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Helloooo there :wave:
I have put together some helpful blogs and journals for you to read and have all the tools in your journey as a Photomanipulations artist. This amazing members had the kindness to gatter the basic and important informations you need. Tool of examples :iconphotoshopplz: In advance sorry my bad grammar.

The galleries in deviantart are divided by a specific theme in sub-categories that makes them easy to find.
Animals & Plants
Landscapes & Scenery
Macabre & Horror
Pop Art
Science Fiction

A easy to read journal here about the Gallery Descriptions submitted by IreneLangholm

There is this matter that is been discussed about the strange categorie in the photography section called Digital Overlays that in the end is the same as a "Photomanipulation" and is making us wonder witch one is the right way to go. Submitted by IreneLangholm

We have then the Stock rules and policies. To make it simple and short, Google images and random sites are NOT legal/valid sources to get your stocks.
For works which are not valid stock resources you should first obtain proper permission for use, preferably in writing. FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
Explicit permission is not required when you choose to use valid stock resources unless the author ask so.  FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
The most common Violations of the deviantART copyright policy happens by simply posting the work from another artist to your deviantART gallery, adapting or copying the original work or by manipulating or altering the original. FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?
There are so many diferent thoughts on this area so you should read all you need to know about it here Stock policies that explains very simple what you need to know BEFORE gattering the resources for your Photomanipulation. Submitted by IreneLangholm
"Sources such as Photobucket and Google are not valid stock sources and the images found there cannot be used unless written permission from the original artist can be provided."

How to complement and integrate each photo

This is one of the main subjects while manipulating. You have to put the images together but they have to look like they are only one. Compositions and blending are the keys on having a perfect manip. Concept is what will make your work be interesting to the viewers but you have to make the colors, sizes, shapes work together.
I always prefer using PS, save the file a PSD so the layers dont dissapear and you can still edit them anytime you want.

What are layers?

Photoshop tools

How to crop/cut a photo


Blending tips

Blending tools

To go trough DA tuts go to browse.deviantart.com/resources/tutorials/digiart/photomanipulation

Ones you got all your resources from legal sites there are some helpfull tutorials you can read and practice.
Everything I know i've learned it and practice till my hands bleed. You can't expect that after watching some videos and reading the first lines of a elaborated Blog about manips suddenly you BOOM will have a masterpiece done in 5sec.
It takes time and dedication to LEARN & PRACTICE untill you are happy with the result. Some artist have the bad habit of been too concerned about what the other artists make and HOW they make it. You will find your way and skills eventually but you need to work for it.
Of course there is nothing wrong on asking for tips and critics but you need to understand that a Constructive Critic is the one way of getting better and see your errors so you can improve and move on to the next obstacle. But plain critics and awfull comments are unnecesary and you should think before spaming the artists that are just beginning. We have all been there,some are just starting so shut up and help them improve IF THEY ASK FOR IT, if not they may feel a bit rejected or insulted..

Layer Masks + Colour Gradients by kuschelirmel-stock   How make a Cyborg Tutorial by Rafido Make up tutorial video by StarsColdNight :thumb95966684: :thumb134103684: Flood it -Tutorial- by kuschelirmel-stock Magical eye: Tutorial by SilaynneStock

Photoshop cafe
Learn Photoshop CS5
Blending images

Canal tutoriales
Painting hair PS5

Final image

Now you got your work done, i always leave the image saved for two days max, you will see that after you stop looking at the image so long you will find the things you did wrong or things you want to change and then open it again and edit/finish it.
You can also submitt it in Stash and send the link to who ever you want to ask for critics and tips before showing it to the world. FAQ #440: What is Sta.sh?
I suggest you put the words "You are not allowed to use this image without my permission" in the description of your work to avoid re-posts in other sites by other people that think you don't care if they do it.


-Try to use images larger then 900px to have more room to edit and perfection each part. This will give the image a better quality too.
-Use the Smudge tool in the borders of each image to blend them better.
-The Pen tool is a very helpfull object to select and crop exactly what you want. You can also use the Lasso tool & the Quick Selection tool for this.
-The Eraser is your best friend together with the History option/brush to deleted or forward your actions.
-A fast way to change shapes can be done with the Liquify tool above in the Menu window,filter,liquify.
-To get the shadows and highlights a stronger look you can use the Dodge/Burn/Sponge Tools. To add them from sratch use the layers,paint it and put it in the Multiply or Overlay option.
-Use tablets to paint better. I prefer Wacom.
-Signatures, watermarks and copyright notices are not required but their presence can help deter viewers from using your work without your permission. FAQ #814: Should I put a signature, watermark or copyright notice on my art before submitting it?


