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My first entry for the "Cat-Like Qualities Contest" by =birdewilliams

This is my cat who is named (oddly enough) Squirrel. She lived with my parents for a couple of years, but then they couldn't keep her, so I adopted her. Despite the look she's giving in the picture (I call her "Little Miss Evil-Eyes") she's actually a very lovable cat. She adores sitting in my lap and often gives me hugs or nibbles on my ear. And yes, she does sleep on those books. Doesn't like sleeping on the ground or anywhere easily accessible. Paranoid much? (With Diego around, it's probably justified.)

And for the record, the books you see on the shelf (aside from the Ray Bradbury) are not my usual reading material. Those are my "scholarly" and "intellectual" books, not my general enjoyment. I read fantasy almost exclusively.

EDIT 04/06/09
Featured by =elvenfall on her journal - [link]
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Heh, not what I was expecting. Am I to infer that "My books!" is Squirrel's sentiment?

Anyway, cute kitty. She's VERY dragon-like, in my opinion. It's in her face, but also in her posture.
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*giggle* Misleading, much, eh? And yes, the "my books" is what Squirrel seems to be saying. She SLEEPS there, for crying out loud. And that look just screamed possessive.

Yes, she is very like a dragon. Very lovable, but also very dangerous. I love her face, it's soooo pretty! And very different from Neko's. Squirrel has a very feminine face, and Neko's is so masculine.
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So how many cats are living with you now? Last I counted were two. Neko and Diago.
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Three live in the house, two live outside but mooch off my food. Those living in the house are Neko, Diego, and Squirrel. Those living outside are Mightnight and Skits. And soon a little black male called Edwin will be coming to live inside with me. ^_^
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O_O Four cats? That is as crazy as my Aunt and she has five. God bless you hon.
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*chuckle* I AM the crazy cat lady after all. And my aunt and uncle are even crazier. They have 7-9 cats right now, but they used to have 13.
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Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! lol
But seriously If you are happy then that is all that matters.
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Yup, I like having them around. That way, when I feel lonely (which is rare) or worthless (not so rare) then their presence tends to cheer me up cause they need me and show their affection in a way that I can understand. *smiles*
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That I can get. But you are not worthless, ever. You have a lot to offer the world.
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:-) Thanks, I appreciate it. Now I just gotta convince myself that. Maybe I can get there just by doing what I enjoy and then worry about sharing later.

And thank you for calling me about the Borders going out of business. I'm sorry I didn't call you back; I was at work. I can't really think of any manga I want that would be out right now anyway. More on an anime kick. Thanks for thinking of me!
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