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Hi there :wave:
Judging the level of skill of an artwork is the most difficult thing I have ever done.
Please take a look at the groups name HIGH QUALITY ART, it can´t go lower than high just to encourage you. To determine that quality, here some steps to follow.

The concept of the art is NOT our concern Nor do we declined base on that. We look at the Skill/finished work, not the content of the work. We do not bash other artists works here, please take a leave from the group if you think of comparing your art to others accepted and demean theirs.
You can ask for explanation in the submission process or inquiry by note if you have a Art question, do not comment on the front page or you will be marked as spammer.
That front page is not for self advertising either.

¨Good art should appeal to you. It will be skillfully made, most likely by an artist who has created other works in a similar fashion.
The best art has meaning beyond just an image; perhaps it will bring you to tears, make you laugh, or remind you of something you’d almost forgotten. It also stands out in a crowd, and dares to be different.
Most importantly (in my opinion) good art is understandable, although it may make you think in ways you never expected to.¨
by Emtyeasel.

 90% of the times, the reason is that it looks unfinished 

What does unfinished mean to us?
¨We don’t want to overwork our art, but we also don’t want to stop before it has reached its full potential. ¨ by Matt Fussell
Here are a few more questions to ask to yourself:
  1. Have you used a full range of value?
  2. Is the media application consistent?
  3. Do you have a clear focal point or points?
  4. Are the colors harmonized?
  5. Is your message or “voice” clear?
  6. Are your proportions correct?

1 :bulletred: If the work looks unfinished, sketched, dirty or it could use more details with other areas, it will be declined.  
Examples from google, no insult or harm intended!
Example: You have a gorgeous face and hair but the arms or other parts like the backgrounds are roughly done, smudged, it will be declined.
A bust with everything in it but with a sketched or clearly not detailed background, will be declined. 
Accepted smudges could be clouds, smoke, or for blurring purposes, is the style of the art, etc.
Smudged just because you did not want to finish it, will be declined.

2 :bulletred: Sketches, IDs, Scraps and WIPs. Examples from google, no insult or harm intended! 
If it could clearly use more defined edges & details, needs some finishing details like example, hands fingers smudged, needs hair strands, scenery or background unfinished, for example clothing textures, shadows, highlights, you name it, its lacking in those areas, are not accepted.
It has nothing to do with the concept or with You as the artist.

3:bulletred: Submissions are limited to 2 per month. We have a weekly Poll where you can get your featured early.

 4:bulletred: Images with huge watermarks or allover will not be accepted.
If the watermark you used is from DA and its placed just on top of the main subject, it will not be accepted.
A small signature of your own in strategic places is enough so we can appreciate your work better. How to remove Deviantart watermark?

5 :bulletred: Traditional works that where photoshoot and not properly cropped will not be accepted.
I recommend using a good camera or a scanner then cropping in your fav image editor.
Works with dirty paper, very dark photo of the Art or finger marks everywhere are declined.

6 :bulletred: Artisan craft must be shot without your hands in them (unless is jewelry or necessary to hold it)
Choose a place and take the photo without any distractions around.
Scan if possible, center & crop it properly.
Blurred or out of focus is declined. How to crop and straighten photo in photoshop tutorial.

7:bulletred: Photography, Photos with bad light, quality and too much noise because of quality of camera will be declined.
Out of focus are declined.
We will accept artistic nudes, granted it follows our mature content rules.
Poorly shot photos you took with a cellphone will not be accepted.

8:bulletred: Photo manipulations & 3D Artworks with assets must credit all stocks with direct links, even if they are purchased, Public domain &  if they are yours please add the words Made with my own resources there.
We will not accept images from Google, celebrities or random webs.
Remember you are an artist, you can't steal from others and use it for your own gain.
3D Renders that where cropped from original arts or games are Not stocks. -->Legal stock sites we recommend or don´t accept.
Blending, composition and stock quality problems will be declined. (bad quality of the photos used, color matches incorrect, compositions incorrect, Highlights or Shadows where there shouldn't be, or the lack of them)
When using Photography with permission of the owner that are not stocks then add link or screenshot with the OK of him/her  for your work. The comment or acceptance of the owner must be visible somewhere, I will not go out of my way to find it.

 9:bulletred: Mature content. I love nude works BUT people showing their intimates, V or P explicitly just for fun will not be accepted. People showing/doing/having sexual content is declined.

 10:bulletred: Journals We dont take personal blogs, sheets or journals unless you pay for publicity 20:points: to StarsColdNight that are later used in supergroup status or Contests. Please add a note to the sending widget that is for this.

 11:bulletred: Submit the individual works, not collages of all thats in you gallery please.
No before&after, Just finished works.

12 :bulletred:  A direct copy of another artists work will be declined, even if it was in a different medium/style unless it was part of a challenge accepted by set artist.
You can be inspired by that artist and create something with your own touch, but a direct copy won't be accepted.

13 :bulletred: Don´t submit art that was MADE for you and that you have submitted in your own gallery.
Only the owner and artist can submit directly here, as a member of the group. Requesting works from others are declined, there is a limit per member for a reason, please submit Your works only.  

 14:bulletred: Excessive Violence , Macabre & gore will be declined. I do however would love to have those at my PsychoArtistUnited group!
Self harm is declined.
Works against any kind of religion is declined.
Animal & children cruelty/harm is declined.

 15:bulletred: Artists please submit only your fav shot of a series if you have one, similar photos/drawings will ve declined, only one will prevail.  

16:bulletred: 3D Artwork & Fractals Direct links to 3D assets are required if they are not made by you. Remember Game platforms or 3D showrooms of cars or characters are NOT stocks.  

ps: sorry my bad grammar.

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