Music Inspires Me. by PhysicalMagic let me out by jetOr Stamp: Magical Powers by TheSaltyMonster I Draw Because I Dream by RomanticParody Life by Bakerize :thumb288405306: Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo

I recommend

:iconmezamero: :iconerebun: :iconpupukachoo: :iconaf-studios: :iconlunebleu: :iconconsuelo-parra: :iconomrikoresh: :icondeerlordhunter: :iconeun-su: :iconmavrosh:  :icongenzoman: :iconmrsloth: :iconhgjart: :iconvirus-ac: :iconfrostbo: :iconmirellasantana: :iconzememz: :iconstiks-1969:  :iconalexiuss: :iconsugargrl14: :iconmichellemonique: :iconelenadudina: :iconlady-symphonia: :iconcassiopeiaart: :iconpygar: :iconeireen: :iconallad8: :iconilona-veresk: :iconaphostol: :iconwhitewinged: :iconshinobinaku: :iconjoediamondd: :iconburtn: :iconkeelerleah: :iconelsevilla: :iconmathiaarkoniel: :iconjamesryman: :icongenniieeee: :iconrsconnett: :iconalexnegrea: :iconescume: :iconphatpuppy: :iconrgus: :iconnites: :icontoolkitten: :icondanielgovar: :icondaekazu: :iconzeronis: :iconbea-gonzalez: :iconsakimichan: :iconqinni: :iconakubakaarts: :iconrivan145th: :iconoione: :iconjiuge: :icontorvenius: :iconlabyrinthcreations: :iconenamorte: :iconmashamaklaut: :icononibox: :iconaerisgainsley: :iconliselotte-eriksson: :iconsignumarts: :iconyuriko-shirou: :iconnoah-kh: :iconsangelus: :iconpiofoks: :iconfaestock: :iconimagist: :iconertacaltinoz: :iconseane: :iconcarmensinek: :iconFaceRot: :iconmou-s: :icondystoper: :iconobjekt-stock: :iconmetalguppy: :iconjunedays: :iconkypcaht: :iconneonoi: :iconmariwa-fallenangel: :iconcharlie-bowater: :iconferdinandladera: :iconkenbarthelmey: :icondemitrybelmont: :icondarkcloud013: :icondaisuke-kimura:

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This is wonderful and very generous of you to put together!
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Wow... I really appreciate that you put all this together in one place! I'm self taught in photoshop. I've been playing with it for upwards of 5 years in fits and starts, but because I'm self taught, there are huge holes in my skill set with manipulations. I love that you have all the links right here to handy tutorials! Thanks so much... I've got weeks of practice ahead of me, here, and it's just in time as I'm just beginning to offer my work for sale. Crossing my fingers there are some digital painting tutorials in here, as that is one skill I'd love to learn. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this wonderful resource together!
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Thanks for putting together all this information.
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Happy Birthday DA feature your work [link] :iconspreadmoreloveplz:
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thank you very much :hug:
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always my pleasure :hug:
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Great tutorial. :)
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awesome tutorials
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This is great.
Do you know something similar for GIMP??
Thank you
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:wave: no, i only work with PS :)
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Thank you for putting these together!
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Thank you so much for the feature :D
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thank you so much :hug:
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Your'e welcome Bella=)
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Thank you so much for this info:blackrose:
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Thanks so much for spreading the info. :blowkiss:

About my recent journal, I probably need to clarify though; Either the dA description is just to vague or the GM that posted the DD does not know much about the art form. I'm suspecting the latter since there can't be a photomanip category in the Photography section. That would mean that dA had lost their frickin minds. lol
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i agree with you, it will take the whole Digital art completly away from it and we will all end up confused :faint:
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I hope dA can create some better gallery descriptions because some are just so vague that anything can fit into it; such as this photomanip in a Photography section. :o
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Totally could use that thanks!
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