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how to make a cravat

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How to make a cravat

difficulty level- super easy


ribbon or a long strip of fabric/lace whatever. I refer to it as a ribbon here even though I actually used a long strip of the same lace fabric as the main part of the cravat.

fabric of some sort into long rectangular shapes.

something to sew with whether it be a needle/thread or a machine.

+ take your rectangular pieces of fabric. They can be decorated, they can be ripped or they can be really irregularly shaped. It's all up to you, really.

+Now layer them. I used four pieces and staggered them so it would look even more layered. you can use as many layers as you want.

+fold over said layers. I have four pieces and thus, eight layers total.

+ now you want to sew a line through them so that theres a little 'tube' of sorts. You can pin it before hand, but I chose not to. Make sure theres plenty of room to thread your ribbon through.

+Take out your thread and put it through the loop you created. I pulled it through with a pen but a safety pin seems to work without fail. I never seem to have any safety pins when I need them.

+ If your fabric is quite wide or you want it to look gathered, then gather it on the ribbon. Pin in place.
This step is optional. You don't really need to gather it.

+Now sew your cravat right to the ribbon so it can't slide around.

+It's finished! You can leave it as in or decorate it to your hearts content.
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Yokoskitsune's avatar
I'll be doing this for my Xerxes Break cosplay~ couldn't figure out what I should do, thank you very much for sharing :D
starsinmyteacup's avatar
I hope your cosplay looks great. :)
Yokoskitsune's avatar
thank you lol me too :XD:
maliceangel13's avatar
Awesome! Definitely going to do this for my outfit! Victorian Gothic. :D
starsinmyteacup's avatar
Have fun with it. It's a pretty quick and easy sewing project. :)
LudicrouS-ThoughT's avatar
I cannot thank you enough for posting this tutorial. I have looked everywhere for a simple way to make a cravat, and finding this really made my day. :D
starsinmyteacup's avatar
Absolutely. I'm glad that it was helpful to you.
crazy-shuichi's avatar
Is it lace that you're using there?
Sorry if this looks like a reaally stupid question, but I'm new to sewing and I'm just starting, sewing by hand, with little tuts I find on internet.
And this looks super simple and fun to do! The result is neat and I'd love to wear it with a peter pan collar blouse. Really really nice!
Hope you answer me ^^UUU
starsinmyteacup's avatar
I'm using lace here but it's an all over lace fabric, and not edging lace.
crazy-shuichi's avatar
Nice! So... Where I can find it? How should I order it?
starsinmyteacup's avatar
I got my all over lace fabric from a local fabric store but here are some links for you:




I think that for a cravat, depending on how frilly you want it to be anywhere from 1/4 yard to 1/2 a yard should be enough fabric.
crazy-shuichi's avatar
Aww, thanks! This is amazing ^^
manathemute's avatar
I am using this for my fujimoto cravat from ponyo! woot
Secret-Night's avatar
Eeee! Cravat, I want to make one!
starsinmyteacup's avatar
please do, cravats are fun to wear!
MysteriousFayth's avatar
Nice, well done tutorial. Thanks, I think I'll use this ^_^.
InkAndAlchemy's avatar
Fabulous! I'm doing a Victorian-ish circus ringleader outfit for Halloween, and have been searching high and low for a cravat pattern that wasn't ridonkulously complicated. (Seriously, how complicated are ruffles? Very, according to everyone else.) You made this delightfully easy, so thank you!
starsinmyteacup's avatar
Excellent. I'm really glad this was helpful for you. :D
Sandwich-on-Parade's avatar
Thank you! This is exactly what I was needing!
kunoichinikoru's avatar
Awesome tutorial! Thank You!
Chibi-Black-Rabbit's avatar
Oooh ooh! I shall certainly keep this in mind...I was wondering the other day whether or not I should attempt a cravat, I shall definately follow this! :)
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