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Inktober 2020, Day 16: Rocket


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Inktober 2020, Day 16: Rocket


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Inktober 2020, Day 16: Rocket

Inktober 2020

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Ode to the Speakers

Some people, they use "honesty" As an excuse to be obscene. You have a right to speak your mind, But that's no reason to be mean. There are times one must speak plainly; Other times, be roundabout. Hit too hard and you risk making Those around you shut you out. But when the audience appears Self-righteous or even dense, Understandable frustration Makes the situation tense. Please breathe and keep the high ground; Choose your words and weapons well. While many may not listen In a few... you'll ring a bell.


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Matthias + Clock - color

--Astral Rain--

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Ravens and Roses - rough cover

--The Mariner Sequence--

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Avani, Yenii-Kora du Ter


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Blanche Monochrome - rough

Miscellaneous Characters

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Rose and Violet

Pencil Drawing

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Inktober 2020, Day 16: Rocket

Painting and Ink

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Sea Watch Courtyard

Pastels and Charcoal

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Sculpted Centaur Mare


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Paper Sky Dragon

Arts and Crafts

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Dragon, 3 horns

Dragon Series

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Forest Spirit


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Diego Boo-Boo

Contest Entries

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...unto the new dawn. To the next challenge. On to the final summit!

2019 NaHaiWriMo

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Reference Pic - Sea Watch Courtyard


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