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Fox Bros

By StarSoulArt
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Hey ho everyone. I have tons of work currently but I decided to spare some time for a quick Zootopia fan art. Well, a Disney fan art I’d suppose!

Anyone feel nostalgic after watching Zootopia? Here’s our fox brothers Nick Wilde and Robin Hood!

Have fun watching Zootopia everyone!

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Adorable. And yes, these two Disney foxes sure are like brothers. 🦊
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*enter entire fan fiction/ fan theory about how Hood is Nicks very distant ancestor *

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Adorable <3

And yes I thought they would be some Robin Hood reference... :-3
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Oh, WOW. And this is quick!? It looks fantastic! The colours are magnificent, and the expressions are to die for Wow! 
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Brilliant!! :heart:
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He peed him self
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These guys would make quite a duo.
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Nice crossover.

I need to watch Robin Hood again. It's been a while.
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The makers of Zootopia actually said that the two lives in the same universe, Robin Hood just lived in the middle ages while Nick lives in the modern world ;) 
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I was actually wondering if Robin Hood was an ancestor to Nick Wilde.
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Nick: "Dad, can we do training routines without killing ourselves?" 

Robin: "It's just a classic apple target practice son, i haven't seen anyone get hurt from these!" 
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Awesome piece here! Makes me ponder how a meeting between the two of them at at Disney Park would go.
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So, Nick's brother is an actor?
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I bet you Tod would have loved to be there too.
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Just perfect! 

I bet Robin was his gran gran gran gran... gran Father or so^^ (not like there exist more then 3 foxes worth talking about) ((cap+capper))
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Robin Hood uhh

1400s to 1500s
So yeah maybe some more grans
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Awesome work. I bet they are related. ;)
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there should also be fantastic Mr.Fox too
mrsalamanderguy's avatar
there is one fox mccloud
josedeviant2002's avatar
There should be a finnick one i love fennec foxes
urzapw2000's avatar
the look on Nick's face!!!
poor guy had no idea that was coming!!!
very nice picture!!
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