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Stocks RULES!

Tue Aug 30, 2011, 1:18 PM by StarsColdNight:iconstarscoldnight:
Commissions OPEN


(Have a fee)

My exclusive stocks that you buy with :points: points for download DOES NOT grant you commercial license. You still have to pay the fee below.

The payment also applies to wattpad covers, sold or not to the author.
º 10$ for my PSD, PNG, files stock.

º4$ for my Brushes.
º15$ for my Premade Backgrounds.
º25$ for my art in your Youtube videos. (contact me for details)
If the image alone is used in something then the price will change, contact me for details.
If you are using my stock for commercial use, FIRST email me or note me the final image and then pay the commercial fee, I have the right to refuse the use of my stock in your work if it doesn't follow my rules and to play safe BEFORE you pay me for the stock.

  Wolf Cycles By Sophia Wolf by StarsColdNight  Reaped by time tides pucblishing by StarsColdNight  Sora's Quest (The Cat's Eye Chronicles Book 1)  by by StarsColdNight  Dragon Castaway Series Wild Rider by B. Urich by StarsColdNight

General rules:

 :bulletblue: If used please fav, credit and notify me of use in every site you post it with direct links to my website or DA profile
:bulletblue: Prints are allowed, no need to ask. The same goes for personal stores like Redbubble, Society6.
 :bulletblue: Commercial use are allowed for a fee. Your finished work can be sold, NOT my raw stock. FIRST note me or email me with the final image.

Commercial use:  (commissions, books,CD,cards,websites,banners,etc)
 :bulletred: Credits all over the place as StarsColdNight or anywhere its uploaded. Remember to credit the stockers I used too if possible. buy here directly
:bulletblue: If you wish to get one of my works as a cover feel free to check some of them here or contact me about a specific one
 :bulletred: Mayor changes must be done. Don't just change the colors and add birds or small things, must be a big change or used with models and objects. I will ask/report to deleted otherwise. 
 :bulletred: Do not use my stock to make another stock. 
Bullet; Red You are not allowed to reproduce, print, sell, or copy my raw stocks without adding anything else mayor of your own.

 :bulletred: Do not upload the stock raw anywhere else, do not redistribute in packs or sets.
 :bulletred: Do not use it as wallpaper in another sites.
 :bulletred: Credit the owners of the resources i used to make the pre made backgrounds, username will suffice. 
 :bulletblue: Leave a comment on the brush or stock used with the link of your work.

:bulletred: You are not allowed to use my stocks with other artists drawings to make your own Mix, banners etc. 
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
 FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want? 
FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?

Sharing is caring:

Bullet; Blue If shared please let me know so I can fav it.
Bullet; Red You are not allowed to reproduce, print, sell, upload or copy my stocks. DO NOT CHANGE OR EDIT MY stocks without adding things of your own.
Bullet; Red You may not share anywhere else without the links to my site. StarsColdNight
Bullet; Red Do not remove my watermark or signatures when sharing.
 :bulletblue: If sharing in Facebook, please add me as a friend  and TAG me on the photo. Don't forget to add my website in the description. @ StarsColdNight



Reglas generales:

 :bulletblue: Si usas favor Fav, agregar creditos y links a todas las páginas donde las subas. Déjame un link o comentario haciéndome saber donde has usado.
:bulletblue: Venta de Prints o tiendas personal como society6 estan permitidos, no necesitas preguntar.  

 :bulletblue:  Uso comercial estan permitidos despues del pago de una suma via paypal a Puedes vender tu trabajo, No mis stocks sin editar. Compra licencias aqui

Uso comercial de mis stocks: (comisiones,libros, CD, cartas, banners, etc)
-10$ por PNG-PSD Files.

-4$ por Pinceles de photoshops.
-15$ por mis fondos o premades.

Algunos de los stocks usados para hacerlos tambien piden un pago. No olvides revisarlos.

:bulletblue: Créditos dentro del libro o paginas donde posteas como  Jessica Dueck-Starscoldnight o el link del stock usado.
No olvides dar creditos a los dueños de las fotos usadas para crear los premades.
:bulletblue: Debes hacer cambios drásticos, no solo agregar aves o cambiar los colores.  Haré un reporte al staff de DA si no sigues mis reglas y ellos la eliminaran, lo mismo va para las demás páginas donde publiques.
 :bulletred: No puedes usar mis stocks para hacer otros stocks, packs o sets. 

 :bulletred: No subas mis stocks a ninguna otra parte sin editarlos. No los repartas en paquetes ni partes de tutorial. Puedes agregar el link y que los descargen desde mi pagina. 
:bulletred: No puedes subir mis stocks como wallpapers ni otras websites. 
 :bulletblue: Creditos donde sea que los subas o compartas y notificame.  
 :bulletblue: Deja un comentario o nota con tu link o trabajo para saber donde, en mis paginas. Facebook, Google+ ,Deviantart asi lo agrego a mis favs y lo comparto.

Compartir es querer:

Bullet; Blue Si compartes, porfavor hacmelo saber asi puedo darle Like y agradecerte propiamente.
Bullet; Red Debes darme creditos donde sea que subas mis trabajos como Jessica Dueck - StarsColdNight 
Bullet; Red No borres mis logos o firmas.  

:bulletblue: Si compartes en facebook, agregame en  Fan Facebook o mi face personal y tageame en la imagen. No olvides dar creditos como @ StarsColdNight

Magic world Covers by StarsColdNight

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momostypes Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2018
Hi, one question: If the resource is free, do I have to pay a license to use it on Wattpad covers? According to its rules, the licenses apply in the Watts of Wattpad whether or not they are sold to the author, but I am not very clear, what he meant by that. Thank you.

Heart Heart Heart Heart

God Job
StarsColdNight Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
hello, thank you for asking, yes in any way the stock is used in a book cover it must be payed either way. 
KYghost Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Marazul45 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gracias por los tutoriales!!!!!!!!!!:iconcheerplz:
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