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Derpy Smiling

DERPY! This is from Rainbow Falls right before they took the picture at the end. Yeah...I know that episode was a while ago. The amount of Derpy was quite incredible. And I can't think of anything else to say. This was just a quick vector I wanted to get done.

Update: fixed the eyelashes and a little derp in the wing.
Update: change eyelashes again and fixed colors
Update: eyelashes are frustrating

Rainbow Dash version: [link]

Download the svg here.

MLP:FiM and Derpy Hooves are property of Hasbro.

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y'all know what we need? a Derpy episode. god, Hasbro! please make that happen!
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One could argue that episode 100 was (at least in part) a Derpy episode :P
xNickTheBestx's avatar
i know, but i want an episode where Derpy gets a lot more screentime than she did in Slice of Life
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and Derpy's voice is precious! :heart:
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Hey there, I used this in a comic
I put a tie on her :)
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I love that sweet little Pegasus! 😊
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9544 × 10000 OMG RLY THAT BIG XD
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i was wondering, I ended up making a collage using this vector, could I put it up on deviantart? I promise to credit you.
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i just love when derpy smiles! it's so adorable:)
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good ol' lovable Derpy Hooves; just how we all like her!
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Used this vector for short mane version. Thx! :…
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Sure! Just make sure you credit me in the description.
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StarshineCelestalis's avatar
That is an awesome icon...
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