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Hi! Hellooooo!
So here my part for the donators of the Halloween contest we had!
Thank you sooo very much for this, it would not have succeed if it wasn't for you all Love

The Ritual - Contest 

StarsColdNight ArtbyOvahFx primalfuryan BloomingRoseXeniia MzDemented fledervlad miki-mochi MariaSemelevich Jaj2647Gislaadt 
Syphorean  Sorianumera liyaperfidious reizinpiu DarkAngelAluna Art-By-Mel-DA athenapallas87 JettieHier IllicitWriternaradjou14 
RockStocks EveLivesey MissFlowFlame Amjara Mcconville2515 zugai-kotsu XxCuT3MUrd3RxX shoutsandwhispers Just-A-Little-Knotty 
RoseCS Miguel-Santos Mommochi Art-and-books la-voisincreationtakesun MicehellWDomination TinaLouiseUk CyLexxx TehAngelsCry 
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Of Time And Space by BloomingRoseXeniia

1000 Face Fx by ArtbyOvahFx
The Timeless Isle by BloomingRoseXeniia
It should be Our Future by Gislaadt
Arcadia 2015 Update sneak preview. by Syphorean
Once and Forever by Art-By-Mel-DA

Treasures from the darkest depths by JettieHier
DeSeSpOir by naradjou14

RockStocks 09823 by RockStocks

Cliff Stock 02 by BloomingRoseXeniia
Gardenias by Just-A-Little-Knotty
Fortress of Nature by Miguel-Santos
Dreams in Lavender by la-voisin
And we run 'til the heavens above by TehAngelsCryLost Dream by CamaroGirl666Flower Fairy by safyia110
No More .. Please by CamaroGirl666
Blush by MiaLuyando

01 Tree - By Creationtakesun - Free Donate by creationtakesun
Little bird by LeelooPoulain
The Year of The Romance by RoseCS
Dirty-Mirror by CyLexxxSaella by MicehellWDominationMy Stage by MommochiAlien Queen - Keeper of the Flame by shoutsandwhispersRitual I by zugai-kotsuFall by A.K. Morgen | Cover Art by IllicitWriter74. Are you challenging me? - Fionech Samhain by SorianumeraThe Child Of Chaos by liyaperfidiousHappy Birthday Lizzie by Jaj2647Wizard by MariaSemelevichDRAGON by miki-mochiA Lick of Warmth by MzDemented

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Thank you for featuring my artworks :blush: It was an honor being a donator :rose::heart: