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[ Rainy Days ] [ NPC Meme ] Yoo Dante by StarsSprinkles [ Rainy Days ] [ NPC Meme ] Yoo Dante :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 2 1 [ Art Trade ] Ria Ishikawa by StarsSprinkles [ Art Trade ] Ria Ishikawa :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 6 2 [ Rainy Days ] Yoo Yejun by StarsSprinkles [ Rainy Days ] Yoo Yejun :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 9 2 [ Rainy Days ] [Bonfire] [Collab] A.L.I.E.N.S. by StarsSprinkles [ Rainy Days ] [Bonfire] [Collab] A.L.I.E.N.S. :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 4 0 s o f t doodles by StarsSprinkles s o f t doodles :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 6 4 [ Rainy Days ] Charmaine Lexington by StarsSprinkles [ Rainy Days ] Charmaine Lexington :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 6 4 Feather Duster boiiiiiiiii by StarsSprinkles Feather Duster boiiiiiiiii :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 6 1 Floop by StarsSprinkles Floop :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 6 0 [ Rainy Days ] [ Tropical Evenings ] Pale Dusk by StarsSprinkles [ Rainy Days ] [ Tropical Evenings ] Pale Dusk :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 13 0 [d-emona3] - Cereal Killer by StarsSprinkles [d-emona3] - Cereal Killer :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 10 2 [ Rainy Days ] [ Flower Fever Event ] Yellow Roses by StarsSprinkles [ Rainy Days ] [ Flower Fever Event ] Yellow Roses :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 11 0 Smol Child by StarsSprinkles Smol Child :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 11 0 [ Rainy Days ] [ Flower Fever Event ] Gladiolus by StarsSprinkles [ Rainy Days ] [ Flower Fever Event ] Gladiolus :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 17 1 [Outerspace Academy] - [Mission Collab] - Diplomat by StarsSprinkles [Outerspace Academy] - [Mission Collab] - Diplomat :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 7 8 Heckle.png by StarsSprinkles Heckle.png :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 7 0 Peachy by StarsSprinkles Peachy :iconstarssprinkles:StarsSprinkles 8 0


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Stars Pink Hello Stars Pink 

Hello! I'm assuming you've come along because you're at least mildly interested in commissioning me, which I appreciate. A quick couple of notes about my artstyle: I do a paint-y sort of shading, I usually will have single-colour lineart unless you ask for me to go in and colour it, and it will take between a day and a week for me to complete a piece of art. On average a single piece of artwork will take me around four hours if I do it all at once.

Stars PinkPricing, Examples, How to Pay/Order, Dos and Don'ts Stars Pink 

Stars PinkFullbody Stars Pink 

Queen of My Heart tbh by StarsSprinklesJust The Baes by StarsSprinkles[AT] Emorrie for Emorrie~ by StarsSprinkles

Exactly what it says on the tin, my dude. 1250Pink Points points. A second person will cost another 1000:bademoticon:. They can come with a background if that's what floats your boat, and if you want an animal accompanying the main subject of the draw, I will add another 300:bademoticon: because animals are difficult. 

Stars PinkHalfbody Stars Pink 

First Art of the Year by StarsSprinklesPretentious Potrait of the Boy by StarsSprinkles

The meaning of halfbody is debatable. It could either be knees-up or waist-up, or somewhere in between, depending on how important the legs are. Either way, they cost 1000:bademoticon:. An animal, provided it's tall enough to make it into the shot or small enough to be carried, will cost an extra 200-300:bademoticon: depending on how much of it I must draw.

Stars PinkHeadshotStars Pink 

Just Monika by StarsSprinklesHow much min is too much min by StarsSprinklesQuick Headshot by StarsSprinkles

This is just a shoulders-up shot of the character, which costs 500:bademoticon: . They're fairly fast and easy and extremely fun. Expect these to be done a whole lot quicker than any of the others.

 By the Way...Stars Pink 

It would be really nice if you could include a pose in the order form. It just makes things a whole lot easier and faster.

 Order Form  

Comment this, filled out, below!
Type of commission: (fullbody, halfbody, headshot)
Character name: (for titling purposes)
Character refs: (as many, honestly. stash links are especially welcome) (I will also draw without a reference if you would be so kind as to describe the character in great detail)
Personality: (this is really good for if you're asking me to make up a pose. a couple words is good.)
Speedpaint?: (if you wouldn't mind me recording one for my channel)
Specific Thing You'd Like: (optional, but helpful! pose, facial expression, etc.)


I only accept . After your order, I'll put up a commission widget on my page and you can pay through there! Thanks so much fam. Any tips can go in my donations <3 

 What I Do Draw  

 Fairies, sprites, mermaids, centaurs, nymphs, other humanoid magical creatures, etc.
 Cartoonised??? animals. Not as the main drawing, but accompanying the person inside the drawing.
 Simple backgrounds, some simple nature. I really love drawing sunsets and simple starry backgrounds, by the way.
Couples (all sorts)

 What I Don't Draw  

  Realistic animals. Expect some really fluffy cute stuff.
 Gore, really intense action scenes. (drippy blood is alright)
 Landscape-esque backgrounds. Simple nature is alright.
 Really beefy people. Sorry but abs are not my thing. 
 Hentai, ecchi, extreme nudity, sexual things, really nsfw stuff, fetish art, etc.
  Underage people smoking or drinking
 Sexualised underage people
 Anything overly religious. I'll draw a cross/upside down cross because they're fairly common in designs, and hijabs/other cultural head coverings, but otherwise.
Things specifically meant to offend people 

Thanks so much y'all < 3 Happy commissioning! 


[ Rainy Days ] [ NPC Meme ] Yoo Dante

"*incomprehensible but endearingly passionate baby noises*"


[Name] Yoo Dante

[Age] 1 and 2 months
[D.O.B] 5 June
[Gender] Male

[Height//Weight] 83 cm // 10.7 kg

[Street] Main Street


+ Mostly chill // Affectionate // Curious
- Clingy // Needy // Unpredictable

Dante is a very calm baby and he's content to sit quietly and watch cartoons for hours at a time. If he's comfortable enough, he also gives excellent cuddles, although he's awkward and Dante' arms don't tend to fit properly around the person he's hugging. His main issue is that he gets far into this and has a constant need to be held/around someone he likes, and when he wants or needs something, Dante gets very fussy.

He finds himself very interested in what he often later learns to be very mundane things, such as TV remotes and candy wrappers. Though he's usually very chill and easily occupied, there are random occurrences that set him off crying without warning. While he gets over it fast, the fact that he's half-able to walk now means he can also suddenly try and run off when he's upset (and subsequently fall over).


 Yerin // Chocolate // Water // Brightly-coloured things // Cartoons

 Sudden loud noises // Strangers // Carrots // Being left alone


Dante is a baby so there isn't much to his backstory. He was the only child to two young parents, Jae-Eun and Lily-Anne, both of whom worked office jobs and pulled in an okay income that allowed them and their son to live comfortable lives.

Jae-Eun in particular is important, because he's Yerin's cousin. The two of them were the same age and lived very close to each other, their families having immigrated to the US from South Korea at around the same time, so they were very close with one another. Yerin and Jae-Eun had to stick together a lot of the time, as they were the only kids in their group of family/family friends of around the same age for a very long time, making them great friends out of necessity, if nothing else. Their relationship was very sibling-like and close.

Lily-Anne and Yerin weren't as close, but she enjoyed their company, and them hers. She trusted them with her son, if anything, and Dante likes Yerin very much as well and he's responded well to them every time they've visited.

Lily-Anne and Jae-Eun both recently died in a car accident, leaving Dante with Yerin. 

It's stated on both of his parents wills that if something were to happen to them, Yerin would be granted guardianship of Dante. Generally, as long as the court doesn't find the person appointed in parents' wills grossly unfit to take on a child, the wishes of the parents are honoured. Yerin, being the closest relative to Dante in terms of distance and relation, and a nurse (i.e. responsible person) with an alright amount of disposable income, was deemed suitable. 
[ Art Trade ] Ria Ishikawa

My part of an art trade with :iconyuelii: Sorry about how gosh darn long I took ;A; 

This was a lot of fun! Her hair was especially fun to colour, and the bg
[ Rainy Days ] Yoo Yerin

"I'm about as certain as death and taxes."


[Name] Yoo Yerin
[Nicknames] Rin, Rinnie 

[Age] 23
[D.O.B] 19th December
[Gender] Agender (DFAB)

[Height//Weight] 165 cm // 57 kg 

[Nationality // Race] American // South Korean
[Sexuality] Demiromantic Pansexual

[Street] Main Street


+ Hard-working // Intelligent // Altruistic
= Stubborn // Neat // Introverted

-  Harsh // Cynical // Unsympathetic

Yerin is a bit of a mixed bag, to say the least.

They are incredibly hard-working and selfless to the point at which it's almost easy to take advantage of them for it. They will do just about anything to help anyone in need, even if they aren't specifically asked to. Yerin can be quite brisk and less than gentle in administrating care for others unless the care happens to be the emotional or mental kind. They aren't too good with people or their feelings, but they can put on a good bedside manner and set aside whatever awkwardness they carry if that's what's required. It can come across as fake, but at least it makes it known that Yerin does try. 

Their stubbornness disallows them from giving up on anyone and anything, regardless of what it does to Yerin's mental state or physical health. It's not uncommon to see them at one in the morning, loaded up on caffeine and working diligently on a favour they promised someone. They are incredibly honest and genuine, aside from the aforementioned fake bedside manner, and will never go back on their word, even if it requires them to go to the ends of the earth and complete one of the Herculean tasks. They have a stupid amount of determination, or rather, Yerin is stupidly stubborn. While they've assigned high value to efficiency and practicality, Yerin holds hard work and others' trust in much higher regard. One of their best qualities is their ability to think rationally despite pressures and stresses from a variety of places- the issue lies in whether Yerin pays heed to their reasonable thoughts or sacrifices them for a different endeavour. 

Despite the occasional bad decisions brought on by too much caffeine and too little sleep and overambition, Yerin appears to be very intelligent. They are quick-witted, with a somewhat snarky sense of humour. They're careful not to go too far, though. Extremes present themselves in Yerin a different way, in that they are, if anything, too harsh. Yerin cares a lot about those around them- to see one of their loved ones hurt breaks a certain dam in them that is holding away a lot of stress. When they tell someone off for doing something dangerous to their wellbeing, they do it thoroughly, and in a fast, rough way that could do more damage than good. Although they try hard, Yerin is often unable to understand the reason behind their friends and family doing decidedly "dumb" things and this causes them to be unsympathetic and harsh in their assessment and critique of said "dumb" things. However, Yerin had, has, and always will have good intentions for their friends and family and patients.

Those who do get close to Yerin will find out that they are possessive of their friends and things. They're somewhat clingy, but are aware of this and are doing their best to become less so. As somebody who has always been a post to lean on, Yerin finds it incredibly relieving when they find someone to depend on, and overdoes said dependence. Even so, they are a good, caring friend with a lot of love and good advice to give. They are quite sweet and talkative and humorous and teasing around those they are comfortable with, and it's really a blessing for whoever gets to that level of closeness for Yerin.


 Confectionary // Sleep // Reading // Gardening // Coffee // The cold // Pastels // Succulents // Iced Tea // Makeup

 Loud people // Feeling hot // Overly bright colours // Mornings // Insects // Disorganisation 


♡ Can hold down their alcohol really well, if that's a talent
 Playing the piano
♡ Jogging/Running (does so regularly)
♡ Gardening
♡ Knitting

 Singing (sometimes)


[Reason for moving] Work, and to get away from home.
[How long they have lived in town] 1 and a half years

Yerin was born into a middle-class nuclear family, the second and last of two children. Their childhood was mainly untroubled, as they were a good, obedient child with no ill or mischievous intent towards anyone or anything, to the point where they were somewhat of a boring individual at first glance. They had a small group of close friends, who, like Yerin, were all quiet, reserved children. Their larger, less intimate friend group tended to include a large variety of people, some of which were questionable. It was perhaps this- their friends' unhealthy habits and unfortunate situations, and their mother's failing health, that pushed Yerin towards the path of being a nurse.

They got through school with little issue and were accepted into their University of choice, shortly after which their mother died. Yerin's schoolwork did suffer for a period afterward, but through continued support by their family and friends and their own stubbornness, they made it through and earned their degree. Several recommendations and job interviews later, Yerin had by some miracle very quickly landed themselves a job as a nurse in a hospital in some tiny little town known for its near-constant downpour of rain.

It can't be said that they're entirely satisfied by their living conditions, but with endless hard work and love and TLC, they've made their somewhat dingy apartment into a nice home, with very powerful security alarms.


☂ Left-handed
☂ Freckles !
☂ Very strong for their size 
☂ They dyed the ends of their hair a light peach-pink halfway through their second year of University and have been maintaining it ever since. Their hair is naturally dark brown.

☂ They prefer to write their last name ("Yoo") first in traditional South Korean fashion
☂ They favour outfits with a limited palette
☂ Perhaps it's glaringly obvious, but Yerin's favourite colour is peach
☂ Yerin is on the night shift (8pm-6am) most days, so they tend to sleep in the mornings and don't drink often
☂ Five ear piercings in each ear- three cartilage and two lobe. Only wears a stud in the lobe to work.
☂ Massive fear of cockroaches

☂ Written! One-Four paragraphs is preferable. Shorter or longer is okay too, but not by a large margin. Preferably in Discord but if there's another method you really want to attempt please don't be afraid to ask.

[ Rainy Days ] Yoo Yejun
"Yeah, just give me another ten minutes, hun...I know I said that an hour ago, shhh"


[Name] Yoo Yejun
[Nicknames] Junnie (by Yerin), Idiot (also by Yerin)

[Age] 29
[D.O.B] October 13
[Gender] Cis Male

[Height//Weight] 193 cm // 70 kg | 6'4'' // 154 lbs

[Nationality // Race] American // South Korean
[Orientation] He can't exactly set it under a label but IDs as grayromantic pansexual for convenience.

Webtoon author + freelance illustrator and voice actor
[Street] Spring's Trail


+ reliable // sweet // book-smart // friendly // passionate

straightforward // social // curious // defensive // creative

- childish // impulsive // obsessive // prideful // stubborn

In a word? Yejun's a child. A very large, very smart child. He craves approval from the people he looks up to but doesn't always go about getting it in the best way. He's impulsive and makes a lot of decisions on a whim and in the moment. It's not difficult to catch his attention, and when Yejun's interested in something, he is obsessed with it. Once he's set his mind to doing something, he will get it done, regardless of how much of his time and health he ends up sacrificing. In the same way, as soon as Yejun has decided he's upset with someone or something, he will stubbornly dwell on the feeling and how offended he is. He remembers random petty things and has longstanding grudges older than his sibling. 

He's also incredibly honest and opinionated. He likes something? He dislikes something? You'll hear about it. Yejun makes sure his feelings are clear, and he wastes no time beating around the bush in anything he doesn't absolutely have to, and sometimes even then. Though he insists that he isn't rude or anything like that, Yejun doesn't realise that he can sometimes be borderline offensive with how blunt he is, although this applies to him talking in general and not just his opinions. His inner dialogue is more elaborate and fun, but Yejun is decisive in what he says out loud. He doesn't go around actively looking for things to hate on, though, and tends to be a pretty nice, friendly person most of the time. Sure, on the occasion, he'll say things to get reactions out of people and/or fluster them (it's amusing), but he's not a malicious sort. Yejun loves social interaction, despite what his spending long hours inside and alone may suggest. 

Yejun is heavily attached to his family and friends. Despite his impulsiveness, Yejun has proven time and time again that he's a reliable friend. He says he'll do something, and he will, and Yejun is the person you'd call at two in the morning to pick you up from the side of the highway- he pulls crap like that often enough himself. He's a supportive person, and extremely sweet and ready to listen when it comes to his loved ones. Yejun doesn't pay empty compliments- he really does mean every nice thing he says, to the point where he can beoverly enthusiastic about how much he loves people. Again, he's obsessive and comes off strongly, but it's at least endearing most of the time when it comes to his affection. 

Around new people, Yejun isn't by any means reserved or shy. He thoroughly enjoys talking to other people, and because of how much trivial knowledge he has, he's easy to strike up conversation with. He asks others a lot of questions out of genuine interest, both in them and what they know. His curiosity is one of his most notable traits- it's not uncommon to find Yejun up at three in the morning, enthusiastically researching a topic he's never even heard of previously. He pours immense amounts of passion into almost everything he does, to the point where mundane tasks like vacuuming are accompanied by an intense inner monologue about him valiantly destroying dust beasts. Yejun has what was called "an overactive imagination" by his teachers, and it tends to present itself in the form of art, but also him being able to creatively weasel himself out of the situations he puts himself in. 

Yejun also finds it difficult to back down from any sort of challenge- his pride is important to him, and he's stubborn. Once Yejun has made the decision to do something, however emotionally-charged and irrational said decision is, he'll stick with it (exceptions apply for extreme circumstances). He's learned to work at things he picks up no matter what, but this doesn't always go as well as it did for his schoolwork and art. Oftentimes, it's stupid stuff, like baking seventy egg tarts because somebody dared him to, or figuring out how many balloons he can inflate in the space of one hour.

This probably stems from Yejun's constant need to defend and justify himself and what he does. He protects his ego like it's made of eggshells, not necessarily because he lacks in confidence, but because he wants to be understood by others without having to change himself. He's a right mess when he embarrasses himself, trying to amend what he did any way possible. Yes, he's a little too flat in how he puts things, but it's because x and y reason. Yes, he made more money as an accountant, but ... And so on. He really has a reason for everything, but if you catch him in a bad mood, this reason might just be because he said so.


 Boba // Drawing // Sleeping // Black cofee // Dark chocolate // Reading // People // Cooking // Polaroids // His cat // Music // The paranormal

 Smoking // Exercise // Overly sweet foods // Being disliked // Having to depend on people // Mangoes (he's allergic) // Being alone // Slow walkers


♡ Drawing
♡ Writing
♡ Playing the piano/violin
♡ Cooking
♡ Singing: loudly, in the shower. And karaoke but only sometimes. He's not great at it, but it's something.
♡ Watching anime 
♡ Binge reading Wikipedia articles


[Reason for moving] He wanted to finally move out, and it's a better environment to draw in. (+ his sibling lives there, so it's convenient)
[How long they have lived in town] 3 days. 

Born in busy Seoul, South Korea, to a rich family, Yejun, from the moment he was born, was a spoiled chaebol kid. By the time he was three, Yoo Yejun was absolutely certain that he was king of the world. Unfortunately for him, when he was three, his parents made the decision to immigrate to the United States of America. He found himself in an unfamiliar place, in an unfamiliar situation, in a house much much smaller than his old one. Where were his grandparents? Why weren't his parents paying attention to him- those boxes could definitely wait. At first, he really hated it, but Yejun was a small child and he adapted. 

When Yejun was five, going on six, he was presented with another obstacle in his quest to secure his parents' undivided attention- Yerin. Yejun was entirely unsure of why anybody would choose to spend time with that instead of him. Unlike Yerin, he wasn't an ugly marshmallow who cried and pissed itself every thirty minutes. He spent the first few years really disliking Yerin, who was an immensely irritating, clingy child desperate for his attention and affection, but eventually grew very very fond of them, eventually being a period of about six years. 

Yejun was a good kid for the most part of his life. Straight-laced, gifted, talented, hard-working, Yejun hardly ever got in trouble, and when he did, it was quickly played off because "Hey, he's a good boy. He didn't mean it, he won't do it again.". He did extremely well in school and his extra-curriculars. Smart enough to quickly understand that good grades = lots of rewards and praise from his parents, Yejun made school, fine arts, and university his main focus for the first twenty-two years of his life. A lot of what he learned was to make his parents happy, though he had a general interest in whatever he did.

Shortly after graduating from university, though, Yejun came to the realisation that he'd...wasted his life. He'd spent twenty-two years behind a bunch of desks, just so that he could spend another fifty behind slightly nicer desks. He hadn't gone out and done typical movie teenager things like sneak out to party with college students or gotten and hidden a tattoo or piercing from his parents. 

