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MLP Style Cupcake

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By StarshineCelestalis   |   
Have a huge picture of a cupcake. Yes, that really is 3.58 MB. I figured that since I made a muffin a cupcake should be made as well. I did this in at most 30 minutes in the car. No, I was not driving it.

Reference: [link]

SVG: [link]

Quarter size image: [link]

I don't own MLP:FiM or their muffins.
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7348x10001px 3.59 MB
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jerryakiraclassics19Hobbyist Digital Artist
Used here:
Three cupcakes for three ponies by jerryakiraclassics19
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jerryakiraclassics19Hobbyist Digital Artist
Used here:
Rainbow Dash Takes the Cupcake by jerryakiraclassics19
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StarlineSparkle896Student Interface Designer
I need some help to make a cupcake, so I used yours. BTW, thanks for making this.
Freezing Ice's Cutie Mark by StarlineSparkle896
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PhoenixTDMHobbyist Digital Artist
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TsintsehStudent Digital Artist
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MintyMagic74Hobbyist General Artist
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animeponyNintendoStudent General Artist
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Excuse me..Is it okay to use this picture commercially? sorry for bad english ㅠㅠ
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Used and credited… hope you're still around because many other Vector artists are not any more
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HisBestFantasyEverXDHobbyist General Artist
Used and credited in a video: bestimaginarycatever.deviantar…
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May I make this into a MS paint base?
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DoraeArtDreams-AspyProfessional Digital Artist
can i use this? :) i will credit you :)
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ToonAC14Hobbyist Artist
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CamilleahHobbyist Digital Artist
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lovelttrsHobbyist Digital Artist
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CloverFlowersHobbyist General Artist
Now that- is a HUGE cupcake. o-o
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BulbamarioHobbyist Traditional Artist
one cupcake please! i heard their to DIE for!
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Acinoriv8Student Artist
No MS Paint Version?
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StarshineCelestalisHobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, but since MS Paint can't scale things I can't make a version for it. The only way you can get a size other than the two I uploaded is to download Inkscape and export it in whatever size you need.
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Acinoriv8Student Artist
can i make it a base?
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Acinoriv8Student Artist
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cupcake....????....!!!!....CUUUPCAAAKEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O*
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