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Map of Rinamathair



This is a map that goes with my story "Rinamathair" (pronounced "rin-uh-MATH-air"). The novel is still a work in progress, but the map, I think is pretty much done. I originally doodled this on lined paper, then scanned it into the computer, erased the lines and redrew it, adding color and lables. I still don't have the scale down yet.

Luanvale (LOO-ahn-vale)
Argall (ARE-gahll)
The Ryskin Desert (RYE-skin)

Places of Interest in Luanvale:
Sakar's Seat - capital of Luanvale, home of its war-hungry tyrant.
Silverlake - home of Sir Terran
Greencarl - home of Sir Terran's betrothed, Lea
Goldenwood - closest human settlement to the Labyrinthine Forest
Broken Pass - home of Melyin
Labyrinthine Forest - the oldest living forest, full of danger and mystery; rumored to be home to the elves and the Eldritch Tree where Avani, the Unicorn of Earth, dwells

Places of Interest in Argall:
Twin River Castle - capital of Argall
Plainsdale - home of Ciar
Mystvale - a pool where Vira, the Unicorn of Water, dwells
Sinfyre Island - volcanic island that is not actually part of Argall where Pyros, the Unicorn of Fire, dwells

Places of Interest in the Ryskin Desert:
Wing of the Sands - a site sacred to the fierce tribes of the Desert where Zephyr, the Unicorn of Wind, often appears

The Rime Mountain Range:
Icemere - central mountain and meeting place of the Ice Dragons

Rinamathair, it's charcters, story, and locale are © to me. Please do not use or redistribute.
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