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Hey everyone!

I had a really fun time visiting folks at Magfest and it's been a really eventful week. I got to meet a lot of amazing people and am left with a heavy heart to have to see them go. BUT I will hopefully see them again in the near future, so that's something exciting to look forward to.

I'm home now and am ready to get started with my new year plans. I haven't really said much since I posted in October, but I have a lot of ideas that I want to set in place for the year, like focusing more on my social media and art gallery presence. I also want to focus more on my twitch streaming. I managed to start up a regular schedule last year, but really want to vamp things up. I'll be working on my usual work load, Patreon rewards and the likes, but will be trying my best to be timely with my work projects and work more on personal projects so it doesn't seem like I'm only working or eventually tire myself out. I know I'm going to have to beat myself up a bit to get things started, but I am really optimistic for this year. I have a lot of folks who are supportive and want to see me succeed, so hopefully I can achieve everything by the end of the year.

I'm excited and hope you are, too.

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Hey guys!

Just a heads up, I fell behind on keeping up with posting my inktober stuff here, so I scheduled a few a day to try and even out the posts without mass spamming you all at once.
So please look forward to those if you don't already follow me on my other social pages!

In somewhat bigger news, I will be at FalCon this weekend. It's a small shindig, but very fun! If you are in the area or know you are going, stop by and say hi!

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Hey guys!

Just giving you a heads up that I will be posting a bunch of print art and stuff I've posted to other medias, but not here yet!
I realize that with the current DA stack system it's nothing to worry about, but I remember the dark days of DA where multiple uploads were a nightmare. They'd show up in a mass cluster, listed individually. *shudder*

thanks for continuing to be awesome!

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Going to try and be a little more active on here, I swear. I went ahead and pulled out my print art from the vault, so my page isn't so barren.
Hopefully going to be a mix between finished stuff and wips, but you'll have better luck following my tumblr or instagram!
Keep being awesome!

- Star o/
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I took down my submissions for now, since I don't use dA regularly. Tumblr is my comfort zone, so you can still find me there.
This will primarily be used as a portfolio. Feel free to check out my tumblr if you want to see all of my stuff!