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Earthsea: In the Desert

The last of the Earthsea paintings (for the time being...) -

This painting has a lot of personal meaning for me and was one of the first scenes I knew I was going to paint, but have been holding back on it to get more practice, and do it justice (I don't know if I have...).

I love the sense of both intimacy and estrangement in this scene - Tenar and Ged run away together, but they won't wind up marrying and living happily ever after, as the usual story pattern goes - at least not for a very, very long time!

I guess when I was younger, I used to think that relationships don't "count" unless you officially become a couple - but as I get older I find that all the maybe's and could-have-beens are just as valid and significant. And some of the people who have the deepest influence on our lives are not the ones we marry or live together.

There, that was my bit of relationship philosophy for the day. :D

From The Tombs of Atuan: Tenar and Ged have escaped from the Tombs. After exhausted sleep, Tenar wakes up and wonders at the strangeness of her situation, the beauty of the desert sunset, and the man who is sleeping beside her.

oil on canvas.

Earthsea and all characters, places and magic therein are copyright Ursula K Le Guin and her legal representatives [link]
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Very very cool.

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I think this is a beautiful piecce of art apart from what it's meant to be in the series. Love the composition!
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Thanks! I like the idea, though I must say I felt a little let down by the execution - there is something definitely wrong with Ged's hand, and with the perspective in general I think. Of all the images in the series, this is perhaps the only one I would like to re-do. (but I don't think I will, this has occupied a big chunk of my time and I have moved on to other things meanwhile).

Glad you like it though! :)
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Ged seems... too big. Both compared to Tenar, and on his own. Tenar is, what, 16 at this point? She's not a child, and he shouldn't be twice her size. He also seems kind of rough and chubby. I'm glad you remembered to add the thistle, though
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I believe it is called perspective. And yes, Tenar is a small, light boned woman, certainly smaller than Ged, at any age.

I'm not too happy, myself, about Ged's hands though. I agree they are a bit clunky.

Paint a better one.
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This is an amazing moment, it trembles my heart.
However, I don't see the characters like you: I'd like to see Tenar as a brunette, and Ged - much more fragile. But you feel the atmosphere subtly. Thanks for a wonderful picture.
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Sorry :)
Anyway, I like it very much.
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