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January 26, 2010
If we can fart rainbows,why can't we vomit them?ThowUp Rainbows by ~starshine13z is just a well pixelled and nicely animated emoticon with a twist of humour!
Featured by mintyy
Suggested by PatrickRuegheimer
starshine13z's avatar

ThowUp Rainbows

Ugh ...too many ...Skittles

Featured in [link] :dummy:

made a PLZ :iconthrowuprainbowsplz:


please also see my other animations

Edit 3:

OMG a DD realy!?!?!?!? i seriously never thought the day would come that i would get a dd lol I see myself as low :ohnoes:
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blacklitlife's avatar
i wish i puked rainbows
ily-so-so-much's avatar
it's got a twitchy eye and it pukes rainbows!!!!! I like it!
EeveeQueenJigglypuff's avatar
This is cute and hilarious!! XD
PatrickRuegheimer's avatar
❝Hi I featured your Photo in Suggested Daily Deviations for January - Vol. 7.
Feel free to comment and +fav the articel.❞
Broodwitch's avatar
I wish I could vomit rainbows...:o
IdiotWithTheBlueEyes's avatar
My friends little sister threw up on me and it was like a bright green, red and blue colours :L And then Jesse(my friend) said she was throwing up rainbows :D Haha! First thing I thought of when I saw this ;)
starshine13z's avatar
lol what did she eat O.o
cold-hearted-world's avatar
'skittles: the candy so nice,
you can taste it twice.'
b-a88's avatar
No such thing as too many Skittles. :iconthrowuprainbowsplz: This is just awesome!!!!!!! :giggle: :iconthrowuprainbowsplz:
BloodyGames's avatar
What so many "anti's" do when they see Twilight.
MadnessInInk's avatar
The-GirlQueen's avatar
OHMYGOD... you got a DD at just the right time... friend and I were just discussing what would happen if you ate a box of crayons... and this was the result...

*cracks up laughing*
Yay for rainbow vomit!!
starshine13z's avatar
haha that awesome =) and it was perfect for me first time i logged on in three days :meow:
The-GirlQueen's avatar
Well, it seems this puking rainbows thing is lucky, then...
Darkangelsv1's avatar
Hahah! Nicely done!
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