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New Zealand film locations map - updated

This map is for sale in my online shop! A3 poster, order here:

Or you can order it from the DA print shop, of course!

This poster is now available on Ebay:
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nice, this is great, im planning a backpacking trip to NZ, this will be handy
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Are you the person who just bought one on my website? It's a good overview where the locations are but also get yourself Ian Brodie's film locations guide, with detailed descriptions how to get there. :)

Some of the main locations are signposted by now, but some of them really are quite off the beaten track.
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didnt buy a print, but i'm looking to stay away from the cities as much as possible. when i travel i don't go near tourist locals. i cant wait. i may not come home.
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Be careful about that. New Zealand is a beautiful country but living here is not all that it is cracked up to be, and the image the country projects to the outside world is not an accurate refection of what actually happens here in the country. And it is not as kind to strangers as it makes itself out to be. People warned me about that when I came out here and I didn't listen. I have been unable to earn a living any which way for the past 8 years, and that after I came into the country with one of their "talent" visas on account of my oh so desirable skills. I'd go back to Europe, but I can no longer afford it… :(

But enjoy the trip.
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yea, i learned that about traveling in Europe the week after the Madrid bombings. i lived in nyc for a bit so i trust no one haha. but 2 weeks shouldn't be that bad. gotta be less guns then i see around here any given day.
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It really isn't a problem to travel and guns are not generally the problem, no. :) But moving here for good is a different thing entirely.
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Lizzie: oohhh!!!!!!!!!!! This is just absolutely amazing, I <3 NZ!!!!
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I was just looking for the "like" button. :doh:

Facebook friendship is so cheap. DA is better, one actually has to write a reply. :D
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This is SO impressive and beautifully done!
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