knew how to survive. He was the leader. We accepted anyone we found into the group. I didn't catch all of their names. I was acquainted with Jeffrey, though. He was young like myself. He was an eager one. He liked to be ahead of the pack. I didn't like that, it was dangerous. Colton didn't like it either.
We'd been heading East. This part of the city was done. It was destroyed by those earthquakes. The group found a basement of a large building without too much rubble. We quickly started a fire in this chapel of destruction. All this dust made it hard to breathe, but it was infinitely better than staying out there. Not everyone in the group understood. Some of them just thought it was the earthquakes. Nothing worse. There was furniture down here. Nice couches and such. And we found water! We could settle here for a few nights.
A few hours passed. No one w
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I'm naked by StarSturdy
Mature content
I'm naked :iconstarsturdy:StarSturdy 0 13
LOL by StarSturdy LOL :iconstarsturdy:StarSturdy 0 4 B( by StarSturdy B( :iconstarsturdy:StarSturdy 0 23 La. by StarSturdy La. :iconstarsturdy:StarSturdy 1 14 Whoa by StarSturdy Whoa :iconstarsturdy:StarSturdy 3 9 Erc by StarSturdy Erc :iconstarsturdy:StarSturdy 0 2 Eric by StarSturdy Eric :iconstarsturdy:StarSturdy 0 5 I Sense Another Side by StarSturdy I Sense Another Side :iconstarsturdy:StarSturdy 2 37
The Tale that was Told
This telltale tale that has been told by many generations of tellers that were once told this tale, I will tell you. This tale is no tale to be merely talked about or spoken of. It must be told. Told from the heart. Only then can you tell this tale and only to tellers that can truly tell this tale. This is the tale of the tale that can't be spoken of. This tale that is being told can't be talked about. This is the tale of the tale that can only be told by the teller of this tale. The tale begins with a teller telling this telltale tale to a person that will, later in life, tell this tale to another future-teller of the tale. As this teller tells this tale that he is telling, his conscience tells him that he is telling the tale wrong. He begins to panic and talks about the fact that he's not telling the tale correctly. He speaks of how he cannot remember how to tell this tale completely. This was a mistake, of course. A mistake he should not have talked about. One that he should not hav
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If I had the Key to the City
I would use this key for good. I would use this key to unlock awesome and I would wreak it upon the land. It would spread amidst the world like a hybrid of a cat and a toaster pastry spreads amongst the many domains of the internet. Everyone, every last man, woman, child, turkey, and cherry blossom would vomit rainbows because the amount of epic that emits from the combination of this key and the palm of what is commonly known as "my hand".
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Somebody Out There by StarSturdy Somebody Out There :iconstarsturdy:StarSturdy 1 7
Based on a True Story
Well it's a long story so I'm gonna make it longer to add epicness, so here ya go.
Alright, basically, on May 39, all the elephants in the world turned into boulders. Now these were no ordinary boulders, oh no... they were double-stuffed boulders. The worst kind of boulder. Now these boulders, they had a plan, see? A plan to destroy the existence of burritos across America. Thus, starving the little children everywhere. But the Russians and the Philliblaxicans joined forces and defeated the Constipation Nation, therefore causing all the Boulderphants to spontaneously combust...
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Wake Up For Once by StarSturdy Wake Up For Once :iconstarsturdy:StarSturdy 2 3 The Static Comes Alive by StarSturdy The Static Comes Alive :iconstarsturdy:StarSturdy 0 9 Upsilon by StarSturdy Upsilon :iconstarsturdy:StarSturdy 5 9
Holy CRAP I'm bored!


The Land of Angol-elm by FerdinandLadera The Land of Angol-elm :iconferdinandladera:FerdinandLadera 4,759 116 Deliverance of amity by alexiuss Deliverance of amity :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 6,448 674 Rigel by AdamBurn Rigel :iconadamburn:AdamBurn 920 99 Redemption by JoeyJazz Redemption :iconjoeyjazz:JoeyJazz 793 121 The Changing of Times by synax444 The Changing of Times :iconsynax444:synax444 696 87 Chronoscape-Resurgence by alexiuss Chronoscape-Resurgence :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 4,246 363
There's probably over 9,000 pictures in here.


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