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Mountain Landscape Vector

This is the single most largest and longest project I have done. I have spent so much more time on this than I want to is even one of the causes for the lack of stuff over the past year. I'm not good at quitting and this was a lot more than I had the time or patience to do. Oh yeah, I also had Inkscape crash on multiple occasions resulting in the careless loss of hours of unsaved work and rage quitting. Yes, I was working on this a year ago, the svg says it was created May 26, 2012.

This is a slightly modified view of the mountain from Dragonshy. I didn't put the mane 6 or the smoke it because I wanted a peaceful view. I also had to fix up some missing details here and there, especially in the trees.

You can download the svg file here.

I don't own MLP:FiM.

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Thanks for this, used it for the cover of my fanfic found... HERE:… Fanfic-cover by MadeJust2Comment  
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Could i use this picture for a fanfic? And i want to draw something into the background too if it's no problem.
And yes, I aks for permission first
Thank you ^^
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I used this image in a game i have put your name in the credits and linked to this page. game is for all ages. Is it ok?
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We used this as background in our animated shortfilm (studentproject ;))! Of course you're in the credits. This landscape is awesome!
You can watch the film here , I just uploaded it yesterday :D 
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Used this for a song I recently released!
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I used this piece in the VN/CYOA adaptation of ‘Brony Hero of Equestria’! Huge thanks for making such amazing art! Want to play? Download it at… !
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I like your work very much, it's so atmospheric! 
If you don't mind, I would say there is not enough of contrast in this picture. Saturation of the sky is very close to saturation of mountains on the right side. 
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Mind if I use this?
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Useing!ill credit you 
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This background was used in inkroses YouTube video, but she gave back ground credit to you ;D
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Oh, neat! Thanks for letting me know. She might I have told me but I don't really remember :icontwilightshyplz:
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I Used it to make this vector with a four lane expressway going though it.
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Hello there! Your background was added to the 5th Beta Release of the game 'Nightfall'. Thank you!…
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used in my kinetic typography, thank you for making these!
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I take it that you like it :)
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This is amazing, I tried to make a background for my Discord animation, but I got frustrated and bored really quick, so I decided to use this instead, thank you very much :-)
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Lol, that is really funny.
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