This realisation cumulated in what could be called a very late, very odd, rebellious phase, or a very, very early midlife crisis. He spent sixth months of his life doing nothing but drinking, smoking, traveling and partying (and freeloading off his dad and worrying Yerin). He even tried a few drugs, of which only marijuana was legal, and he vandalised a building once. Nothing really came of all of this, Yejun eventually deciding that he'd done enough Fun Teenager Things™️, which were cracked up to be far more than what they were. He did, however, maintain the shift in attitude, becoming a lot less uptight with himself and others. It was probably for the better, and Yejun did turn himself around slowly.

After a while of working a job he was overqualified and underpaid for and sending his CV to everyone he could, Yejun finally managed to become an accountant. His career suffered shortly when his mother died- he was 24 at the time -but Yejun was able to use it as fuel- he was working to make her proud, after all. 

He maintained an interest in art for this entire period and continued to draw regularly (or as much as he could) even when he got a full-time job, doing a few commissions where he could for extra money. Eventually, Yejun began to publish a webtoon, which was quite well-received. About a year into this endeavour, Yejun was presented with the offer to draw webtoons for a living instead of sorting out people's taxes. He obviously took it, being far more enthusiastic about art than accounting (not that he didn't love accounting too, art was just his main hoe). For a few months after he quit his accounting job, Yejun found he didn't have as much money as he would have liked, and he auditioned for several voice acting roles and eventually got one as the seiyuu for a character in what would be a decently popular anime. His dad was very doubtful that he'd be successful, as artists often aren't, but he did try and support his son. Yejun sure did prove him wrong (and then proceeded to shove it in his face).

He's spent the last three-ish years drawing and attending conventions and selling his art, all while still living with his father, which has been going quite well for him. Yejun probably would have stayed in this comfortable position, had it not been for Yerin moving out and making him feel like he needed to as well. He's older than them, after all, and prideful. He should have been the one to depart the nest first, and Yejun's a little salty about it.

As of now, though, Yejun has finally saved enough money and paid off his student loans (with the help of his wealthy grandfather) so that he can feasibly rent out a decent apartment, and where better than up in Lichbarrow with his precious sibling, Yerin? Not to mention, the town has been hella creepy and weird every time he's come to visit. Perfect webtoon inspo, and it's quiet and pretty too. 

Oh, and the doctor's pretty cute.


[Name] Princess
[Age] 4
[Birthday] March 14
[Species] Siamese cat (mostly)
[Sex] Female

Princess is Yejun's best girl- she's a spoiled, pampered, entitled attention-whore. Yejun is all too happy to indulge her. She was given as a kitten to Yejun by his dad on Christmas a few years back.


Aesthetic Board-

♡His original hair colour was dark brown. He's bleached and dyed it a couple of times, colours including platinum, lavender, rainbow, pink, and his current dark pinkish-purple.
♡Yejun has a couple of light freckles, mainly around his cheeks and nose. They get more noticeable after he's been out in the sun, but he doesn't really go out in the sun enough for that.
♡Has a pretty large Insta following. His Youtube is less popular, but you can find speedpaints and various challenge videos on it.
♡Can speak fluent Korean, alongside English. His Japanese is decent on a basic level, but he often needs assistance with more complicated sentences. He's working on it. Knows a little Mandarin from picking it up from his friends- could ask for directions to the nearest bus station in a somewhat broken, awkwardly-worded manner. He can swear pretty well in all of these languages.
♡An extrovert- not spending time around people irritates him to no end
[ Rainy Days ] [Bonfire] [Collab] A.L.I.E.N.S.
"Aliens, Peachy. ALIENS."

In which Jace hears "aliens" and must investigate. Ft. your local highly doubtful skeptic Concerned Adult™️ (who'll end up going along with him anyway)

This was a lot of fun to colour ! I did the sketch and colours, and :iconmew-sempai: did the lines. God knows I hate backgrounds but. I did it. Fire? Trees? I don't know them.

Jace belong to :iconmew-sempai:


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your art is super good i love it :0 keep up the great work  Hakase Smiling Icon 
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Ahhh thank you so much <333
KurobaSame Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
youre super welcome Hakase Bashful Icon 
SushimiTsukimi Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! It means a lot <3
Km92 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow! One more precious llama in my team! Thank you! : llamathankyouplz : by Gasara
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