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Robin Hobb: Fool 2: Reunited

Illustration for Robin Hobb: The Tawny Man trilogy: Fool's Errand

EDIT: That horse has been bothering me, so I went and fixed it. It's a little less shiny now, but more anatomically correct, I think! :)

++++++++++++ SPOILER ++++++++++++++++++

After 15 years of separation, one summer evening the Fool = before he becomes Lord Golden - rides up to Fitz's aka Tom Badgerlock's humble cabin in the woods, to claim him once again as his catalyst...

Read the book!!! :D

Fitz, Fool, Nighteyes & Malta are characters created, owned and operated by Robin Hobb.

Photoshop, Wacom tablet. Sleepless nights.
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So so so gorgeous! This is one of my favourite scenes from the series. <3
AlienaShalynn's avatar
I love the hair, the whole picture is so light and the fool is so alive!
Starsong-Studio's avatar
thank you! glad you like it.
Chachamaru-san's avatar
This one is very good as well. I like the colors used, plus all the characters are drawn nicely^^ You are good at conveying emotions of the characters through your painting :meow: keep up the good work!
Chachamaru-san's avatar
secretplanet's avatar
i LOVE those books! :love:
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Yay, more Hobb fan art!

Love the colours. And Nighteyes' expression! He look both happy to see his friend but sad because he knows things are going to change.
Starsong-Studio's avatar
He's just jealous... :P

Actually Nighteyes isn't. But I've just been re-reading Fool's Errand, and isn't it funny how Fitz is so desperately jealous of anyone who gets remotely close to the Fool, but never admits it to himself? This dude is *not* very in tune with himself, I tell ya.

Poor Fool. :(
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Yes, goes to show what a genius Robin Hobb is. So many things that are there and make the character so believable!
Starsong-Studio's avatar
But you have to read those books at least twice to even remotely understand all the subtleties.

And that's a lot of reading... :lol:
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I bet that re reading must be yet again another experience. Not sure if I'll ever get around to doing that.
Starsong-Studio's avatar
It's worth it though.

+++++++++++++ HERE BE SPOILERS ++++++++++++++++

I mean the first time round, you kind of know that the Fool loves the Fitz, but *really* it only becomes explicit by the middle of book two. There are quite a few things that happen in book 1 when Fitz is still being very unselfconscious about it all, where you think, hmmm, the Fool would have liked THAT ... or where you even realize, how funny they actually are? Like when Fitz has convinced himself that the Fool is having an affair with Laurel, then walks into his bedroom with a bad skill headache - becomes totally selfconscious about disturbing them... then ends up spending the rest of the night in the Fool's bed himself. Sound asleep, of course, but still. :lol:

Then the other thing I really did *not* realize the first time round is how completely in love the Fitz actually is with the Fool.

Poor Fitz.

If you find the time, do read it again, it's worth it, I think! :)
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