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Sliding Twilight

By StarStepPony
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This has to be my favorite of the bunch. I had no show references on which to base this so I just used scratch paper during one of my classes and planned out how a pony would slide and this is what I came up with. Really hard to get the sense of 3d movement right but I am more than happy with the final product. So if you use this or the other twilight animations I put up or modifications of them (ie turn them into another pony) in a game let me know so I can feel good that these did not go to total waste.
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I could put this in an Action Flash Movie of sorts. It's really awesome!
Like, She could slide under doors about to close--Like Mission Impossible!
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Can i make base of it?
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HMMM  anyways how was that game called or can you give me a link to any seeings of this game? pretty please? Dud emoticon #4- tehehehe ^u^ (read desc) 
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Someone needs to put a blue robot suit on Twilight.
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you stole my thunder!
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SAFE!! \^o^/
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DANGIT YOU STOLE MY LINE! this has now prompted me to create a plz account for this.
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Oh boy, I remember these! God did they make my life easier! X3
I've got a lot of projects running right now, but maybe I'll boot up another one that can use these, 'cause they're far too good to go to waste.
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That would be awesome if you did. I would dust off some of the WIP sprites and help you out if you do get one going.

I'm glad they helped you out when we were working together. I always wondered how many of these you actually saw as Beta seemed to keep everyone's work secret from each other even though we were suppose to be a team.
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